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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Welcome to Washington, Mr. Bauer"



Is anybody else as excited as I am that "24" is finally back and that Kiefer will be in your living rooms every week? (!!!) The season premiere of the show (Part 1) starts tonight!

After almost two years of being off the air (due to Hollywood's writer strikes) and this time last year serving time in jail for yet another drunk driving charge, Kiefer is back with a vengeance in 2009. He's publicly apologized about his misdeeds. Last month he appeared on Redemption, the prequel to Season 7, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. He seems to be happy in the romance department with new girlfriend, Siobhan Bonnouvrierm. He recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and to top it off, some icing on the cake, he was voted for the 2nd time, Sexiest Man of the Year in Hello! Canada online magazine. Life is good being Kiefer!

We are ready! The Bombardier household (yep, Amanda and sweet husband included) can't wait to see Jack, once again, saving the world! Can I get a "Woot! Woot!"


He And Me + 3 said...

Oh my gosh...we are so excited over here. Literally, this is the only TV I watch at all. I love this show! But if my husband didn't watch TV or you didn't post about it, I wouldn't even know it was on. So thanks for the reminder. I cannot wait...this season should be awesome! I love Jack!

Leslie Jackson said...

I am so excited about it! I even emailed FOX last year to find out when they were going to be coming back on. I was having withdrawals from 24! (That could be bad... maybe I should get therapy! haha! My session starts tonight on FOX!) lol

sara said...

We have the DVR set and ready to go!!!!! If I didn't have DVR, I think I would have to resign as pastor's wife so I could stay home and watch! ha!
I am so with you on this.

Funny, when Redemption showed I mistakenly thought the show had started up and when they showed the clips of the next show...to be shown in JAN....I screamed "nooooooooo"! That was very mean of them!!!

And how do you pronounce his girlfriends name?

a corgi said...

enjoy! my husband catches it every once in awhile but (horrors), I've never watched it


Jill said...

Okay Ohilda...here is the deal...it is NO SECRET that you love Kiefer...I have known this for some time but have to tell you I have NOT watched the show! I am dating myself but LOVED him in THE LOST BOYS but have had few sightings of the man since...SO! ALL that said, and because you named your DOG Kiefer, I am going to make an effort to watch this show!
Happy Kiefer sighting to you!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

If I knew how, I'd be typing in green so you could sense my jealousy!!! I LOVE this show and am so sad to be missing it. I think it will eventually make its way over here to the Middle East, but the question is when. Sigh...Be thinking of me tonight as you get to proclaim, "Jack Is Back!!!!!!"

Shanna said...

Oh yeah! We even own all the seasons of 24. It is the only show I regularly watch!!! So fun :) I have been needing a new Kiefer fix. Glad hubby likes the show as much as I do.

Undercover-Princess said...

Never could really get in to that show. He is a nice piece of eye candy, though.

Starla said...

I'm soooo jealous here in Mexico. I have all of the seasons so far, but now will have to wait until this season is out on DVD. It will be a long wait...sigh....Now, no giving away hints on what the show is about....


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