"Once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Friday, September 24, 2010

Those kinda feelings...

For days, maybe weeks, I've been feeling a nudging to write this post. No idea how or what it will turn into, but bear with me while I try and transform some of the thoughts in my head into words.

I've been thinking about adoption...a lot lately. Our lives are by no means tranquil or empty. So, it's not that I feel the need for more children. Life in the Bombardier household is well, it's chaotic. It's busy. It's exhausting. But, it's our life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I often wonder if sweet hubby thinks differently when he's trying to play a game on the computer, read a book, or watch a football game and has kids coming to him for all sorts of reasons. Once in a while when I feel bad for him, I ask. Sometimes thinking I may hear that he's wishing for calm, peace, quiet. But he's never yet responded with anything like that. On the contrary, my wonderful, sweet hubby loves his life. I love my life. We both love and live for our family.

Don't get me wrong. We love calm. We love peace. We sometimes really love and desire quiet. But when I think or imagine my life without all the hustle and bustle. When I think of what it would be like without the "he took this away from me" or "she won't move out of my way", I shudder inside. Then, when you throw in the "Mama, I'm tired. Can you carry me?" or "Mama, you're the bestest Mama in the world. I love you soooooo much!", my heart just turns into mush. I don't ever want to stop hearing those little voices. Many times, the hustle and bustle isn't even us. It's them keeping busy. Our home is filled with laughter and giggles and much running up and down stairs, in between couches and in and out of rooms. It's filled with a hormonal teenager wanting to be left alone and minutes later, coming to curl up with me or tell me about a TV show or something that she's reading. So, while we're obviously a very average family, why is it then that I feel that we are extraordinarily blessed?

I'm guessing you are thinking why am I rambling and what does this all mean? It means that I would love another child. I would love to be blessed again by another sweetie looking up and calling me, "Mama!", even if it is followed by a whiny complaint that someone was unfair to them for some crazy reason, like not wanting to be their best friend.

I'm not making any grand announcement that we are adopting again, because sadly, we're not. What I am trying to say is that I don't think the feeling of wanting to be a Mama for the seventh time in my life, is one I know my heart will never stop yearning for. It's a feeling that I have been trying hard to learn to live with.

I am the last one to go to bed at night and I couldn't tell you, as I do my rounds of kisses while they are sleeping and give everyone one last tuck-in, how blessed I feel. Sometimes to the point of tears. Joyful, thankful tears. I have been given the most amazing and incredible job in the entire world. And I'm thinking that to ask God to allow me to do it again, even if it's only one more time, would just be plain selfish of me. But Lord, I'm thinkin' that you may not really be against that kind of selfishness. I'm leaving it all in your hands.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrating Culture

Oh yes, folks. That's what this totally, creatively-challenged Mama did!

A few days ago, I posted a status on my FaceBook asking my worldy friends for suggestions on what to do with the little guys to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. I should not have been surprised by the huge amount of wonderful ideas that poured in, enough to fill our entire week of school.

So, I took advantage of that and we've been discussing China, it's people, and the culture including the Moon Festival, all week. Today, we culminated the event by celebrating during school time, going on a field trip and having a family celebration at home.

After getting reading and math out of the way, we read the legendary myth about Cheng E and Hou Yi.

Then, we discussed how the Chinese often celebrate with yummy goodies in China that include Moon Cakes. We talked about what they thought Moon Cakes looked like and they created their ideas of a Moon Cake with playdough. They really did look yummy!





Then we talked about Chinese lanterns and how these are used in many parades in China.

So, we colored:


and we cut:


and we pasted:


until we ended up with these beauties:


Which brought about lots of fun and giggles as they played with them!

Next, we went on a field trip to an authentic Chinese grocery store, where the elderly couple that own it, shared with us how they celebrated the Moon Festival in China when they were younger.

Of course, we certainly couldn't leave there without picking up the perfect yummies for our own little Moon Festival celebration tonight. So, we bought these:


On the left is a small, traditional Moon Cake, filled with Lotus paste and egg yolk. In the center is what we know as Moon Pies, and on the right are also some traditional Chinese sweet balls filled with red bean, peanut, or sesame paste.

Finally, when Daddy arrived home, we went out as a family, including big brother, Adam, to eat some yummy Chinese food. Then came back home for our little Moon celebration. We layed a blanket out in the yard and brought our goodies with us. The celebration began with a small lantern parade. They were so proud!


The full moon was shining bright and strikingly beautiful as we re-read the story of Chang E for Daddy and Adam to hear, while the little ones filled in all the details about the Jade Rabbit and the beautiful palace Chang E lives in.


We each ate some of the traditional Moon Cake, which I admit was not to anyone's liking except our beautiful Chinese Princess who, true to her style, loves to eat just about every thing placed before her.


That was followed by the chocolatey Moon Pies and everyone closing their eyes and making a wish upon the moon, hoping that Chang E fills it.


....and with that, our 2010 Celebration of the Mid Autumn Moon Festival, Bombardier style, ended.

It was a fabulously, sweet day in every sense of the word, from the company to the food, to the occasion.

This Mama could not ask for more!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Double Special! - Sunday Snapshot


This is a very special picture. When we went to visit my Mom a few weeks back, she said, "I found this dress that your grandmother had made for a life size doll I had over 40 years ago. I was thinking that it may fit Anna Grace." Sure, enough! It fit her thin, very tall body, perfectly!

I know I'm a bit biased, but the fact that our beautiful Chinese Princess is wearing something that my beloved grandmother made for my Mom over 40 years ago, makes it "Double Special", as Anna Grace said!

Right about now, my grandmother must be wearing a great big smile as she looks down upon us from Heaven.

Ni Hao Y'all

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