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Friday, March 20, 2009


Do you remember this guy?

This is Bad Luck Shleprock from the Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show. Remember how he used to walk around with a little black cloud hanging over his head? Well, I'm definitely not one to believe in "luck". but holy bejeezus....this is nutso.

So, here I am, cautiously optimistic about beginning to pack the bag full of toys and goodies Kai has accumulated during his $100,000 + vacation hospital stay because that's pretty much all we have. My clothes all went back with Scott so I've been wearing the same clothes for 3 days now and showered last 2 days ago. Yes, I must be a pleasure to smell....not! I digress.

Back to packing. As I was joyfully skipping around my little closet (I don't think I mentioned to ya'll that we were moved out of the penthouse suite 2 nights ago) of a room, the general doctor on the floor, one of the ones that needs to sign a discharge order, comes in. He asked about Kai and how he was feeling. Listened to his heart. We discussed the small de-sats last night and then he broke the news. "I'm sorry. We're having problems getting the insurance company to agree to paying for the sat monitor at home for more than 24 hours. We feel a bit uneasy sending him home without one. I spoke to the insurance company myself and they are reviewing it, but I don't know if we'll get an answer today" WHHHAAAAATTT?????? I didn't really yell it at him, but my mind was screaming it.

I then gathered my thoughts and said, "So does this mean that if we don't get an answer today, we are here until Monday at least? Because, as we both know, nothing gets done anymore on weekends." His response was vague. "We'll see. We'll see. Hang in there!"

UGH!!! Can you note the frustration in my voice?

His cleft surgeon had told us not to put all our eggs into a monitor. He said that yes, monitors are good, but they can also be a false sense of security or vise-versa He was right. As Kai was sitting here playing this morning (after the doctor had come by) the monitor alarm went off and it showed he was de-sat'ing down to the low 70's. That would be enough for immediate intervention. Two nurses ran in the room. Kai was on his knees on the bed, pushing Hot Wheels around while saying, "vrrooomm....vrrroooommm!" They said, "I guess he's not in respiratory distress, huh?" Ummm...."NO!!" I asked them to take the monitor off of him since it was blatantly obvious that this one was not working. They agreed.

Now we sit and wait to find out what our weekend plans are.

Lord Jesus,

Please intervene. You know exactly what Kai's levels are. You know exactly if something is wrong and we know with all of our hearts that you are the Great Physician. Father God, we ask for your intervention in this process. We surrender it all to you and place the entire situation in your hands, but most importantly Father, I trust with all my being that you, the creator of this precious child you have blessed us with, love him unconditionally and want the best for him. We raise him up to you and surrender his condition to you, Father. We ask for complete healing so that there is no question whatsover about whether he is still struggling with this issue.

We know Lord that whatever the outcome is, you will be glorified.

We thank you Lord for being in our lives and ask these things in your Holy and precious Name.



Jill said...

FIRST, I am glad you are rid of your migraine...you have enough! SECOND, I recognized our buddy Bad Luck Shleprock the minute I saw him and I want you to be RID of him too!!

Will pray that you are ON YOUR WAY HOME soon WITH a healthy, robust breathing boy!!!

In the meantime...maybe a shower?? ;)

Julie S said...

Oh, Ohilda, I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how you feel, "If its not one things its another". But you know that everything happens for a reason, God has his plan.

Sara Bowyer said...

oh my word, I am so sorry. I know you have to be completely frustrated. praying right now for peace and clear thoughts as you walk through this.

and praying you will be home soon!

Michelle said...

Cripes! I'm so sorry. I cannot believe that the insurance company would rather pay for the continued hospital stay than the monitor for more than 24 hrs. That's crazy!

You guys will remain in my prayers. I hope you'll all be back home (feeling AND smelling better-lol) very, very soon!

Holly said...

Yes and AMEN sister.
Thankful for medical care and not so thankful right now for insurance companies.

He And Me + 3 said...

I am so sorry to read all of this. Ugh is right. Hang in there...praying for answers!

Becky said...

My goodness, Ohilda. I am so sorry that you and your family are having to go through all of this!! I am praying for you guys.

I also wanted to let you know that I have been trying to comment ever since your first posting about Kai, and for some reason my blogger commenting wasn't working(so glad that it is now!!!). So I didn't want you to think that I wasn't concerned or thinking about you guys!!

Much love,

day by day said...

Oh, boy!! Hang on there, my friend!! You have been through a lot this past week and I am so proud of how well you have handled it all!!

Darn insurance companies! How can they think that it would be more cost effective to have Kai remain in the hospital than to pay a daily rental fee for a monitor?? Call them up and tell them if they do not cooperate, they will be paying 2 hospital bills because the stress of being there so long...will have them admitting you, too. So it would definitely be a lot cheaper for them to just pay for the monitor and let you both go home!! lol! I am not a big fan of insurance companies! : )

hang in there!

love you!!

geminirn said...

Oh my friend,i know you must be so anxious to get home to your other little angels...praying hard that just that will happen very soon.
hugs girl!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my friend...I have missed so much while I was gone last week. I am so so sorry that I have not been your prayer warrior. I'm on board now though and will be on my knees for you and your sweet baby.

Angel said...

I have not posted, but our family has been praying for you all-I will specifically pray for you and your insurance-We live in SC and it seems that our insurance gets to choose who to cover and those chose not to give insurance to our sweet Anna Grace because she was adopted-unbelievable to us but nothing we could do-
Praying that you can go home this weekend and be with your family-love the video your sister made-too sweet-what a blessing-
Big hugs to you all-

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Ohilda...I am praying right now you are on your way home!!!!!!!! I am agreeing in prayer with the prayer you wrote in your post...I know the Lord will be glorified!!!!! Monitor or no monitor!
Hold fast...unswervingly to the Hope you profess!

Michelle said...

Oh, I hope you made it home!! What a time you have had!! Glad to hear that Kai was wheeling around his little cars today, though, and acting his perky self. You are in my thoughts, Ohilda... and my prayers.

brocton14 said...

I wish I was closer, I really think I could help you out with this. Babies go home all the time with a pulse ox (sat monitor), I can't remember the monthly rental but I don't recall it being that high, in the grand scheme of things. I'm sooo very sorry that you guys are going through all of this. Still praying in Metropolis!!!

Betsy said...

So sorry for the longer than expected hospital stay! I'm praying for you and your son...hope you get good answers soon and can come home!

Trish said...

Praying you'll be home soon. BTW what did Ruiz say, did you call him? Trish

Keisha said...

Keep you head up girl... There is a REASON for everything!!! Just remember God is in CONTROL!!!! love & hugs!

Tracy said...

So sorry for you. I'll keep praying!

Aus said...

Hey - saw on twitter that the bill is paid - congratulations - and welcome home!! We'll keep praying and pulling for you guys anyway - but hugs to all them for us! Won't be back in much - Carl is here - Ben will be soon - the only one we will be missing this weekend is Britt - so I'll be busy with them!! Hugs - loads of love - now go get a little time off!

aus and co.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Still praying for y'all!!! I'm so very sorry, Ohilda.

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