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Monday, March 16, 2009

I Am So Proud!

Mama Bear finally put her foot paw down and said, "It's time to sleep!" He is literally exhausted, and so are we. I just had him say goodnight to all his toys and his beloved portable DVD player, borrowed from one of the nurses. We said prayers and I tucked him in. I'm now settling myself in for the night, right in front of the monitor, to watch those levels.

I really am so very proud of this little guy. He has been through so much. I know (and how I wish) that if it were me laying there after spending over a week being tested in just about every form possible, having blood drawn daily, IV's changed 3 times, giant x-ray machines, CPAP machines being pushed into my face, strapped down on a gurney and raced into a helicopter, covered in sensors and stickers for sleep studies, echo cardiograms, EKG's, vitals checked once an hour and tons of wires wrapped around me, I'd be really. sick. of. it. all! Kai has taken it all in such stride.

Many of you have reminded me over and over that God has big plans for this little boy. I believe that. With all my heart I can see it. He will overcome his speech impediment. He will overcome every obstacle in his path. He will do something big with his life. His perseverance and resiliency is astounding. He's a survivor. He survived an orphanage that was incredibly scarce of basic human needs. A place where the sick just got sicker and where a nanny that he learned to love tried to give him whatever little she had to offer. This little boy that lacked complete stimulation for the first 22 months of life, now has a soaring spirit filled with unyielding determination. I am so honored and blessed that God chose me, of all women, to be his earthly mother.

We received absolutely no notice when they walked in, two hours earlier than scheduled, to tell us that they were taking Kai to the O.R. The fear in his eyes as he was rolled, once again, down the white, sterile-looking hallways that led to the pre-op area was heartbreaking. We waited in the pre-op and went through the routine of meeting with the doctors, as he sat there pretending we weren't in the room. Daddy gave him his Blackberry and let him take pictures which made him smile a bit. A few minutes later, he was giggling away on his Versed cocktail and minutes after that he was whisked away while waving goodbye to us.

When it was over, we learned that he had lots and lots of fluid in his ears, which we knew from his earlier tests when they told us he had a moderate hearing loss. Tubes were placed releasing all that fluid and his hearing was quickly restored. The doctor removed as much of the adenoids as possible, but there was a bit under the now infamous flap that he couldn't get to.

Right now, the most important prayer requests are that the removal of the adenoids, once and for all, was the cure to the sleep apnea issue. Also, his oxygen levels (saturation) need to remain ideally above 95, but the doctors will accept 93. Thus far, while I've been typing this, he dipped down to 89 for a quick second, but I've been diligently watching and for the most part, it's remained in the high 90's. I've been praying hard all night. In the end, I know God is in control and I know He loves my baby boy, more than I ever could. I know He's watching over Kai and His angels surround him. I pray that He continue to protect him and that this be the end of this saga in our lives. As my dear friend, Terryn said, "My prayer is that our family gets hit with a huge wave of complete boredom!"

As always, I can't sign off until I thank you all and ask God to bestow His abundant blessings upon you for being such loyal friends and for loving and praying for our sweet little man.



Jennifer said...

Praise God!! Things sound so much better than last night... Continuing to pray.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Ohilda, So right there with you and watching the o2 sats!!! You are doing a much better job than I with remembering God is there with you. YOu are so much stronger than I. I will pray for all you of you tonight before I go off to sleep. God has great plans for our sons!!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Amen to the boredom. Still praying.

Aus said...

While we will still keep you guys in our prayers - it's sounding to me like he's turned the corner - might I be moved to say 'hoorah' - maybe quietly so we don't wake him?

It's amazing how it's the simple things from home you miss - ain't it?

hugs - aus and co

Jill said...

Yippee! I am so thankful for how well Kai is doing. I will pray that he will not have too much discomfort from his surgery. AND, that he will have NO MORE APNEA!
I love Terryn's "complete boredom" comment!!
AND, I bet a week ago you would NEVER have wanted to be watching YO GABBA GABBA!!!
Keep up the updates!
Hugs AND MANY blessings!

Waitingfaithfully said...


Thrilled with the latest update, and especially with the Twitter that said you were watching Kai's chest NOT retract into his spine while he slept! Thank you Lord for healing Kai. PLease continue to give him the oxygen numbers that he needs!

Love from Texas, good job mama bear!


Peg said...

All day yesterday and this morning, the image that keeps coming back to my mind was when Kai was first with you and he knelt in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother. I see Mary right by his side, and yes, he will do amazing things--he already has!!!
Love Peg

Michelle said...

I echo Terryn's comments. Boredom is under-rated.

Hugs to you, friend! And a big one to Kai!!

Holly said...

I am smiling at the idea of you ever being bored with the 3 little ones around!
Nope, probably not likely...but a good old case of "normal" home life is just about overdue!
I know that God is at work. I am praying for quick healing and recovery for Kai and that the surgery WAS the answer to his problem.
Praying for Amanda,AJ and AG too.

waiting4Isabella said...


I'm glad to hear that Kai had a great night. I am praying for his full recovery and that you get to bring him home soon, really soon. I miss him like mad crazy.

I will call you later, love me.

Tracy said...

Glad the surgery went well. I will continue to pray!

Leslie Jackson said...

Just remember to be thankful for the boredom when it arrives!

I have to tell you that having tubes put in my daughter's ears was the best thing I could have ever done for her. It helped her to hear better, sleep better, and eat better. She still has them and we know within hours when her ears are infected....then we can put the drops straight on the infection until we get to the doctor! It was great!

We also had her adnoids taken out when the tubes were done. That did improve her breathing!

I know your baby is going to be fine. He's in good hands...God's...but...he's in your hands too. God would never have entrusted this angel to you if He thought you couldn't handle what was coming!

God bless you!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Praise God! And yes, he is a special little boy.

Patricia/NYC said...

What a courageous little boy!! Glad to hear he had a much better night & I am still praying for a quick recovery!! BIG HUGS to Kai (& you too!!)

Trish said...

Praying things will continue to move forward and get better and better for Kai! Please continue to keep us updated, you are an amazing mom! Trish

Starla said...

Good to hear that things are looking up! Hoping and praying that you will be headed home soon...

Blessings, Starla

Terynn said...

Now, we shall see what the Lord will do with little Kai's life. My vision? I can see him someday shocking Scott and Ohilda by saying, "But, I have to be about my Father's business".

Missions work? Out of state college? Seminary? Having 21 kids and his own TV show?

I cannot wait to see!!

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