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Sunday, March 2, 2008

How do they do it?

I read all the time about people going to Goodwill stores or consignment shops and find amazing things for their kids. I've been into our Goodwill store here twice and both times, between the smell of the place and the clothes being dingy and dirty, I just can't stand it. Yet, I see pictures or even see what some of my friends' kids are wearing and when they tell me they got it at Goodwill I am flabbergasted. I donate to Goodwill all the time, but anything that looks like what they have on their racks, I usually toss.

Trust me, I'm not picky about what my kids wear. Obviously, I like them to look nice, but I am always ready to take in hand me downs. Unfortunately, with Kai and AJ wearing the same size, I don't get the opportunity to pass down anything to either of them.

I've gotten a few things on Ebay for them, but after you pay the exhorbitant shipping costs that some people place, I might as well go to the outlet store, buy it brand new and have it the same day, for the same price.

So, if anyone has any hidden secrets about how to find some good stuff at any of these places, please let me in on it!


The Byrd Family said...

I don't have any luck with that either...maybe it depends on where you live??? I buy most of my girls clothes at The Children's Place online. But I wait until they have their Monster Sales and then everything is less than $5.00 and shipping is a flat $5.00 no matter what!

Trish said...

Ohilda, I just went to the Childrens Place at the outlet mall by us last week and they had all their winter stuff down to $.99 - $3.99. I bought the girls a ton of stuff for next winter and hardly spent much at all, tops, pants, dresses!

Hope to get togehter soon!
Trish (from your Ft. Myers group)

Gloria said...

yea, here's a tip, when you come down to hialeah go to flamingo plaza it's ALL thrift stores and all my friends used get thier coats, jackets,and stuff there when they were living in boston. So i know they have good stuff and lots of it. i'm sure they have stuff for kids as well.

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