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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'll Take A Double...NOT!


My little man laying around because he's feeling so miserable.

A double ear infection, that is! Yesterday as I was wishing I would've been home writing up my Not Me, Mondays!, instead I was at the pediatrician's office with my sweet little man for 2.5 hours. Poor baby has been so sick. Its killing me! He's got a double ear infection, bronchitis (at first thought to be pneumonia), and a sinus infection. He's on two antibiotics and a steroid.

The worst has to be when he's sleeping. Remember when Kai had the v-flap surgery for air to not escape out of his nose? Well, they sealed it pretty good and he has only a narrow airway to breathe from. With the mucous buildup (I know....gross) in his sinus cavities, he can't breathe through his nose at all. So, when he's sleeping or eating he's really struggling to breathe. At times he scares himself and begins to cry frantically because he's gasping for air. Scott and I have had him in our bed for 4 days and we've pretty much taken turns nudging him awake when we see he's struggling to breathe. He did have a Nebulizer treatment yesterday and was a bit better afterwards. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and he'll be back to normal. Please pray that it call clears up. My heart is breaking seeing him like this.


Seems like 2009 has kicked off to a rotten start. Another trial has been placed before us.

Kai has had two sets of ear tubes put in since he's been home. I'm pretty sure that this last set is already out, being that when we speak to him we often seem to get a "What?", with hand cupped around his ear, from him lately. A sure sign that there's fluid backed up in his ears and another outpatient surgery in his future for a new set of tubes to drain the fluid.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm asking for big prayers for God to intervene somehow. Our insurance was switched to an HMO (can you say LOUSY?) at the beginning of 2009. Now all outpatient surgeries are covered only at 50%. This is AFTER we've met the $3000. deductible per person. That amount is almost an impossibility for our family at this time, yet Kai's hearing is of the utmost importance to us right now and we're not sure how we're going to solve this. Not treating fluid in the ears could lead to permanent hearing loss, not to mention the fact that we've seen a great regression in his speech in the last month and a half. He hears as if he were under water, so you could imagine how frustrating it must be for him.

Please pray that the Lord somehow provide for this surgery and that our precious boy will get the necessary treatment to hear perfectly again. Our appointment with the ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) is March 24. This worried Mama is thanking you from the bottom of her heart for your prayers. God bless.


April said...

Poor, sweet Kai. Sena has a double, too. We have to go back to the dr this week to see if it has cleared up. We are heading down the path of needing tubes....

sara said...

I have a sick one at home too! I will be praying for your little man and for the potential surgery, asking God to completely dry up the fluid on his ears!

love you!

Sherri said...

I'll pray, Ohilda!

I thought OUR insurance was bad! (it is bad)


Jill W said...

Ohilda, those darn insurance companies drive me nuts! I am still battling with them over things that should be covered from last May! It all boils down to the codes they put in the computer. It really make you feel like just a number. I will pray that it all works out and your little guy gets just what he needs and it is all covered. This year has started out rough for you, but look to Easter for a new beginning!

tollesons4him said...

I am so sorry that your little one has been sick! I hope he gets better soon!

Patricia/NYC said...

Awww...that poor, sweet little Kai...sooo sorry to hear he's feeling so sick...I'll definitely be praying for all of you!! Hope he's feeling much better soon!

Jennifer said...

Oh yuck! Yes, I'll pray. You definitely do NOT want to go down the road of ear infection caused hearing loss...it's not fun. We're somewhere in the middle, hoping and praying that we can restore some of Logan's hearing.

Amy said...

Oh poor, precious boy. I am so sorry Kai feels this rotten, Ohilda. I will absolutely be praying for his healing and comfort and for financial blessings for you and Scott.

Love you, sweet friend.

Jill said...

That poor boy!
Praying for Kai!

Charlliesweb said...

Oh my goodness girl, praying for you!!!!! Hope Kai is feeling better very fast!

Carmen said...

Lifting poor Kai in prayer and asking God to provide for your needs.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Ohilda I am praying for Kai...complete healing and supernatural intervention in the ear tube situation!!! It's no fun being sick...bless his baby heart.

He And Me + 3 said...

Poor baby. Stunt Man has tubes and ear issues as well as the breathing issues too, so I know exactly what you are going through. Will be praying.

Kristy said...

Poor baby, I hope he starts feeling better very very soon.

Love, Kristy

Tami said...

I'll be praying!

It's THE WORST when your kids get sick...and it sure sounds like with all Kai has been dealing with, he must feel miserable. Poor kid.

Stay strong...things will be OK. He will provide.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Poor little guy.... I am so sorry!!!! I am praying for the Lord to provide and to heal your baby.

Terynn said...

I will absolutely be praying that God would cover this surgery for Kai. This is not a luxury, this is not negotiable. God knows that. I will begin anticipating with great joy the praising we will do when God makes a miraculous way!!! Go God!

B said...

Poor little guy - what he has right now is what Carli had when we got her in China. I will certainly pray for him to heal quickly and that everything works out in terms of what he needs.
Love - we know he has. In surplus.
And now he has all our prayers.

B said...

Poor little guy. Love we know he has. And now he has all our prayers. Prayers to heal quickly and prayers to get everything he needs medically.
Feel better soon KaiKai.

Carol said...

Im sorry your year has started off to a rough start. I do keep you in my prayers and know that all will be ok!! Stay strong

brocton14 said...

So sorry Kai is sick. I have lots of sinus troubles myself. Try a breath right strip on his nose, I think they make them for kids now. It really makes a world of difference. Good luck I'm praying for your family.

Angie said...

Dear Ohilda,

I will be praying that God provides for Kai's surgery expenses and that Kai is feeling better very soon. By the way, did Kai's doctor suggest using Mucinex or Rescon GG to thin out the mucus?


Keisha said...

Poor Baby! I'll be praying he feels better soon!

Aus said...

Ack the poor guy - and you guys too - it's sometimes hard to tell who feels worse when stuff like this happens! Prayers spoken - and will continued - I'm confident that you'll get a little miracle out of this somehow!

love ya'll - hugs -

aus and co.

waiting4Isabella said...

hey sis, all I can say is that ALL WILL BE WELL. We serve an awesome GOD that never quits on us, the blessings continue to flow your way, keep your eyes focused on your creator while the world around you crumbles and you will see that the Lord is actually building a castle with all the crumbs. LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW.

BLESSING AND PRAYER SENT YOUR WAY. OH hey by the way, can we spend the night at your house on friday night? LOL call me.

Michelle said...

I hope your guy is feeling better!! Praying for you and your upcoming expenses!

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