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“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our last day before we head home!

Well, we've made it to our last day in Guangzhou. Tonight at 4 a.m. we get our wakeup call and have to meet our guide at 5:30 a.m. in the lobby to head for home. It's has been a wonderful, Spirit filled journey with so many emotions that it is hard to put into words.
As we close this chapter in our lives, I am so very grateful to our Lord for once again blessing us with our beautiful daughter. My struggles this week especially have been hard, but I have learned and grown so much. I have completely come to realize that my expectation and thoughts were just those....MINE! After much prayer and so many of you that have written to me sharing your own experiences and your prayers and words of wisdom, I know in my heart that I am doing the job that I was put on this earth to do.

Anna Grace's material past and what she has been given or not given is not important. The fact that God has entrusted us....me....to be His hands and feet and lead another little one to know Him is an honor and a privilege, and one that I will do with so much joy in my heart. I have asked for peace in my heart, and He has granted that. Today I had the best day I've had with Anna Grace since she was first put into my arms. I am seeing that although she has experienced many "firsts" without us, I don't think she's ever known the true love of a family, and that is worth so much more than any toys, dolls, or trips to the zoo that she could have ever been given. Her heart is healing and opening up, and so is mine. I am so thankful to our Lord for that.

Today after breakfast, my Mom and I met our guide in the lobby and went for one last trip to the Children's Wholesale Market. I literally came back with almost a suitcase (which I had to buy) full of clothes for her and for the boys for less than $80.US. The most expensive dress was $7. and it is almost as stunning as Anna Grace is. :) Again, those of you heading to Guangzhou really need to visit this place.

We then came back to the hotel after 2.5 hours of shopping and had some lunch before leaving to the American Consulate for our swearing in. This again flooded my mind with memories of being here last year with Kai and being told that he was ours and we could go home. Well, tears welled up in my eyes as we were again congratulated for our newest addition and told that we were free to go. Anna Grace will be an American citizen the minute she steps foot on American soil in Detroit.

It is bittersweet leaving her homeland and all that both of my children have known before us, especially the thought of leaving their birthmothers and biological family, but I know that they were entrusted to us to raise by our Lord, and we are blessed to have them both. We hope someday to return to this magnificent country, rich in history and people who have opened their hearts to us and made us feel like we were home.

We ended our night with dinner at Lucy's again and then back to the room for packing.

China, thank you for your hospitality. I know it will not be our last visit here.

To all of our friends and family, especially the wonderful support group that has coveted us in prayers and been there for us throughout all of these months, words can't thank you enough. It has been an honor sharing in our journey with you.

To our family back home, especially our beautiful kids.....we're on our way!!!! We love you more than words could say and we can't wait till you meet your new sister, niece, cousin and granddaughter. I just know you will fall in love with her. I know it's taken me a bit of time, but she is slowly wrapping me around her finger. WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!!!

This is our last post from China. Again, thank you everyone and we will write again from HOME!

(For those of you who asked about meeting us at the airport, please email my sister, Ily, for details. We'd love to see you!)

For the last time....from China with love,

Scott, Ohilda, Kai, Anna Grace and Po-Po


Ruth said...

Ohilda, I can't believe your journey to China has already ended. What a wonderful trip and what treasures you are bringing home - not only Anna Grace, but so many wonderful memories and experiences! Many blessings as you settle back into your routine. May it be as smooth as it has been with our Hefei sweetie!!


Mom of 5 said...

Safe travels !!
You are an awesome mommy.

N & D said...

Can't believe this chapter is about to close! We have been following your journey every day, what an amazing time!
Hopefully we can get together sometime soon!

geminirn said...

WOW!!!!!Can hardly believe your trip to China has seemed to pass so quickly.......thank you once again for sharing your wonderful journey!!!!!

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