"Once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Friday, December 14, 2012

We Need Your Light In This Dark World, Lord!

Written by Max Lucado today, after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Dear Jesus,

It's a good thing you were born at night. This world sure seems dark. I have a good eye for silver linings. But they seem dimmer lately.

These killings, Lord. These children, Lord. Innocence violated. Raw evil demonstrated. The whole world seems on edge. Trigger-happy. Ticked off. We hear threats of chemical weapons and nuclear bombs. Are we one button-push away from annihilation?

Your world seems a bit darker this Christmas. But you were born in the dark, right? You came at night. The shepherds were nightshift workers. The Wise Men followed a star. Your first cries were heard in the shadows. To see your face, Mary and Joseph needed a candle flame. It was dark. Dark with Herod's jealousy. Dark with Roman oppression. Dark with poverty. Dark with violence. Herod went on a rampage, killing babies. Joseph took you and your mom into Egypt. You were an immigrant before you were a Nazarene.

Oh, Lord Jesus, you entered the dark world of your day. Won't you enter ours? We are weary of bloodshed. We, like the wise men, are looking for a star. We, like the shepherds, are kneeling at a manger.

This Christmas, we ask you, heal us, help us, be born anew in us.


Your Children


Friday, November 2, 2012

And all His people said....


Lord, we stand firm on your Word that if your people turn humble themselves, pray, turn from their sins and seek Your face, our nation will be healed. We need you back in our country, Father.  Please hear and answer our cries.
"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." - II Chronicles 7:14

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh yes....I'm always willing to help!

So it was pretty interesting to see that Cher had a political opinion to share with the world.

Being the kind person that I am, I thought I'd give her a solution, since come November 7th, President Romney's leadership will be filling the air. 
Aaaahhh....how I love the smell of freedom!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little, bitty history lesson

The debates are now over and there are less than two weeks until our country comes to terms with probably one of the most life-changing elections, our nation has ever engaged in. 

The speeches have all been heard, the rhetoric has all been voiced, and months of campaigning with millions and millions of dollars having been spent, is approaching the end.  "D-Day".  Decision Day.  November 6, 2012.


After fighting the Battle of White Marsh, it was a very cold, snowy night on Christmas week, 1777, when General George Washington walked away from his troops, mounted his horse and rode into the woods in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  It was appearing that the American Revolution was lost and that the greatest army in the world, the British army, was going to snuff away the dream of freedom.  It seemed all efforts had failed and Washington was nearing the end of the journey on that night.

When he arrived at a solitary place, he dismounted his horse, and knelt in the snow praying to God to lead our nation to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Washington knew that if there was any hope in winning, it would have to come from above. 

He prayed to the God that Elijah prayed to on Mt. Carmel. 

He prayed to the God that Moses prayed to when Israel was fighting it's enemies. 

He prayed to the God that Jesus prayed to in the garden of Gethsemane. 

He prayed to the God that, as Christians, we should all fall to our knees and pray to daily.

This prayer was witnessed by a man named Isaac Potts, the homeowner of the house George Washington had rented when he and his troops arrived at Valley Forge on December 19, 1777 and substantiated by Henry Woodman in his "History of Valley Forge," 1850, who said, "I have heard it said, that Washington used often to retire to solitary places, and on one of these occasions he was discovered by Isaac Potts engaged in vocal prayer, while in the woods."

General George Washington, a man of character, prayed until he heard from heaven.  Then, he returned to his officers and said, "Victory or death!"

Rev. Nathaniel Randolph Snowden, an ordained Presbyterian minister, left a diary behind which probably is the most, if not the only proof of General George Washington's prayer at Valley Forge.  This was Mr. Snowden's entry, found in his own handwriting, pertaining to said prayer:

