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Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching Up & A Treat!

Good morning, friends! Little man is sitting here fiddling with a cool fix-it tool truck he won in a contest he entered here at the hospital last night. In true Kai style, when he was presented with the truck, he yelled out a huge "W-O-W"!!

As I mentioned, they did not want to put him on anything when he finally fell asleep, almost at midnight, because they wanted to see how the apnea was developing. Within minutes of falling asleep his oxygen saturation levels were creeping down and he began struggling to breathe. It didn't take much longer for them to scurry and put him back on the Heliox (helium/oxygen mixture) mask and sedate him. After that, he was able to sleep all night, while still struggling and Mama watching his bony little chest (he is soooo thin now) rise and cave in deep into his rib cage.

Going back to yesterday and the journey to Miami. You guys are in for a treat! I know there are many "Scott" fans out there, so after absolutely no some nudging I will give my side of the story and Scott has graciously agreed to journal his adventures with Mr. Kai on the helicopter.

As you know, the "plan" was that once we heard that Scott could go on the helicopter with him, I would leave Fort Myers and head to Miami Children's Hospital (MCH) about an hour before the helicopter left Miami. We were assured by all involved that we'd have plenty of time to put that plan in action.

Shortly after the Still Waiting post the nurse came back in and said they just called from MCH. "The helicopter will be here in 15 minutes", she said. I immediately smiled and said, "Nice one." She looked at me dead in the eyes and said, "I'm serious. I'm sorry." This meant that I would definitely NOT be there when Kai arrived at the other hospital. She then turned to Scott and said, "They've approved your going on the flight with him". I praised God, turned to Scott, slapped a quick kiss goodbye, then turned to Kai grabbed his little face and said, "How cool! You're going on a helicopter ride with Daddy." I gave him a quick kiss and bolted down the halls and out the hospital door to hop in my car and head south.

As I began driving, I was calculating times and speed so I could figure out how fast I needed to go in order to arrive maybe just a half hour after the helicopter did. My magical number was 95 mph! OK. The Speed Racer in me (I know...I know. Totally irresponsible, but this Mama Bear was praying God would protect her as she debuted in her first race.) decided the starting line would be as soon as I paid the toll to hop onto Alligator Alley. For those not familiar, Alligator Alley is an 80 mile stretch of highway that cuts through the Florida Everglades. It is usually pretty open with light traffic and with the exception of a couple of rest stops, there is literally nothing there but alligator filled canals.

I called Scott about 20 minutes into my drive (before arriving at the starting line) and he said the helicopter had arrived and they were working on charts, records, equipment and so forth before they took off. I could hear the nurses in the background chit-chatting with Kai about the now very popular ride.

Finally, I arrived at the starting gate (Or is that for horse racing only?). I paid the toll, put the pedal to the metal and whoooooosh......out of nowhere.......appeared a Florida Highway Patrol, GOING THE SPEED LIMIT RIGHT NEXT TO ME! UGH!!!!!

I knew right there and then that God had intervened in my crazy thoughts. And could you believe that Mr. Patrolman, whom I am sure was placed there to probably save my life and other innocent people's lives, remained on his course of 70 mph for 65 miles of the 80 mile stretch. He finally pulled into a rest stop. No doubt, that was God.

It turned out that Scott had been delayed (he'll give you the details) and after I sped up to a bit of a more reasonable speed (I compromised with God...heh!) I made it to the hospital just 15 minutes after Scott and Kai had arrived.

I am definitely feeling God's hand in all of this, and again, I know it's because our little guy is being lifted up by so many from all over the world. I received an email from Italy yesterday where this person was just letting me know that her parish is praying for our sweet boy. I am humbled, blessed and in awe.

So, that's it from me. In a bit when Mr. Bombardier, a/k/a Jack Bauer (my new name for him since his excitement to ride the helicopter was almost the same excitement I have for Jack when it's Monday night) comes back from grabbing a bite to eat, he will post his side of the journey.

Much love, many blessings and as always.....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I love you guys!

SCOTT'S SIDE OF THE STORY: (Coming REALLY, REALLY soon (and pictures even maybe a video of a helicopter ride, too!)


Waitingfaithfully said...

Isn't that just like God to provide you a police escort all the way through alligator ally? He is faithful, even when we mamas get some crazy ideas running through our heads! Ooops, I didn't mean to refer to your racing idea as crazy . . . I think you did that yourself . . . anyway, thank you Lord for keeping Ohilda safe! And for keeping your hand on Kai, and for the new truck!

Can't wait to hear "Jack's" side of the story.

Still praying . . .



