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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a picture's worth a million words...

or is it a million pictures are worth....oh forget it!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't decide which pictures to post, since I have over 400 pictures and I like so many of them. I decided to choose a few of my favorites from the church and post them tonight. Tomorrow I will post the reception and party pictures (FYI: There might have been alcohol involved at the reception. If so, I am now apologizing for any pictures that may look like we were having just a little too much fun!). Enjoy!

Tito and Gloria, may God always be the center of your marriage and may you be blessed abundantly for a lifetime. We love you both so very much!


Getting ready to leave to church. I just love AJ's little face here! By the way, my sweet Kai had a temp of almost 102 in this picture.

This is my favorite of all the pics! I am truly, truly blessed and give God all the glory for pouring down upon me such an amazing 'Bouquet of Blessings'.

Our beautiful Amanda was a bridesmaid.

Happy parents with one beaming son!

Another happy parent...Tito's Dad.

Waiting with his awesome brother and best man, Adam.

tito and i1
Such a proud Mama. Oh, how I love my biggest baby boy!

I may be biased, but don't you think they looked adorable?

The radiant bride walking down the aisle holding her Mama's hand. Doesn't she look beautiful?
(Sorry for the "arm" in the picture).

Kneeling before God.

Stepping down from the altar after having signed the marriage certificate.

Officially husband and wife!

"Hey Mom, look at me! I'm married!"

The beautiful and happy couple!

Our girl was having a great time!

With Tito's aunt & uncle, Herb and Ily and cousins, Anthony and Seth.

All this wedding stuff is exhausting!

i know....i know

I promised pictures and pictures you will get. Soon. But it's been tough
keeping up with the sick kiddos.

Anna Grace was back at the doctor's yesterday. She tested positive for Influenza A.
Her fever yesterday skyrocketed to 104.9. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Her high fever is now accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Poor baby is feeling miserable and not eating at all. I am managing to have her keep down some Gatorade and popsicles. She was skinny to start with, you could just imagine now.

My sweet girl is quarantined in our bedroom, which I know she doesn't mind, since she's got the TV, toys and Mama's attention all to herself. Although she may not even realize it because all she's done is sleep.

I say it every time, but as I imagine any Mama would feel, I just hate when my kiddos are sick.

Kai managed to get over his afflictions and only has a bit of a lingering cough. Fortunately, he's not contagious since he no longer has a fever. He's back at school.

AJ and Amanda have remained in the all-clear zone. My big guy, Adam (the younger one, not the groom) is home with a fever, too.

Please pray that our little girl recover soon and that the rest of us get through this without any more illnesses.

It's been a tough year for the Bombardiers. Is it 2010 yet?

Monday, October 19, 2009

the kids and just a little bit 'bout the wedding!

We arrived home late last night to no phone service, which equaled to no internet. Finally, this morning the internet and phone were up and running.

Kai arrived at the wedding with 102 degree temp. Through your prayers and God's grace, it quickly went down to 99 and remained that way until we arrived back at the hotel at almost 11 p.m. The boy danced and par-tayed like it a monster!

Today we are home with Kai, still with a temp around 99. Anna Grace is up to 102 and my sweet hubby is at 101 (but trooper that he is, went to work anyways.) AJ, Amanda and myself have been spared.

Kai is feeling much better and will probably be back at school tomorrow.

Now onto what you really want to hear about.

The wedding.

It was magnificent, beautiful and went through without a hitch!

I could not have been a prouder Mama of every single one of my blessings, including our new daughter, Gloria. Who, by the way, looked radiantly beautiful!

But, I could not do it justice without providing the momentous event with it's own post and lots of pictures.

So, hang in there for just one more day to give me time to upload pics in between taking temperature readings.

I promise it will be worth it.

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