"I knew personally the celebrated Quaker Potts who saw Gen'l Washington alone in the woods at prayer. I got it from himself, myself. Weems mentioned it in his history of Washington, but I got it from the man myself, as follows:
"I was riding with him (Mr. Potts) in Montgomery County, Penn'a near to the Valley Forge, where the army lay during the war of ye Revolution. Mr. Potts was a Senator in our State & a Whig. I told him I was agreeably surprised to find him a friend to his country as the Quakers were mostly Tories. He said, 'It was so and I was a rank Tory once, for I never believed that America c'd proceed against Great Britain whose fleets and armies covered the land and ocean, but something very extraordinary converted me to the Good Faith!" "What was that," I inquired? 'Do you see that woods, & that plain. It was about a quarter of a mile off from the place we were riding, as it happened.' 'There,' said he, 'laid the army of Washington. It was a most distressing time of ye war, and all were for giving up the Ship but that great and good man. In that woods pointing to a close in view, I heard a plaintive sound as, of a man at prayer. I tied my horse to a sapling & went quietly into the woods & to my astonishment I saw the great George Washington on his knees alone, with his sword on one side and his cocked hat on the other. He was at Prayer to the God of the Armies, beseeching to interpose with his Divine aid, as it was ye Crisis, & the cause of the country, of humanity & of the world.

'Such a prayer I never heard from the lips of man. I left him alone praying.

'I went home & told my wife. I saw a sight and heard today what I never saw or heard before, and just related to her what I had seen & heard & observed. We never thought a man c'd be a soldier & a Christian, but if there is one in the world, it is Washington. She also was astonished. We thought it was the cause of God, & America could prevail.'

George Washington, his officers and troops plowed through the bitter cold snow that night.  Many without shoes, wearing blood soaked bandages with the aching feeling of hunger, twisting in their guts.  They crossed the Delaware River and attacked the enemy.  They won in a matter of minutes, because it was a total surprise.  Victory was theirs! That victory was born not when they defeated the enemy, but it was born the minute that General Washington got off his horse and prayed in the woods on that cold December night, when all else had failed.

You see, friends, General Washington did not seek to appease the enemy, he seeked higher power. 

America right now is appeasing Iran, China, Egypt, and Russia ~ all at Israel's expense.  This needs to end.  We need to start by seeking higher power, by getting right with God and by supporting Israel.  Our current president and his administration are tiptoeing around because they do not have the courage to stand and speak up for Israel.  Jerusalem was, is and always will be the capital city of Israel!  Israel is God's chosen, Holy land. 

"For he said, "Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession." -  Zechariah 2:8

Again, I repeat, we are less than two weeks away from election day.

Right now, America needs to fall on their knees and hear from Heaven, not from Washington, D.C.  Our nation needs healing!   We need healing from greed.  We need healing from anarchy.  We need healing from immorality.  We need healing from racial and class warfare. We need healing from selfishness. We need to be united again and stand as the nation that our forefathers prayed we'd be, The United States of America!

We are, "One Nation Under God!" and we need to return to that.  We need to do what our forefathers did when they encountered a crisis.  They prayed!  They prayed!  They prayed!


We, His people, are called to repent, pray, and ask for our nation to be healed, so that God will hear us!  Church of Christ, rise up and awaken!

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." - 2 Chronicles 7:14

The bible says, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." - Phillipians 4:6

Do you feel defeated?   PRAY!

Do you feel surrounded by the adversary?  PRAY!

Is your marriage under fire?  PRAY!

Is your family under attack?  PRAY!

Are you financially in crisis?  PRAY!

You can't find a job?  PRAY!

Is your health or a family member's health failing?  PRAY!

Are your children wayward?  PRAY!


As powerful as God is, He will not answer until you pray, and when you do, rest assured, God will hear and He will answer!  As Christians, we are called to pray for each other.  If you have a particular prayer request that you would like me to pray for, please feel free to leave it in the comments section, or EMAIL me privately.  It would be my honor to pray for you.

These next two weeks, we must unite as Christians.  Let's humble ourselves, repent for our sins, seek Him, and ask the Almighty to heal our nation.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Yup! It sure looks that way!

I think we may just be raising some
lil' conservative Republicans!  


    (They were so itty bitty here!)

    On November 6, exercise your right to vote, friends! 
    It's a privilege!

Monday Morning Musings

Rise and shine! Give God the glory, glory!

Good morning!

