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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a sad day for all


For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. - James 1:20

As many of you know, Dr. George Tiller was shot dead during church services this weekend. Dr. Tiller made himself well known by being one of the few doctors left in the US that still performed late-term abortions, the killing of viable babies during their second and third trimester of life.

While initially my reaction was that of shock and pretty much speechless (hard to believe, eh?) and while I firmly believe that abortion is tantamount to murder, I cannot and will not ever agree or condone the senseless death of another human being.

Did I want this man stopped for his brutality in the murder of thousands of babies over the past 40 years? Absolutely! But in no way should his actions have been stopped in this manner.

This cowardly act has been a huge blow to those who stand up for the rights of the unborn. The person who killed Tiller has now opened a door that may allow this man to go down in history as a martyr of sorts, to those who who don't respect the sanctity of life.

On the day of his death, I firmly believe that Tiller stood before The King of Kings and was held accountable for his evil actions to God's most precious gifts to humanity, His babies. Eventually, that was going to happen. I just wish his killer could have endured the wait.

We serve a very righteous God. A God who if His word is followed and we give Him the respect and authority He rightly deserves, allows us to live in His grace filling our hearts with peace knowing He is in control. He will take care of imposing His just punishment. "...the fear of the Lord makes men turn from evil." - Prov. 16:6

As Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, said "Those of us in the pro-life movement do not want to see abortionists die, we want to see them convert."

I say, "AMEN!"

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the Tiller family.


He And Me + 3 said...

Amen. I agree 100%. What happened was a tragedy and it should have never happened.

Under the Florida Sun said...

Amen sister.
I don't know what breaks my heart more..
That he killed innocent babies - or his church leadership allowed him to not only attend but allowed him to be an usher..

May this be used for good in the lives that were there that day. May they see the God of mercy and forgivness but also the God who calls us all to hold each other accountable.


Kim said...

Well said, Ohilda. The murder of this man is just as wrong as the murder of all those unborn babies. The current administration had already issued warnings about those of us who are pro-life being right-wing extremists. Unfortunately the acts of this gunman have given some the idea that the administration is right in their view of us. I agree that it is a sad day for everyone.

Aus said...

Hear Hear - murder is murder - I believe that the 'ends justify the means' has been an excuse used just too many times in our past!

hugs - aus and co.

sara said...

well said, Ohilda. I had not heard about this. our electricity was out and then I was playing catch up....

waiting4Isabella said...

Totally agree! What good is it to have such passion over the KILLING of babies & then go out a KILL. It's nothing more than EVIL VS EVIL !

Lauren said...

I completely agree -- killing George Tiller was just WRONG. Killing the killer in the name of life makes no sense at all.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Ohilda...I am so behind on everyone's blog. We actually talked about this here at training. We talked about conflict on the missionary field the day before this happened and "Could a missionary/or Christian murder someone?" Well...the answer was in the headlines the next day. We are born sinners...capable of anything good and bad. Your words are right on. When things do not make any sense at all we must pray. We must pray for both families....so so sad.

RamblingMother said...

I know, now the DOJ is issuing a wide net to trap those in the prolife movement, hmmm. Sadly or ironically, nothing is being done about the net of people involved in the soldiers death in LR.

Have a great NY vacation. Loved the answers to the questions. Great pics of graduation and congrats on the upcoming 2 year anniversary of AG's coming to the family.

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