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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayers Desperately Needed!

I was in complete shock yesterday when I went to visit a blog that I truly love, A Place Called Simplicity. Yesterday morning their log cabin home caught fire. Through God's prompting, they had just 24 hours before repaired their smoke alarm system and were able to leave the house unharmed. But with the fire, came the loss of just about everything they had. Thirty years of irreplaceable treasures. Linn and her husband Dwight are very special people. They are both pastors who love the Lord and His orphans. They have 10 children, including 2 sweet angels that have been home from Uganda for less than a month. Their 10th child, Jubilee, still waits for them in China. They've shared their amazing journey with so many and are a true inspiration. Even through this tragedy, Linn posted yesterday praising His Holy Name!

Please, can you join me in prayer for this precious family?

UPDATE: Linn and Dwight's son was taken this morning to the hospital with severe abdominal pains. Right now, he's in surgery. Appendicitis. Thank you to all the faithful prayer warriors praying for this sweet family.
In addition, Linn has requested specific prayers for sweet Elijah and Elizabeth who's world was not only turned upside down just a mere 4 weeks ago when they arrived from Uganda, but now are in the midst of all this chaos. May the Lord settle their precious hearts and that this not interfere at all with their bonding process.

For those of you that have asked or are wondering how you can help. Here's a great place to start: Linn's dear friend, Lori at Joy Unspeakable, has put together
a Chip-in account for those out of the area, in addition to another friend who is asking for application to be sent to ABC's Extreme Home Makeover! You can get the entire scoop at Lori's blog.

May this tragedy be transformed to bring glory to God!


Amy said...

Praying with you, Ohilda...

{{{{{Big Hugs}}}}}

Patricia/NYC said...

ABSOLUTELY praying with you!! I saw their site last night & my heart broke for them.

Waitingfaithfully said...


Thanks for sharing . . . I cannot even begin to explain how Linn has touched my life, or how my heart has ached for her since I heard of the fire yesterday.

Praying in Texas~


Shawnstribe said...

Praying too in the UK

sara Bowyer said...

i am praying right now!

Jill said...

I will go visit their blog RIGHT now and certainly pray for them. OH! HOW DEVASTATING a fire!

mom2-4boys said...


I started reading A Place Called Simplicity when Linn was in Africa. I was just on the blog yesterday morning. I cannot believe it.

I am going to say a good long prayer for Linn and her family.


Sharon said...

I am praying, Thanks for posting this!!

Mom To Six said...

(Sorry Mimi, I accidentally hit "reject"! UGH!

He And Me + 3 has left a new comment on your post "Prayers Desperately Needed!":

I will go check it out. I read about this on another post yesterday....very sad.

The Ferrill's said...

I am praying for Linn and her family; I saw this on some other blogs today and had never visited Linn's blog, so I did today and wow she is SO inspiring. What a precious godly family. Thanks for the update about their son too. I cannot imagine all the turmoil going on with her emotions: having a son in the hospital and no home to go to...thank the Lord that their faith is strong and God will be their ROCK!
Love you!

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