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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Princess Is Home!!

I can't even describe how good it feels to be typing this from home. We arrived today about 2 hours ago. Our flight could not land in Detroit because of thunderstorms, so we kept circling the area. After about 1/2 hr. of that, the pilot came back on and said that we were low on fuel and had to go to Toledo, Ohio to refuel. That took 2 hours. Thank goodness we were spending the night in Detroit and didn't have a connecting flight, I would've been a mess!!

The kids did great on the long flight, expect for Anna Grace throwing up all over me about an hour into the flight. Poor baby must've been motion sick, but didn't say a word or act sick until it all just came spewing out! YUCK!!!

Kai also had his share of gross events. He had some diarreah and it went through clothes, seat and everywhere else. The people on the plane by us must've been thrilled with us. Oh, well. That's what happens when you travel with babies. We survived and made it to Detroit 4 hours later than we were scheduled to.

At 3:00 a.m., we were all wide awake. We showered, dress, and waited until 5:30 a.m. to have breakfast and head to the airport. Our flight from Detroit was uneventful and Anna Grace and Kai slept most of the time.

It was so great to arrive and see family and friends, including our wonderful priests waiting to meet Miss Anna Grace. I couldn't help but cry as I held my babies, Amanda and AJ. I missed them sooo much!!!! AJ looked HUGE!!!!

I want to say a great big thank you again to my sister for taking care of my kids, waiting for us at the airport. We loved the poster and the balloons, and then we came home to a delicious cake that said "Welcome Home Anna Grace".

My camera is on the blink, so I don't know if was able to record the pictures I took at the airport. We are TOTALLY jet lagged and in need of some sleep, but I just wanted to make sure I posted we are home safe and sound.

Anna Grace is continuing to slowly warm up to Mama and my feelings for her are growing each minute. I will share a moment I spent with God last night regarding Anna Grace in my next post, since I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Thank you all again. It has been an amazing journey and we are more than blessed with our precious and beautiful new addition.

Scott & Ohilda


Aiden's Mommy said...

WELCOME HOME ANNA GRACE!! So glad that you are all safe and sound at home!


Carmen said...

Welcome home Bombadiers!!! Wishing you a quick recovery.


Ruth said...

Welcome home!!! Glad you made it safely!


geminirn said...

Glad you all made it home safe and sound!!!!May you all recover quickly from the jet lagg.Miss Anna Grace WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!

Charlotte said...


Glad you made it home all in one piece ! Now the fun begins ! Three little toddlers all together 3 and under ! I know it will never be a dull moment !


Becky said...

O -
I cannot believe you are home with your newest child. I so look forward to hearing about your lives together.
Much love to all -

Mom of 5 said...

Welcome home !!!
Can't wait for your reflections once you get some ZZZZZ's.

Amy said...

Welcome home baby girl!


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