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Saturday, July 19, 2008

You have the opportunity to make a dream come true!

Have you ever thought about hosting a foreign exchange student? If so, this is your chance! If not, then maybe this is the time to give it some thought.

My sweet friend, Charlotte, helps connect host families with a child. Below I've pasted some information that she sent me. Time is running out for some of these kids to start school in the U.S., since visas need to be ordered.

Please, if you are interested in helping a child and adding a great experience to your family, don't wait. You can email Charlotte by clicking HERE.

"It doesn't matter where you're located, I can help answer your questions, help you through the application, profile choices and get you a placement. After a placement is made, you will be given a local rep. in your area to help with any questions, etc you have. Once the placement is made, your child will be notified and you will be able to correspond with them until they arrive in August.We have kids from most countries you can think of. A lot from Taiwan (several girls), Korea, Germany, just a few left from China (mostly boys), etc. The average age is 15-16 and stay for one year (a school year), some stay only half a year.

I also contact the schools for you (sometimes I have to ask for you to call when I'm coming up against walls with them, a local person sometimes can get much further than someone out of state calling) to get permission to enroll your child there. I will talk you through what to tell them and once we get someone acting positive, I'm here for any questions they have and getting paperwork to them.

What I like about Forte is they stress treating the students as your own. I look forward to building a relationship with our girl from China :) and hope to have her as a life long friend! We already talk on the computer every day for hours at a time. With her being thirteen hours a head of us, I many times have to kick in to mom-mode and tell her she better get on to bed. lolThe program encourages you to share your beliefs and ways of life with the kids. The kids are aware of this ahead of time and look forward to a different life style than at home. Instead of thinking of places near by where you can take them for food from home, think more burgers and fries. Food from home is good for homesickness though.

A little thing I'm doing for our student is something I think all families should consider. I'm asking her to bring her favorite pictures of her family, we're going to blow them up when she gets here, frame them and put them up, so she always has her family close to her. She was thrilled with this and she says she's very grateful for her family to be honored along with our family. Right off, a few questions you might have:

**Who pays for their travel?

The student pays for everything themselves except room and board,they have a monthly allowance from home to pay for school lunches, clothes,extra activities at school, etc. The program emphasizes the kids tolearn independence and money management. Some students have private school funds as well.

**What if something goes wrong?

These are good students that had to do a lot to make the program andhave their families fund their trips. They have studied hard for years to qualify for the program, they must have a good English understanding, excellent grades and a sports or musicial talent. Many times families have sacrificed a lot to have the money for their children to attend the program, the kids don't want to disappoint their families due to their sacrifice. Of course, a child could still act up but they risk being sent home and know this ahead of time. Your local rep. is there for you to talk to about any problems and settle any issues. You aren't handed a child and then left on your own.

**Do you get paid for being a host family?

No, this is a voluntary position to help a child have the chance tostudy in America, many of these children have dreamed of coming toAmerica all of their lives. You are allowed a $50 per month (they live with you) discount on your Federal taxes.

Lastly, we're running out of time, the students are supposed to travel here next month and we have to have time to arrange their Visa's.

We need families ASAP!! If families don't step up, the kids not matched will not be able to attend the program this year.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Update on Grace

I spoke to Roy (dh) this morning. Grace was sleeping. The surgery lasted a little over 10 hours, since they had to do more than they expected. She went into surgery at 7 a.m. and left the recovery room at 10:15 p.m. last night.

I again asked her hubby if there was anything they needed and he said to just keep lifting her up in prayer. Her progress is going well and she should be walking today. She is obviously in a lot of pain, but thankfully the doctors feel that they have done everything possible and that the surgery was a success!

There is nothing like prayer! Please prayer warriors, continue to join me in lifting her up to our Savior and asking with full conviction in our hearts she is healed completely.

You guys are awesome and a pillar of support!! You have no idea how much they appreciate the prayers, especially because we know they ARE working!

Lord Jesus,

We thank you for Grace's complete healing and for a succesful surgery. We know that it was because of you, the Great Healer, that she is now on the road to recovery. We continue to lift her up to you and ask you to strengthen the family's faith now, more than ever, as they keep their eyes focused on You while the waves continue to crash around them as she recovers. We know that You created her and love her more than anyone could. Thank you, Father God.

In Your Name we pray,


I have quite a few emails to respond to. I'm truly sorry. I will be answering them very soon. It's been crazy around here. I will also be posting about AJ's 2nd Forever Family Day, which was yesterday.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keep on praying.....PLEASE!

I spoke to Grace's husband (see post below if you don't know what I'm talking about) and she is still in surgery (7 hours later!). Please continue to lift her up to our Heavenly Father that all go well. He's very distraught, as you could well imagine. I asked him if there was anything he needed and his response was, "All I need is in the other room." thru tears.

Thank you again for your prayers. God bless you all abundantly.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I know there are so many strong, faithful prayer warriors out there and I am reaching out to you for support, since we all know the power of prayer and the strength in numbers as we flood heaven's gates.

Please keep a very dear friend of mine in your prayers. Her name is Grace and we've been friends for almost 20 years now. She is in her early forties and will be having a double mastectomy tomorrow morning.

Lord Jesus, our Savior, the Great Healer, guide the surgeon's hands and fill her family and her heart with His peace that surpasses all understanding. May this be the end of the horrible journey she has been suffering due to cancer and all that this horrific disease brings along with it.

Lord, we ask and firmly believe that there will be complete healing in her body and that she may live a full and healthy life, being able to see her beautiful daughters grow to be Godly women filled with your most Holy Spirit as they carry and spread this testimony of your faithfulness to those that do not know you.

We ask this as we ask all things, in Your precious name,


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Will you pray for China during the Olympics?

The eyes of the world will soon be on the Olympics. But the eyes of God remain on His children and especially those who suffer for their faith.

Despite what you may hear in the news, Chinese Christians who refuse to register with the government controlled church are being persecuted. Many have undergone horrific suffering.

I know that God has blessed us immensely by allowing us to teach two of His Chinese babies about our Savior, but so many are left behind that may never learn the truth.

Please Lord, protect your children who stand firm in your faith, regardless of the arrows that fly by them.

"Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew 5:10

Click HERE for more information and to order your own free Olympic Prayer band.

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