Terynn said...

And all God's children (who are also Ohilda's friends), breathed a sigh of relief and said, Amen".

Soooo glad you are all under one roof, with stories of God's thumbprints to share. Phew. I am exhausted with the prayer side of things; can't even imagine the stress on the Mama and Baba side!

And unto Him who is able to do exceedingly more than we could think to ask, we say Thank You, Papa! Praising His holy name!!

Amy said...

YIPPEE!!! Ohilda, I'm hearing "you" inside these last two posts. That fighting spirit...That sense of humor even under incredibly trying times...

Kai is amazing. This little guy has been through the wringer and he STILL has his parent's good humor and gratitude! He's right where he needs to be, O'. I'm so glad you made the move to MCH.

God's clearly watching over all of you (and interceding, Racer X!) :)

Still praying...and anxiously awaiting JB's post!


Timmy's Girl said...

Ohilda, just from reading the first line, I could feel the sunshine on your face...How special that you had an escort through your speedway, huh? God is good and faithful to care for us, even when we don't want it...ha ha.

Can't wait to read your hubby's post!! Still praying for Kai.

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Did you happen to see the wings sticking out from above your Guardian Angel's Trooper collar...lol..yep he was sent from Heaven to guide you SAFELY there. Angels come in all sizes shapes and forms. Praise God that your little man is safely there also. Will continue to lift him up in prayer.

sara said...

As I read that, Ohilda, I just got this vision of God looking down at you and chuckling!!! "That crazy woman is going to get herself killed, I better step in NOW" and poof, Mr. Highway patrolman!!

So glad you are there, SAFE, and can get Kai the care he needs.

Still praying!!!

waiting4Isabella said...


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh I'm so glad you made it safe and sound and with a police escort to boot! Too funny!!! Can't wait to hear Scott's version! Still praying for sweet Kai and you and AG and the rest of the gang!

Big Hugs and Much Love!!

Jill said...

YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!!!!
Keep the updates coming and get that boy fixed up ASAP!
Praying for wisdom for the ENT team!
What a PRAISE that Scott got to go with Kai!!
HOW COOL IS THAT!!!?? GOD IS SO stinkin' cool!!!

Aus said...

Hey Guys - as you are well aware we're in this with you! I'd love to take credit for the state trooper - but - alas, it will just have to be a prayer answered - thanks for not makeing a bad situation worse - scott and the kids really do need you. I'll try to call later and leave a voice mail if you're at the hosp.

love and hugs - aus and co.

The Ferrill's said...

See Ohilda...God's Hand really is ALL OVER YALL right now! He just moved that policeman right beside you to show you His grace and protection! I LOVE THAT!!!!! And how merciful that He allowed you to still get to the hospital in a timely manner!
I am praying for little Kai. I know it must be hard to see him struggle when he's sleeping.
May the doctors have God's generous wisdom in Kai's treatment.
Love you!

Holly said...

Well, I lost the last comment...but I am praying and was thinking of you all and praying this morning when I got some unexpected news about my oldest son's heart.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Thank You Jesus for our answered prayers.... for a safe journey for this family.
I am with Terrynn..... she put it beautifully and truthfully.
I am so thankful that even in this time of great trial you are able to see the faithful and loving hand of God moving and give Him the glory.
Yes, Daddy riding with his little guy in the bigger helecoptor~ a God thing! The Highway Patrol man driving the speedlimit beside you, keeping you and others from harm's way~ a God thing.
We are praying for your precious Kai and for all of your family.
Thank you for keeping us updated.... soon this will be over and your son will be home telling his brothers and sisters all about his adventure on the cool helecopter.

Betsy said...

Thinking about you guys today! :)

Tami said...

Glad you made it safe and sound!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh my goodness, Ohilda. We've been sick this week, so I'm just catching up. Our prayers and sighs of relief are now here, mostly after the fact. Thinking of y'all.

geminirn said...

Happy to hear you all made it safe and sound!You crack me up girl and so looking forward to hearing hubby's side...he he!!!

Your all kept in my prayers

Ruth said...

Glad you are all there safe and sound - waiting anxiously for the helicopter story and pictures :-)

Teresa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teresa said...

I just found out about Kai and am back-peddling in your blog. Kai, you, Scott, Amanda, Anna Grace, AJ, you mom, the doctors, nurses, specialists are all in my prayers, and I have the prayer warriors on it!

Thank you for your testimony on the power of God! That state trooper was certainly His messenger - and I cracked up as I read about how God utilized him to get you safely to Miami.

Peace be with you, my sister in Christ.
Much love to you all!!!

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