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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

go ahead mom, just ask!

I came across this little quiz and thought it would be neat to ask all of my six kids what they thought about me.

Yep. I fully prepared myself for loaded questions, especially after telling them (the older ones specifically) to be 100% honest. Their answers made me laugh, smile and some even made me tear up.

Thank you to my big guys for indulging me. I know you guys don't like these "quizzy things". But, you gotta admit, we really had fun doing it and laughed quite a bit. I love you all....BIG!


Front Row: AJ (3), Anna Grace (4), Kai (5)

Back Row: Amanda (14), One very blessed Mama, Tito (26 and the only one that lives in another city), Adam (24)

Here are their unedited answers.

*It was interesting to see that some answers were so similar yet, they all answered separately without knowing or hearing any of the others' responses.

1. What is something your Mom always says to you?


: "I don't know, we'll see."

: "What Amanda? What Amanda? What?"

"Be good at school."

ANNA GRACE: "Be a good girl."

AJ: "Give me kissies and huggies"

2. What makes your Mom happy?

TITO: Adopting kids

: When i visit!

AMANDA: When we behave

KAI: Being good

ANNA GRACE: When we behave

AJ: When you give kissies

3. What makes Mom sad?

: Not adopting kids

: Missing 24

AMANDA: When we behave badly.

KAI: When we not listen.

ANNA GRACE: When we don't listen.

AJ: Hurting feelings

4. How does your Mom make you laugh?

: Telling jokes

: Tells me stories about what AJ did.

AMANDA: When she leaves the gallon of milk in the pantry.

KAI: She plays peek-a-boo.

ANNA GRACE: When you tickle me.

AJ: When she calls me silly cracker and chases me (don't ask, not what you think!)

5. How old is your Mom?

: 46 (Ugh!)

ADAM: 46 (Double ugh!)

AMANDA: 45 (One out of 6 got it right!)

KAI: 3


AJ: 3

6. How tall is your Mom? (No one got this one right!)

TITO: 5'5



KAI: "this, this big" (jumping up with hands extended upwards)



7. What is your Mom's favorite thing to watch on TV?

TITO: 24

: 24


Kung Fu Panda and Over The Hedge

ANNA GRACE: Sleeping Beauty

AJ: Baseball (heh...i never watch baseball)

8. What does your Mom do when you're not around?

TITO: Live life.

ADAM: Get on the computer.

AMANDA: I don't know, I'm not around to see it.

KAI: I don't know, I not here.

ANNA GRACE: Play with AJ

AJ: Sit

9. What is your Mom really good at?

TITO: Taking care of us kids

ADAM: Mothering

AMANDA: Writing

KAI: Playing games

ANNA GRACE: Taking care of your babies

AJ: Folding clothes (this boy is too funny!)

10. What does your Mom do for her job?

TITO: Taking care of kids

ADAM: A housewife and Mom

AMANDA: She takes care of us

KAI: To take care of her babies

ANNA GRACE: To love her babies

AJ: To sit on the computer

11. What is your Mom's favorite food?

TITO: Scott's shepherd's pie

ADAM: Oxtail stew

AMANDA: Cuban food

KAI: Spaghetti and noodles

ANNA GRACE: Hot dogs (I hate hot dogs...heh!)

AJ: Carrots

12. What makes you proudest about your Mom?

TITO: Your involvement with us.

ADAM: She's always there for us.

AMANDA: That she adopted my brothers and sister.

KAI: Because you're a good listener!

ANNA GRACE: Because you love me.

AJ: She gives kissies and hugs

13. What do you and your Mom do together?

TITO: Talk on the phone all the time.

ADAM: Hang out

AMANDA: We shop.

KAI: We sing songs.

ANNA GRACE: Love ourselves (I think she meant love each other)

AJ: Watch TV

14. How are you and your Mom the same?

TITO: We're both stubborn.

ADAM: We both conserve our money (Gee, Adam....I wish Scott thought that!)

AMANDA: We're both strong-willed.

KAI: We have black hair.

ANNA GRACE: You and me (?)

AJ: 'cause

15. How are you and your Mom different?

TITO: I'm a guy!

ADAM: I'm more open minded, you stick to your ways.

AMANDA: Our opinions

KAI: I'm a boy, you a girl.


AJ: 'Cause you're bigger, but not a lot!

