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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Little Look Into My Last Few Days.

(except for the helicopter pictures that will come later when Daddy puts them on the computer.)

Life really isn't that bad here.

You mean I could squeeze the whole bottle into your hands?

Now this is the way to watch CARS.

I am the coolest dude in this ICU!

Even if my Mama looks terrible, all tired and rundown, I love her SO much!

More wires and more tests? Please Daddy, make them stop!

Showing my Uncle the loot you get when you are in ICU!

Hanging with my new soon-to-be sister and my biggest brother, Tito!

Oh yeah! I got these nurses wrapped around my finger.

I screamed for 30 minutes because I hated that you let them put all this stuff on me to study my sleep. Why can't they just stand there and watch me sleep?

Hi Friends,

My Mama and Daddy told me that all over the world people are praying for me and how much I am loved by so many. I know I'm feeling so much better because you are asking Jesus to make me well. Thank you and please, please don't stop praying. I really miss my home and my brothers and sisters and want to be back with them real, real soon!

Lots of Love,



Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

My what a big brave boy you are, we won't stop praying until you are home safe and sound.

Peg said...

Kai, We love you to pieces--promise we won't stop praying, and before you know it you will be home with Mama, Daddy, Amanda, AJ and Anna Grace. Everyone is sooooooooo proud of you Kai; you are a big boy
Peg and RIch and all the Waldmanns and Wojciks

Waitingfaithfully said...

Sweet Kai, what a brave boy you are! I am so very proud of you riding in that helicopter with your daddy! We will keep praying until you are better and home once again!

Love from Texas,

Tina and family

O~ Thinking of your Anna Grace and sending up prayers on her (and your) behalf. xo

brocton14 said...

Kai looks VERY brave!!! Ohilda I think you look very good!!! I think your holding up quite well. Were praying for you, can't wait to see Kai home!!!

Ruth said...

Love the pictures!! Praying for the sleep study - praying for peace for all!!

Angie said...

Dear Sweet Kai,
We are praying for you big boy! You will be feeling better very soon! I am so glad you liked your ride in a REAL helicopter!

Anonymous said...


He is in my prayers and hope he's all better really soon!!! Please do not hesitate to call me if you need anything!!!!

Hugs & Kisses for that sweet boy!!


Doug and Terrye said...

I think Mama looks beautiful!!! :)

Terrye in FL

Jewels of My Heart said...

Sweet, precious Kai, What a little trooper you are! Even though you have been sick and not at home, you smile and laugh and brighten up everyone's day.
So many are praying that Jesus will make you well big guy. I know He is going to answer our prayers and I am thankful that He is working through you Kai, to minister to the Doctors and nurses. They can see the joy of the Lord in You, Kai. They can see God's love. They can see Jesus in you.
God bless you little one...
God's healing and God's speed home to your family.
Have a Jesus filled day.
Tell your Mama she looks beautiful!

He And Me + 3 said...

Such sweet and yet heartbreaking pictures. He is a real trooper. Still praying for sweet Kai. You will be home soon buddy. Hang in there, you look like you are doing great!

sara said...

what a trooper!!! I love the picture of watching CARS! That's the way to watch a movie!!

prayer is powerful, Ohilda, and you have LOTS of it coming your way!!!

Love you!

Aus said...

Hello son - we'll keep praying for you, your mom and dad, and all your brothers and sisters too! Hang in there little man and give everybody (the doctors and nurses helping you too!) a hug for us!

love you - aus and co.

Carmen said...


You are strong and courageous. Keep it up!! Soon you'll be home and sleeping soundly again. We are praying for this and for God's BIG plans for your life.

Take care of your mom and dad

The Ferrill's said...

Bless your precious little heart, Kai! We are praying for you in Alabama...we know you are in God's Hands and He is the BEST DOCTOR ever! Even though you are sick, you are still the cutest little boy ever! Your smile lights up a room! I know you are bringing much sunshine and SONshine to that hospital...

Suzy said...

We will certainly keep praying for Kai. His mom looks FAB. I would have the nappiest hair you could ever imagine. I had my appendix out on Saturday (no shower that morning because I went to the ER after barfing all night long), and by Sunday my hair was beginning to form nasty looking dreadlocks.

Shawnstribe said...

we are praying for you too
with our love from the UK

Teresa said...

LOVE the pics, especially of Kai and his Mama, who looks beautiful!

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