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Friday, January 16, 2009

Come On Vamonos! Everybody Let's Go! (lalalala)

Unlike many of my fellow friends that have tried everything to get their kiddos out of the family bed, I can't seem to get mine in. One of my kiddos, anyways. That would be...Anna Grace. She has absolutely no interest in sleeping with Mama.

This conversation transpired the other day.

ME: Anna Grace, do you want to cuddle up with Mama and sleep in her bed tonight?

ANNA GRACE: (with an "are-you-crazy-kinda-look" on her face) No, Mama, No!

ME: (whiny sad voice used for emphasis) Why? I love cuddling with you.

ANNA GRACE: (now with hands on hips and with very serious look on her face) Mama! I not a baby! I a big girl. I have my own bed. I sleep there.....every day!

Ummm....ok. So, there she remains. The only thing is that although we have a spare bedroom, she really loves being with the boys. It would be party time in there every night if we'd let them.

After much thought and to Scott's great joy because he gets to keep his office, Anna Grace will be rooming with Kai and AJ for the next couple of years. (I hope to move from here when Amanda graduates high school.) So, as we outgrow the toddler beds and cribs, I am thinking about bunk beds for the boys and a twin bed for her. With that, the cute barnyard motif will be going and I will be needing to come up with a decorating theme that will appeal to both genders. Somehow, Cinderella meets Lightning McQueen doesn't seem to blend too well in my mind.

Too say I'm frustrated is an understatement. All I could come up with is Diego and his upbeat, backpack-carrying cousin, Dora. I've pretty much had my Dora and Diego fill in the past two years, but the kids love 'em. And although I'm not a big fan of TV for kids, they really have learned a lot from watching them, including all three of them learning to count in Spanish. (A feat that their American Daddy has yet to accomplish after living with a Cuban for 11 years.)

I'd love to hear any other ideas you may have about girl/boy room decor that's not too baby-ish. If I can't come up with something soon, then I guess Dora and Diego will be movin' in.


He And Me + 3 said...

Stars and moons are cute, but I like the dora diego idea. Cute.

Terynn said...

'Bolt' was a recent Disney movie that we really enjoyed. I know many children that liked Wall-e and their is a leading female robot, too. To avoid the Disney train though, how 'bout a nature-type theme: ocean, forest, jungle, outer space, castles and dragons, etc. My personal favorite is the idea of castles and dragons. Good luck!!

Sherri said...

I got tired of "theme-ing" the kids' rooms (because they really do change their interests so often), so I went with just painting the walls and letting the kids put posters of their favorite things on the walls. The bedding is generic, too, unless I splurge and get character sheets, which I don't usually do. Right now Mia has a big Dora pillow on her bed, but the walls are plain except for the posters. So in that respect, you really could do Cinderella meets Lightning McQueen.


sara said...

wow, I have no clue since I am completely out of that stage.....but good luck!!!!

Thanks for letting me blog your post yesterday! Even if just one more person reads it.....that is one more to fight the battle!!!

Angie said...

Hmmm...maybe a coyboy/cowgirl theme?
Mickey and Minnie? Raggedy Ann and Andy?

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

butterflys,..who doesnt love butterflys?
Or maybe lady bugs

as far as boy and girl~
Jungle theme with animals

what could be cute is painting a small area with taht chalk board paint that way they can draw on that part of the wall without getting in trouble :)

Have fun I love to decorate!

mommy24treasures said...

We have one huge bedroom that Jacob and Chloe share that eventually Caitlyn will too. We doecorated nature. We have a big tree painted on the wall with a swing, rocks a log with a turtle... things like that.
The beds comforters can then be stripes or solids that match, for sheets, bugs butterflies stuff like that.

Jill said...

Sam is OBSESSED with Diego and will take Dora if Diego is not on...his biggest tantrums of late is when he wants to watch Diego and it is not on...

I am no help in the idea department but I bet the little kids will love a D and D room!

Holly said...

I like the bugs and butterflies idea...dragonflies, frogs, even a few ladybugs...I also like the idea of just plain old painting and letting each of them choose bedding to coordinate with the paint color!
You'll do something totally adorable...be sure to post pics!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oohhh I like Connie's idea! I don't have any thoughts for you because I haven't slept in the same bed with my husband in almost three years!!!! I don't think they will ever sleep in their own beds;)

Although....I do love snuggling with them at night.

Tammy said...


I have the same problem. Right now Tiana and Connors room is a monkey theme, I found some cute bedding last summer at Target, and ran across a lady of ebay that had some cute monkey pics etc... I am getting ready to change it to Panda's. I ran across a lady locally who can sew the bedding and window treatments. I bought several paintings of Panda's when I was in China. I will also be able to incorporate some other Asian items that I picked up as well.

cheepette8 said...

How about a beach theme or a mermaid/pirate theme? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0016NKP7I (pirate bedding) http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstore/product_page_multiple.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524881198399 (mermaid bedding)

Kim said...

Sorry, no decorating ideas here. I'm still contemplating the idea of what it must be like not to have a child sleeping on top of me at night. Although I do like Connie's idea of nature. The monkey idea is cute too. Let us know what you decide to do.

Patricia/NYC said...

Hmmmm....ya got me thinkin', girl! How about pirates & mermaids, out of space, dragons & fairies, Peter Pan/Tink/Wendy, etc., nature/jungle, the wild west, a beach theme, I know you're not into too much tv for the kids, but what about the Backyardigans?
Good Luck & Keep us posted on what you decide!

Patricia/NYC said...

OH! I thought of another...how about a theme from a favorite book? (Pottery Barn Kids has a new Dr. Seuss line)...you see, now I can't stop thinking about this! lol!

He And Me + 3 said...


You won at my blog...I need your address so I can get your CD out to you. You can email me from this comment. Hope to hear from you soon! Yea you!

Luanne said...

I found your blog through the poem you wrote at "one Minute writing"--through that short poem, I could see your heart for God--and I knew I'd like you!

This post is so precious--why do they act all grown up the moments we want them to stay little!

Anonymous said...

I'm going through something like this also. I found this great over the top bed(it's a castle). You could do full or twin, top and bottom then the company would paint it any color you want. The picture is pink but the gray looks super for girls and boys. So then you could do princess and prince decore. :) Just something to think about. Here's the address to view it.
If that doesn't work go to ebay and type in kids beds. Good luck!!

Colleen said...

What about no true theme and just painting the walls neutral with a touch of beach : ) Pottery barn kids always has a Hawaiian print in the spring and it's really cute : )

Colleen said...

I meant to add like a surfs up room : )

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