16. How do you know your Mom loves you?

TITO: We talk on the phone all othe time.

ADAM: She tells me.

AMANDA: She tells me everyday

KAI: She tells me so, so much and gives me kissies.

ANNA GRACE: You always tell me.

AJ: I ask Daddy.

17. What does your Mom like most about your Dad (Step-Dad)?

TITO: He's her "Sugar Daddy"; he never says no to her.

ADAM: His personality.

AMANDA: His personality

KAI: Daddy's a good cook.

ANNA GRACE: You hug each other.

AJ: His kissies.

18. What would your Mom do with a million dollars?

TITO: Spend $900,000 on adopting more kids and $100, 000 on taking care of them.

ADAM: Pay her bills and hopefully give the rest to me, but I don't think so.

AMANDA: After buying my much wanted bearded dragons, she'd adopt more kids!

KAI: Go to lots of stores and buy alot of stuff.

ANNA GRACE: You put it in a hole (heh! No clue where that came from. Maybe she's been reading Obamanomics.)

AJ: Spend it in a place.

19. What do you wish you could go and do with your Mom?

TITO: Buy lotto tickets and win!

ADAM: Travel

AMANDA: Bowling

KAI: Go to Sea World

ANNA GRACE: To the mailbox and get mail. (I can make her wish come true every day..heh!)

AJ: To the alligator station where you could touch them. It's O.K. they're nice alligators. (no idea what he's talking about!)

20. What is one thing you hope never changes about your Mom?

TITO: Your spirit. The way that you are!

ADAM: Our friendship

AMANDA: How quickly she forgives and gets over things.

KAI: I want her to be my best friend forevah and evah and evah.

ANNA GRACE: To love me.

AJ: She gives huggies and plays and shares


Janette Kaufman said...

This was so awesome to do! Loved all their honest answers. 6 beautiful, well rounded children through your love. And hugs & kisses, by AJ. Gosh, he's adorable!!!

waiting4Isabella said...


sara said...

This was sooo great!!!! I would love to do this with my kids.....but I am afraid of the answers!!

ASHLEY said...

sweet post!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Ohilda!

I love your kids! They are awesome bless their hearts, the little ones are hysterical! & You R awesome, crazy but awesome!


Holly said...

those were so great! I think Tito hit the nail on the head with how you would spend a million dollars :)

Patricia/NYC said...

Love this post!! Soooo cute!!! I must try this too. YOu have such a beautiful family!

Hey, girl, I want DATES!!! YOu know we must try to meet!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, that was precious!!! I LOVED all of their answers. So wonderful.

Much love,

The Ferrill's said...

Oh friend this made me laugh so hard tonight! Amanda, I hope you get those komodo, I mean BEARDED dragons! ;)
I love so much reading all these answers! A.J.'s alligator answer, I can just see those cheeks right now! I need a fix! This makes me miss yall!
Kylie did GREAT tonight! It was evening gown for her, and she was stunning....tomorrow night is talent, Fri. night is swimsuit, and finals Sat.! Thanks for praying! ;)
You ARE one special momma, and friend, that's for sure! Not many people would drive three hours in the RAIN to come spend a RAINY day with 12 kiddos! ;)
Love you much!

Keisha said...

Oh.. These are Priceless!! Love it!
You've got to put these in a keepsake book Mom!!

La Familia Garcia said...

Oh, that is too sweet!!
I LOVE that family foto too!!

Aus said...

Wow - that was WWWAAAYYY cooler than I thought it was going to be - I like your kids too!

hugs - aus and co.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment~ I always loving hearing from you!!!

I love this post, I am going to ask Bella these questions!!!

Thank you for the beautiful fun idea!!!!!

Have a beautiful night

Jewels of My Heart said...

Heheee That is a hoot! Oh, that is a post to cherish forever..... your kids are too darling.... by the way.... I didn't know you were 3! Can I be 3 too?????

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am totally stealing this idea! Love ALL the answers....the little ones answers are just darling!

David and Sarah said...

Really sweet and fun to read! Thanks for sharing.


geminirn said...

LMAO!!!WHAT A HOOT!!!!!I was speaking to my sister on the phone*(long distance)and read her the wole post...........too precious...you have totally been blessed 6 times over my dear.

Lanny said...

I really enjoyed reading this and seeing the picture of your family. Lots of really great answers.

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