It's a beautiful, nippy Monday morning in a very small, country town in North Carolina. I have decided to welcome my blog back with something new. Something I'm going to call, Monday Morning Musings.

I figure we all have something to ponder or think about while we sip on that last bit of coffee, before the craziness of my our lives takes over our week.  

So, here's my Monday Morning Musing for this week.  

If you have one to share, feel free to link up and of course, if you have a comment about mine or just any ole' comment, I'd love to hear it.  

I know this short little sentence did a lot for me today.  For. Sure. 

It made me realize that I really am stinkin' rich!  :)
Have a blessed day, friends!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm back, and I already need you, please!


Is that not the sweetest, little face?

If you're not sure who this is, and trust me I'd love to claim her if I could, this is my beautiful soon-to-be niece, Isabella Yong Mei.

Isabella is coming to us from Guangxi province and she was a complete and total surprise!

You see, my sister and her hubby started out on the NSN's route shortly after our Kai and AJ joined the family.  If you're familiar at all with the Chinese NSN adoption program, you know that the approximate wait now is six years....not months....YEARS!

Last year, after so much uncertainty and the fact that they weren't getting any *ahem* younger, they decided that they would not proceed with adopting another child.  They let all their paperwork expire, called the agency and told them they'd be putting off their adoption plans and soon began the process of proceeding with their lives.

Well, someone forgot to tell God about their plans. 

This past June, my sister received a phone call that would turn their lives around, in a good....no, in an awesome, kinda way.   Her agency called and told her, "We have your referral!"   Sort of like when you go to the doctor for a stomach virus, and find out that reason you've been tossin' your cookies is because there's a baby wiggling around in there!  :)

No worries, a few paragraphs down, I'll let ya get the whole scoop from her directly...but for now, please just bear with me.  I've got somethin' important here to say!  ;)

I digress.

Of course, they told their agency to send the info because they just had to take a peek and read all about this little miracle.  Once they did, they were taken in...hook, line and sinker.

Now, I know that those of you who've adopted know darn well all that it entails and the fact that it's a complete leap of faith, especially when it comes to finances.  Most people I know just don't have a spare $25,000. sitting around.

But, they prayed about it.  They prayed hard.  And they knew in their heart of hearts that God had brought this child to them, and he would somehow work it out that he'd send whatever was needed to bring her home. 

My sister beat records getting all of her paperwork together again, including updating homestudies, getting new fingerprints, and cutting through all the red tape that comes with completing an adoption.  Their faith is strong.  But, that doesn't deter the enemy from trying everything possible to stop this little one from coming into a home where God is worshipped and adored.

Just last week, they finally received their I800 approval!  We all snoopy danced with joy.  Then, reality hit that TA (travel approval) follows very shortly.  Yes, six weeks is a short time when you have to make those funds appear.

Now, this is where I need you prayer warriors, adoptive families and friends to step in.  They are still approximately $10,000. short for the rest of their expenses, which include the orphanage donation and travel funds.  Bless her heart, she's been fundraising, is planning garage sales, has applied for grants and is doing whatever is possible to make up the difference.  My brother-in-law is working double time to bring money in, also.

Can I plead ask you to please do one, or all, of the following, if your heart feels led to?

1)  Will you prayerfully consider making a donation on her BLOG, by clicking on the "Chip-In" button at the top right side?  No contribution is too small.

2)  Will you consider purchasing a beautiful custom made necklace, bearing the words, When Love Takes You In, as a contribution?

3)  Will you consider purchasing a gift (the holidays are coming!) from one of the great stuff on the Thirty-One for Isabella site?

4)  Will you please share this post on your own blog and/or FaceBook account? (Please feel free to link to this one, if you wish.)

and lastly,

5)  Will you please pray that God be merciful and have these funds appear, either through grants, people's hearts being touched or by some other miraculous way.  He is capable and I know He answers prayers. 

"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." - Matthew 18:20
I have complete faith that God will provide.  I also have faith in the amazing adoption community that stands behind these beautiful children of God.
I'm posting on here, because I've been in my sister's shoes.  I know what it's like to be down to the wire and not knowing where the funds will come from.  I also know that I've seen God perform miracles in many orphans' lives, to unite them with their forever families.  Nothing is impossible for God.

