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Saturday, June 6, 2009

yes we are!

big apple

I should've known better than to underestimate your astuteness! Yes, it was a "big" apple, but for some reason I didn't think most of you would guess! You impress me "big". No pun intended. Ok. Maybe a little.

As to keeping the doctor away? I wish! (Update on Kai coming soon.)

And the Twilight books? Sheesh...you've almost got me convinced to read it. Almost!

Back to NYC! It's turned out to a be bittersweet trip. Remember THIS post where I spoke about Amanda and her Quinces? Sadly, we have come to the conclusion that we are in no position financially to provide her with the much anticipated event, equivalent to a wedding and costing on a small scale more than $10k, peaking closer to $15k!

Instead, as a celebration of the momentous date, we offered her a trip with the entire family, to the place of her choice. After researching, pondering and dreaming, covering places from Costa Rica to Jamaica to Italy, she ended up choosing one of my her favorite places, New York City!!! WOOT! WOOT!

We'll be going in August. Tickets are purchased and hotel reservations are made!

Ahhh...but wait! There's icing on the cake. One of Amanda's very limited requests was the possibility of seeing the Broadway play Mamma Mia! Sweet hubby agreed and we were able to pull that off. So now we have center section orchestra seats to see the show that had her wailing serenading us with the famous Abba songs around the house for months!

Lastly, on top of every cake with icing there just has to be a cherry!

What is the cherry, you ask? (I just know this will be one of my favorite parts of the trip!)

There's quite a few of you that live in the northeast that I would love, love, love to see again or would love. love. love to meet and give big 'ol hugs in person to! I knew the family wouldn't go for my spending our first family vacation meeting friend after friend, since after all, a week flys by so quickly there. So, we came up with the idea of having a picnic for a couple of hours in Central Park! What do you think? Cool, huh? The kids could meet, frolick and play while the grown ups can pinch each other to make sure it's real! Ok, sorry! Really. No pinching will be involved. But I'd love to see you.

So if you're game, in the area (or would like to travel to meet up) please email me HERE and I will share the details I have in mind.

If you're a native New Yorker and have ideas or suggestions, you gotta know that those are always welcome since we're looking for inexpensive fun things to do with a teenager and 3 kiddos under 5, that all will enjoy!

In the meantime....we are psyched!

UPDATE: I've received a couple of emails from some of you worried that you don't have little kids, but would still like to come. Please don't think twice about it! I 'd love to see big people there, too. Oh, and of course, hubbies are very welcome....especially by Scott who already envisions himself surrounded by sweaty, screaming kids and lots of women talking about adoption. heh!


He And Me + 3 said...

Congrats on the trip. What a great idea and seeing Mama Mia will be totally awesome. Enjoy! Wish I lived closer to NYC. I would love to join the picnic.

Tami said...

Hi Ohilda,

What a neat idea!!! I would love to meet you and your clan, and I'm an native 'upstater', but I live a bit far now, plus with our own pending travel plans:-) I'll have to settle on pictures and stories.....have a great time:-)!!


Peg said...


LindaCCC said...

Aw, NYC - I wish I could go with you. What a great place to visit. I hope you enjoy the show. I can't wait to read more about it.

Keisha said...

How Fun!!!! What an exciting trip!

Timmy's Girl said...

So excited for Amanda! What a great memory she will have of her 15th birthday. She will never forget it.

SO wish I could be at the picnic, but I am on the total opposite end of the country. Can't wait to hear all about it, though!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

The Ferrill's said...

What fun, Ohilda! I have no doubts that those who meet you in Central Park will be very very very blessed!
I know Amanda must be SO excited about the big trip!
Love you!

Carol said...

I couldnt get to that email there. Well, Being a New Yorker......I could never let the opportunity pass with out seeing you. John jr would never forgive me. Depending on the day....I will be there with Tori, Bella, and John. If it is on a sunday, monday, or tuesday DH will be joining me. WE are going to tennessee and will be back August 5th. I hope you are coming after that

Aus said...

Hey - listen - I'm glad ya'll are excited and everything - but NYC falls under that catagory "to each their own" for me! Give me a place where a few hundred or maybe a thousand souls counts as a 'crowd'! Hoping ya'll have everything that ya want an way way more! Nice call Amanda!

hugs to all you guys -

aus and co.

mommy24treasures said...

just catching up with all of your posts, I have been on a bit of a bloggy break. Trying to get back in the groove...
Hope your trip is fun, I have a feeling with you around it will be:) You are so full of life and joy...

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