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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smells like ummm...Socialism?

Official: Obama to Reverse Bush Abortion Regulation

The Bush administration instituted a rule in its last days that strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse for moral reasons to perform abortions.

President Obama wants to rescind a Bush administration rule that strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse for moral reasons to perform abortions.
A Health and Human Services official said Friday the administration will publish notice of its intentions early next week, opening a 30-day comment period for advocates, medical groups and the public. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the notice has not been completed.

The Bush administration instituted the rule in its last days, and it was quickly challenged in federal court by several states and medical organizations. As a candidate, Obama criticized the regulation and campaign aides promised that if elected, he would review it.
The news that he was doing so drew praise from abortion-rights supporters and condemnation from groups opposed to abortion.

"It would be a horrible move. These regulations were a long time coming," said Tom McClusky, a vice president at Family Research Council. "What they seek to do is protect patients, nurses, doctors and other health care professionals from being forced to violate their consciences."
McClusky and other abortion opponents said the Bush regulation clarified federal policies and raised awareness about the rights of medical providers to follow their consciences. But abortion rights advocates said it was vague and overly broad, and could reduce access to other services -- allowing a drug store clerk to refuse to sell birth control pills, for example.

"I think it's a wonderful step," Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., who co-chairs the Congressional Pro-choice Caucus and has introduced legislation to overturn the regulation, said of Obama's move.

"That rule was actually a poorly drafted last-minute attempt to, I think, restrict health care access and I think it would have had far-reaching and unintended consequences."
Federal law has long forbidden discrimination against health care professionals who refuse to perform abortions or provide referrals for them on religious or moral grounds. The Obama administration supports those laws, said the HHS official.

The Bush administration's rule adds a requirement that institutions that get federal money certify their compliance with laws protecting the rights of moral objectors. It was intended to block the flow of federal funds to hospitals and other institutions that ignore those rights.
But the Obama administration was concerned that the Bush regulation could also be used to refuse birth control, family planning services and counseling for vaccines and transfusions.

"The administration supports a tightly written conscience clause," said the HHS official.

"While we are concerned about the Bush rule, we also understand there might be a need to clarify existing laws."

The administration will review comments from the public before making a final decision. Options range from repealing the regulation to writing a new one with a narrower scope.

The administration's move was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

So much for the The Hippocratic Oath. It's amazing to me how centuries ago when Hippocrates created this oath, we protected the rights of the unborn - "I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion." Yet today, with the advanced technology that we have in this country, it so much easier to discard a human life than to preserve it. All in the name of what? Big government disguised as women's choice? It baffles me.


The Things We Carried said...

I really hope this will not go into action. we are so worried about a woman's right to choose to end the life of her unborn baby, but now we will remove the rights of those who never practiced medicine with an intention to take another's life. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. When did things become so gray.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Just too tragic, too wrong, too scary for words...
Jesus help us.... forgive us... change us...
The signs of the times for certain....

Amy said...

I love your heart for the helpless, O'.

Love you,

Lynsay said...

This broke my heart yesterday when I read it in the news. It goes against everything we believe as Americans, not just Christians. As Americans we have FREEDOM right? Amazing that we have the FREEDOM to murder babies, but the same people who have been given the FREEDOM to do so, want to restrict the FREEDOM of people who can't stand the thought, much less be part of it. Everyone wanted CHANGE so badly, this type of CHANGE? Seems like I remember having a discussion with my husband pre-election and we were talking about the fact that if we (Americans) can't preserve the very basics of life, then it won't be long before our freedom disappears. :(

Susan said...

IMO Obama has done more to destroy the US in his first 4 weeks in office than the terrorists did on 9/11. Alan Keyes has a very disturbing interview that I'm going to link here. I feel certain you will agree w/ him. The title of the clip is "Stop Obama or the US will cease to exist"
Here's the link:


My resolve to ground my children in the principles that our Heavenly Father has laid out for us has become ever so strong. My prayer is that our nation will wake up and fight back before it is to late. We need to take a strong stand. Thank you Ohilda once again for doing so publicly. I'm with you all the way!

Aus said...

Wow - prayers being offered for the gift of Wisdom for our leaders - and Faith for believers to hold fast in our beliefs. The rest will find its course.

Hugs - aus and co.

Jill said...

I want to say THANK YOU for your close attention to things such as this Ohilda...I know it is close to your heart (MINE AS WELL) but I do SO like to stay abreast of WHAT is going on!

Lanny said...

I could speak non stop about the horrors that that thinking abortion is a good thing has brought upon our society. The very opposite has come upon us from what we were told the decriminalization of a truly criminal act would do for us. Too bad we are not good little children and just obey God immediately, without thinking up better ideas. Too bad we are so stubborn that we do not give up our foolish ways even after we can plainly, even pragmatically, see that they are ever so foolish. Too bad we are blinder, deafer and dumber than any "backward" society.

Betsy said...

Thanks for posting this info! Terrible! We need to stay informed!

Tami said...

Ohilda, dear Ohlida....WE GOT HER!!!!!! Praise the Lord! God is SO AMAZING, and so good. Thank you sweet prayer warrier....He answered YES!!!

Kristy said...

Ohilda all of this "Obama Change" really scares the heck out of me. I just don't know.....
Thank you for keeping us informed.

Love and BLESSINGS, Kristy

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