Jesus answering said to them, "Have faith in God. For most assuredly I tell you, whoever may tell this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' and doesn't doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is happening; he shall have whatever he says. Therefore I tell you, all things whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. -- Mark 11:22-24 

Thank you, friends, for listening to my heart, that already loves this little girl who will be such a big part of our family.  I know times are tough, but if you feel tugged to help in any manner, God will reward your obedience.  I promise you.  He is faithful. 

Can you please help my family be a testimony to what God's children and the adoption community can do when their hearts are invested in uniting a child with their forever family?
May God bless you abundantly for opening your hearts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sit Still, Will Ya? PART II

As you know from THIS post, we had been struggling financially and we had used up pretty much all we had in our savings to get us to 'The Promised Land'.

So, here we were.  Boxes piled to the ceiling.  We had sold most of everything we had when it came to furniture, in order to make the move, including the kids' bedroom sets and beds, living room furniture and so on.  We pretty much had nothing, and again, no job.  No money.  But we knew our God remained by our side.

The following day after losing the job, I went online to see what our funds were because we needed to buy groceries.  I was in shock when I saw that our tax refund had been deposited the night before!  It wasn't expected for another couple of weeks. GOD PROVIDES!  I fell to my knees in tears and thanked Him, then ran off to tell Scott and my Mom, who was still here helping us, what God had done!

Now, we knew for sure, that God wanted us here.  We just needed a plan.  A strategy.  What to do?  Become a statistic like most of the country and file for unemployment and food stamps?  Settle for whatever job we could find?  How about the kids?  How about my going back to work?  So many unanswered questions.  Prayers continued.  

Being that we had moved to a very small, very conservative town, we started asking around about the public school here, which is just a few blocks away.  We figured that I would have to go back to work for the first time in over 10 years, doing whatever would bring in some money.  The following day, sweet hubby and I scheduled an appointment to meet the principal.  We were blessed when we did!   We spoke to her candidly about our beliefs, our faith, our values and what we did NOT want our children learning in school.  Her beliefs aligned with ours.  The kids were excited because it seems like everyone who teaches at the school, pretty much lives in the town and the kids all were neighbors within a couple mile radius, and most attend church with them. Every child in our little community rides the bus in the afternoon. The public school bus here drops off each and every child at their front door!  I guess that's what happens when you live in a town of population 900.  Not to mention the fact that the typical question when meeting someone is, "Where do you go to church?"  Not, "Do you go to church?"  :)

So, we agreed to start them the following Monday.  They were very excited!

Next on the list, a job for sweet hubby and one for myself.

Sweet hubby has been in the same industry of business for almost 25 years.  He worked for a particular company his entire adult life in New England, and also when we lived in Miami.  On a whim, he looked up to see if this company had a franchise here in NC.  It did!   He went to their website, but there were no opportunities available under their CAREERS tab.  I told him that maybe he should still send them an email with a copy of his resume attached, just in case.  He did.  But not only did he send it to Human Resources, my genius hubby sent it to the CFO and also to the branch owner, detailing his work experience.  Needless to say, we were pretty shocked when 4 hours later, we received an email from the CFO asking if he would be available for an interview the following day.  Apparently, the night before, one of their top employees had come in and said he could not longer handle the task of being an Operations Manager, the same exact position sweet hubby was applying for.  God does indeed sit on the throne!

We prayed incessantly.

The interview went very well.  He was asked to return the following week to meet the owner, who was going to take him to lunch.   We've since learned that a) things are much slower and laid back here in the south  and b) being taken to lunch for a job interview is always a very good sign.

Fast forward SIX weeks and several interviews, he was offered a position, for less pay than we wanted (or needed), as an Operations Manager for their main NC branch.  The position was great.  The pay was not.  But nonetheless, it was a job and from what we were told by everyone in the area, it was miraculous because most people have been out of jobs here for over 2 years. The tax refund had taken us through the entire time we were jobless.  We never applied for unemployment.  Our amazing church family insisted on providing furniture for the children's rooms for us, so that problem was settled also. 

