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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let The "Son" Shine!

To say I'm exhausted doesn't even come close to how I'm feeling.

Last night was a good night! Yayyy, God! That doesn't entirely mean that Kai didn't de-sat, he did. But, nothing like the previous night. Poor kiddo fell asleep after the IV fiasco. About an hour into his sleep, his levels went down and the alarm made me jump out of my skin. 83...82....81, then a quick jump back up to 93. About 3 minutes later, same scenario with the exception of the numbers just a tad bit lower. 81...80....79 and again, back up to the 90s. That was it. That was his total de-sat for the night. I must've fallen asleep because when the nurse came in at 5 a.m. for his drops, I looked at the clock and said, "Oh my God! I must've fallen asleep and didn't keep an eye on his de-sats." She said to me, "There was nothing to keep an eye on. He's remained in the 90's all night!" Did I already say, "YAAAYYYY, GOD!!!"?

I kissed his sweaty little head, rolled him over a bit and curled up with him to sleep another 2 hours. When I opened my eyes at 7 a.m., I felt as if a Mack Truck had run my head over. It was throbbing. I sat up and felt a wave of nausea overcome me. I knew immediately that I had a serious migraine. My first thought? "Damn! No pills!" I usually carry them with me, but had sent them home in bag with Scott. A few minutes later, I was told by the nurse that transport was coming up to take Kai for another chest x-ray. I got up and as I was walking to the bathroom, the nausea overtook me. I ran inside and threw up. After washing up, I came out and told Kai I was going to the pantry down the hall. I poured myself a weak cup of coffee, only to throw it all up again as I walked back into the room. This trend continued 4 more times in the time we waited for transport.

There's a pharmacy downstairs that I knew I had to get to, because if I didn't take something soon, I'd be completely out of commission. But, I also knew that Kai is scared witless when it comes to tests, x-rays, blood drawn, etc. I couldn't let him go down to x-ray alone. I knew he'd freak. So, I bit the bullet, carried a little basin with me, just in case, and went down to x-ray.

As soon as we arrived back to the room, I asked the nurse to please keep an eye out for him and I went downstairs to buy some Ibuprofen. I popped 4 of those babies and laid down next to Kai. We watched Nemo (again!) with several intermissions of Kai nudging me when he heard me sleeping, followed by, "MAMA! Watch the movie!"

Otherwise the day was non-eventful. The ENT and pulmonologist both came in and everyone is in agreement that if we have another "good" night, we can be discharged tomorrow, taking a Sat monitor home with us as a keepsake. OK, not really a keepsake, but it certainly will be a reminder of our 12 days in the hospital every night when I plug him into it.

Two incidences worth mentioning.

First: Scott picked up the kids last night from my Mom's house to take them to dinner and then took them back and said prayers with them and tucked them in. It warmed my heart to see them so happy and playing. This little clip was taken by Scott on his cell phone. The beginning of the clip is when AJ fell on the driveway and was asking for a kissy on his boo-boo.

And then, my sweet sister did something that made my boy, Kai, smile from ear to ear. I was going to try to video his response as he watched the clips, but the Internet here is so painfully slow that I'd have to be here for 3 days for it to download. I can tell you that he smiled and laughed and answered each question asked of him. It also made Mama smile BIG. Thank you, Ily for thinking of such a sweet thing to do for my boy (and his Mama).

(Excuse the side-way view - my sister wanted to get Kai's Shu-Shu dancing for him.)

Please remember as you head to bed tonight to say a short prayer specifically asking our Lord to allow Kai's Sats to remain in the high 90's.

Thank you all again for your emails, comments, phone calls and support. You really. really. rock!!!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I am so relieved to hear that Kai is doing better! And that your spirits are better! And Ily is a sweetheart.

He And Me + 3 said...

Saying a prayer before bed for Kai. Hope your head ache is all better too. Loved the videos.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Ohilda...what a precious family you have! I love all the videos, I think I'm going to have to eat A.J. up with a spoon he is SO adorable!!! Love it when he says "He's not talking, he's not talking!" SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! I bet Kai was so excited to see his family. He is one blessed little fella. Praying for a miraculous night indeed.
Love you!

Keisha said...

Ohilda.. I'm sorry you are sick too!! :( I'm praying for both of you!!!! May you both have a restful night with Good news in the morning! HUGS!

Leslie Jackson said...

Lord, please touch Kai so that he and Ohilda can return home to the rest of their loving family!

it's great to see your family! I love the "shu-shu" dance! lol

waiting4Isabella said...

OMG- I can't believe you posted shu-shu on your blog. Ok people, please excuse my husband, I swear he doesn't do drugs. He's just normally weird !!!! LOL.

I'm glad that kai kai is doing better and get ready and pack Kai's bags because the Lord is getting ready to send you home. Can't wait to see you both. Love you.

Starla said...

What a great family you have! Made me cry to watch them all tell Kai that they miss him. Hope you have a great, restful, uneventful night. Take care of yourself, Ohilda.

Blessings, Starla

Sally- That Girl! said...

Praying for a great night and discharge tomorrow. I hope you get as much sleep as you got last night. That is unheard of in a hospital as you well know!!! I hope your next post is from home!

Aus said...

Morning - and maybe a good one eh? So just a couple thoughts - 1) you are in a hospital - you are the Mom - you are (by now I'm quite certain!) friends with the staff - you are not going anywhere for at least another 24 hours or so - WHY AREN'T YOU ASKING THEM FOR SOMETHING STRONGER FOR YOUR MIGRANE? (Just wanted to mention that OK? :>) And 2) see - option 3 really works for me (whispering a quick thank your prayer and apologizing for the anger in my voice when I got kind of demanding yesterday - but He's my Dad - He understands that too!) Looking forward to continued improvement too! Make sure to give Kai a hug from Uncla Aus and Aunt Marie - ya'll can have one too!

aus and co.

Jewels of My Heart said...

I hope your Migraine is gone! You poor thing.
Hang in there Kai's Mama..... the storm is passing and soon there will be clear, blue skies ahead for a while...
Thank You Jesus for healing precious Kai!
To God be the glory!

Patricia/NYC said...

YAY!!! Sounds like Kai is turning the corner!!
What a sweet sis you got there, too! :)
Take care of yourself, too, Ohilda...you poor thing!! I get migraines too, so I can totally sympathize! Still praying here for ALL of you!!

Carmen said...

Praise God for Kai's healing. What a blessing to have a sister. Ily is the best. Really enjoyed the movies and AG's sweet little still-Chinese-sounding voice.

Ps. Does Shushu know that this is a family-friendly site :) :)

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