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Monday, January 19, 2009

No, it was Not Me!

....that went to Miami this weekend to celebrate my paternal grandmother's 90th birthday and drank tequila, danced and partied like she did not have children. (Well, actually I did remember I have children, but I didn't have to take care of them since I put them to bed halfway through the party and figured since we were staying at their house and not driving, why not have a good time?!!)

It was also not me that got all teary eyed as we sang Happy Birthday to my grandmother to the point that I had to walk away and could not take pictures of her blowing out the candles. It was not because I was so happy, but because I was flooded with memories of my maternal grandmother (who was like my mother) that filled my heart and mind. It was surely not me that was overwhelmed with bittersweet feelings thinking that on her 90th birthday, we sang Happy Birthday to her around her bedside at midnight and by late morning we were choosing the clothes she'd wear at her funeral.

It certainly was not me that felt so much grief (mixed in with a lot of some tequila) thinking that it was unfair that she could not be dancing and singing with us on her 90th birthday the way that my paternal grandmother, who I am not very close to at all, was doing. But, (even with alcohol God's spirit is always nudging me) then it was me that thought what a blessing it was that I did have another grandmother that was healthy and celebrating such a huge milestone. It was me that thought that God is giving me an opportunity to form a bond with this little, frail old lady and I should be honored to do so, since many people don't get that opportunity.


It was definitely not me that totally put off sweet husband's celebration of MLK Day (click HERE for further explanation if you're not sure what I'm speaking about) and is now waiting until the kids wake up from their nap so I can run out get a card and find something to give him. There is no way that it was me that gave him his big gift during Christmas and now have no clue what to get him. In the meantime, the clock is ticking down and he will soon be home from work to celebrate "his" MLK Day.


During playgroup this morning, it was not me that completely ignored AJ when he tugged on my jeans as we were leaving and saying our goodbyes to his friends, to tell me he had a "big ca-ca" in his diaper . I would not have been a very good Mama if I had ignored his pleas only because I knew the bathroom was filled with people and AJs poopie-diaper smelled so bad and I could tell was so full that I would have been totally embarassed to change him in there.

Again, it was not me that strapped him in the carseat and took off while figuring I'd change him when we got home, which was only a 10 minute ride. Instead, it was without a doubt not me that had to pull over after going only about a block because Kai and Anna Grace were apparently gasping for "clean air" while sitting in the backseat with AJ. It certainly could not have been me that told them to "hold their breaths" until I could pull over. Finally, it was certainly not me that did eventually change him but did so while holding my own breath and listening to him say, "Mama...ca-ca stinky!" over and over. It definitely was not me that was seen holding the stinky diaper out the van window while driving to the gas station about 100 yards away to throw it in the garbage can there.


It certainly was not me that was so joyfully overwhelmed by the response (on THIS post) from her wonderful peeps filled with such awesome suggestions in how to decorate the kids' room that I now have no clue what theme, if any, I will be using. It was not me that printed out the comments page and am going over each and every one of the ideas while seriously considering about incorporating a few of them together (i.e.; Cinderella riding inside Lightning McQueen as she drives through a forest filled with critters, frogs, ladybugs and dragonflies and arrives at a ball where she is greeted by Dora, Diego, Mickey, Minnie and the clan from Peter Pan!) to make a smashingly, uniquely decorated room for them. A room that would probably not have ever been put together like that had it not been for my rockin' readers! (THANK YOU!!)


Lastly, it was not me that had a terrible craving for chocolate milk (Ovaltine to be exact) this morning. I did not go to the fridge, pull out the gallon and began to pour myself an over-sized Big Gulp cup of milk, only to see the three munchkins watching me. I then did not realize and shudder at the thought that there was only enough milk left for either my huge, over-sized Big Gulp cup or 3 small glasses for them. It truly was not me that quickly reasoned that they had just had a big bowl of oatmeal and I had not had anything yet for breakfast. Not to mention the fact that I was salivating as I was secretly trying to fulfill my craving. Furthermore, upon their asking for chocolate milk (which happened within seconds of them eyeing my delicious treat) I had already prepared my excuse of why they could not have any. It was not because I was selfish and would have knocked them all over and run from the room with my over-sized Big Gulp cup if they tried to have some, it was because I knew that their little tummies were full and even the slightest of sips would have probably made them sick. Therefore, I think that makes me a really good Mama! ::wink::

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He And Me + 3 said...

The caca story was too much! How funny. Happy 90th Birthday Grandma...that is awesome!

Jessie said...

I love the caca story! Too funny! Happy Monday!

Amanda said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I literally laughed out loud three seperate times while reading this. You have got a gift for gab my dear!

And I also got very teary and sad thinking about all you have been through with your maternal grandmother and then losing her... Praise God that you were able to still hear that precious Holy Spirit even when the tequila was swimming in your brain!

You have a blessed day!

sara said...

I can always count on you for a good laugh Ohilda!!!! I am sure those pumping gas are thanking you! ha!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Wow, I want to party with your grandma, if she is like that at 90, I can't imagine her younger days!
My youngest also leaves diapers that leave you gasping for air, always nice isn't it!

Deborah said...

What a blessing to still have your grandmother. I'm not blessed in the big family department although it would have helped if I'd started my own with 6 kids like you instead of just 2. Personally, I'd fill that Big Gulp with Diet Coke so good for you to fill it with milk instead!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh my goodness...I am cracking up over here!! Too funny!! What a day you "didn't" have!! ;)

a corgi said...

I loved this entry from start to finish; especially MLK day with your hubby; that was the best part! so glad you had a chance to celebrate a grandmother's 90th! that is an accomplishment for sure worthy of a little dancing and a touch of tequila


Amy said...

Ohilda, I can just picture you driving down the road holding that diaper out of the window! :)

May you come to have a special relationship with your granny...just like you to be grateful for the opportunity and just like God for nudging you on.

You're a gem, sweet friend.

Love and {{{{Hugs}}}}...

Jill said...

I love Mondays! REALLY? That is a LIE but love the NOT ME MONDAYS!
Today? I love the little ones "gasping for clean air" having been caught captive in a small space with a funky diaper!! LOVE IT! Glad I was NOT there!

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