I looked and looked for a job for myself, but apparently, the Lord did not want me to work, at least not getting paid to.  Through it all, we never stopped praising and thanking Him for his goodness.  Not only did He provide for the time sweet hubby was out of work, but He allowed us to spend almost 6 weeks alone while the children were in school.  Remember we had been apart for over 2 months, seeing each other only once, during that time?  It was wonderful getting to know this beautiful part of our state, with my best friend.  A much needed reprieve from the world.  A 'paid' honeymoon vacation from the Lord, Himself.

Finally, sweet hubby started working.  As for me, I was a bit worried and depressed about the kids being in school.  But, I believe it was my own pity party because I was lonely.  They were adjusting beautifully.   I began to spend my mornings alone with God.  I asked him daily to lead me to where or what He wanted me to do.  I prayed that it be something where I can serve Him and enjoy it at the same time. 

Slowly but surely, he led me to volunteer at places that were near and dear to my heart.  I began a little ministry, that first started in my head, visiting the home-bound elderly folks from our church that had no family and were not able to get to church on Sundays. I now do that weekly.   I also spend time on a weekly basis at an Alzheimer's respite center, loving on some of the most amazing elderly folks I've ever met.  It brings back beautiful memories of my grandparents, especially my loving grandfather who passed away from that dreaded disease.  My days were quickly filling up.  I signed up to volunteer at the children's school on a regular basis. And as of lately, I've been going twice a month to feed the homeless at the soup kitchen in a neighboring town.  The blessings have been overwhelming abundant for me.

It's now been a little over 7 months that we arrived in this little town.  We are all settled in.  Me, with my volunteer work that fills my days to the point that I had to get a calendar to keep track of my schedule.  The littles with school and extra curricular activities like Scouts, karate and church activities. 

And sweet hubby?  Oh yeah, he was recently promoted from not only being Operations Manager to the headquarters of the NC branch, but also the South Carolina branch.  He's received over 20% in raises, which is unheard of in this economy.  He is making more money than he's ever made, even during the good economic times in our past.  We now all have health insurance, which we haven't had in over 3 years.  We have formed a close family with wonderful, God loving believers at our new church.  We live in a beautiful neighborhood out in the country where God's beauty surrounds us, from the hills, to the sounds of cows mooing in the distance, to the cardinals flying to my front porch to eat from the feeder, while I sit on the rocker, sipping my coffee and reading His word each morning.

And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. - Job 42:10

Life is good. No, life is great!  We are so thankful!

God rebuilds and restores. 

We are blessed beyond measure.

We are living in The Promised Land!  The land of milk and honey! 

May all glory and praise go to Him, who led us here.

This was taken at Blowing Rock on Father's Day weekend when our Amanda came up to visit!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sit Still, Will Ya? PART I

Those are the words that God has been shouting at me lately. 

If you recall, THIS POST was written almost a year ago to the day.  So much has happened in this past year.  Our lives have been turned upside down, and inside out, during this time.  For those of you that have followed me solely on our blog, you've probably thought I've been hanging out without much to say.  It's actually been quite the opposite.  So much has happened since that post that as I've gone back to read it, it's blown me away how much life has changed.

To recap the old post in a few short words....life had crumbled.  We had lost pretty much everything we owned.  We had a job.  Lost a job.  Had money.  Lost money.  Changed denominations in the midst of it all (a whole other post all together),  and well, pretty much life got in the way of every plan we had made.  

Through it all, we remained faithful to our Creator and knew in our heart of hearts, that He indeed, had a much bigger plan.  A plan so big that our feeble minds could not dare to imagine.   

One morning, during our homeschool bible time, reading the book of Genesis to the kids, God spoke very loud and clear to me. (I have found that when I am teaching them, is when I learn the most.) He was sending us to 'The Promised Land'.  (Genesis 12:1)  The only problem was, that like Abraham, he didn't tell us where that 'Promised Land' was.   But, I knew then for sure, that we were leaving Florida.

That plan came to fruition 3 months later, at the end of December 2011, when sweet hubby was offered what he thought was his 'dream job'.   If he wanted this job, which paid exactly what we had been asking for, with all the perks thrown in, he'd have to move within 3 weeks of accepting it.  We knew the entire family couldn't make that move, so we planned for his finding a place to live and starting the new job while I remained in Florida with the 4 kids for 5-6 months.

On January 4, we drove up to Charlotte, NC (yes, 'The Promised Land') and left Daddy to start our new life, without us.  Again, this arrangement would be for only five or six months, until Amanda completed all her schooling and she'd be ready to head for college.

To say it was tough living without Daddy at home, is an understatement.  The kids were missing him terribly and so was I.  Skyping was just not all that it was chalked up to be.  Financially, we were carrying now two households in expenses and in 2 months, we were only able to see Daddy for 1 weekend.  The kids were miserable.  I was miserable and sweet hubby felt completely helpless.  We prayed and prayed and finally came to peace that God did not want our family apart.

We agreed the family would move up to North Carolina at the end of February.  That left me with lots and lots of packing (thank God for Amanda!), making arrangements for a huge interstate move and feeling stretched some days more than Elastigirl on The Incredibles.  On the other hand, I was incredbily sad and anxious about leaving Amanda behind, because she didn't want to leave Florida, and of course, my two big boys and the rest of the family, whom I knew I wouldn't be seeing often, anymore.   Amanda and I agreed that if she buckled up on school work and was able to finish, she could stay behind with her bio Dad, and it would only be a two or three months before she'd head to the east coast of Florida to get ready to start her own new life also, as a college student and adult.   To say the least, our lives were a whirlwind.

Finally, the end of February rolled around, and with help from family and Daddy who had flown down, we loaded up a very large moving truck and trailer with everything we owned and moved to a very small little town about an hour outside of Charlotte.  It was perfect!  Our new church family that sweet hubby had attended a whopping 3 times, turned out to greet us with over a dozen people to help us unload our truck, feed us, and welcome us to small town, USA.  The place we now were going to call home.  My Mom had come up with us to stay for a couple of weeks and help me unpack and settle in.  I was gearing up to restart our homeschooling and loved sitting outside in the mornings listening to birds chirp, smelling the farm lands that surround us and peering over the hills and beauty that only God could create.  I did that for a whole TWO days, before everything came crashing down....again!

On the third morning of being at our new home, the phone rang at 9 am.  The kids were just waking up and it startled me because really, no one called us.  We had just had our phone installed.  I look at the caller ID.  It was sweet hubby.  I immediately sensed something was terribly wrong.  His words were soft spoken as he said, "Honey, can you come pick me up?"   I said, "Of course.  Is everything okay?  What happened?"  He said, "I'm  not really sure, to be honest.  I was let go.  It came out of nowhere.  I haven't not had a job since I was in my early 20's."   He sounded sad and distraught.  I was confused, but mostly my heart hurt for him.

How could this be?  God had orchestrated this plan.  The move.  The job.  The small town.  The church.  Everything.  It was perfect!  "It was supposed to be perfect, Lord.  Why are you doing this?", were my thoughts, over and over, as I drove the hour to Charlotte to pick up my sweet husband.

That night, we prayed together, as we did the day after that, and the day after that.  My first thought was, "Let's not even unpack.  We could go back to Florida, live with my Mom for a month or two until we get our lives together."  But, Scott said something that clearly made sense.  He reminded me that if I believed with all my heart that God had orchestrated this move.  Then, it was no surprise to Him.  He knew Scott would be losing his job just 2 days after our moving here.  He could have had him lose the job the week prior.  Then, for sure, there would have been no move.  But, He allowed it, and He allowed it for a reason.  A reason we couldn't see.  But, we knew then, that He whatever the plan was, it was supposed to unfold here, in a small town, in North Carolina.

UPDATE:   PART II could be read HERE.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


OH MY!  What a difference 10 months make!  We left the doom and gloom of the last post and are rejoicing in the goodness of God.

Excitement and joy fills the air around here as the Bombardiers prepare to embark on a rollecoaster filled ride that will forever change our lives....again.

Please keep us in your prayers!


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