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Monday, February 23, 2009


Can I tell you how STEAMING MAD I am at that stupid invention they call TiVo?!!!


While I sat here twiddling my thumbs because the kids were in bed, Scott was playing his computer game, Amanda was not home and my dishes were done, the show was going on. I wasn't watching it. Why? You ask why? I'll tell you why! Because we're now in the 21st century. That means, why watch long, boring commercials when you can fast forward through them in a millisecond with TiVo. Yeah, the same !@(&^ TiVo that didn't record!

I know FOX on Demand allows you to watch full episodes, but I'll have to wait till next week for episode 10. Do you know how hard it was to wait till this week? (I did manage to catch it halfway through right when the FBI mole shot his little fling in the belly.)

I know. I sound like an immature 3 year old having a tantrum.
I guess I'm done ranting. ::deep breaths::

O.K.! I admit it! No, I'm not done ranting! I'M NOT! I'M NOT! I'M NOT!
I'm mad and I'm off to bed to drown my sorrows.


He And Me + 3 said...

Oh Ohilda...I am so sorry. It was so good too. Not to rub it in...I would be fuming too. I can't wait until next week. Wow it is getting so good. I am so in love with Jack! LOL

Timmy's Girl said...

Oh, Honey, I am so sorry about your 24 mishap. I pray that your week flashes by.

BTW, your Not me! Monday was hysterical!! I have seen you in a different light now that I have had to picture you in size 5 diapers, lol!!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

Okay, evidentally I am missing out on this 24 thing. You crack me up!

Lori said...

I don't watch 24 (I know, I know...my son is constantly telling me that I would love it) but I totally feel for your Tivo mishap. That thing is so stinkin' sophisticated but unfortunately, the da-gone thing messes up sometimes & it is so annoying!!!

sara said...

Oh, I would be soooo mad!!! I waited patiently for my husband to get home last night so we could watch it "together". I wait all week to find out what is going to happen next......call me if you want to know!

Jill said...

I give you FULL permission to be MAD! STINKING MAD!
Now, as a Momma of little kids...you take your few moments of TV pleasure seriously! This is not YO GABBA GABBA but grown up TV just for you!

My condolences dear one!!!!

Hannah said...

I love my DVR. No issues yet. :)

OH I posted that snow video I promised. :) Check it out!

Patricia/NYC said...

ooooohhhhh....I'd be steamin' mad too!! That really stinks...so sorry you didn't get to see it...but just think how much you'll enjoy it when you do!! It was such a quick show last night, when it ended I said to my husband: "Oh NO! It's OVER!" At least tonight we get to continue the episodes from season 1....

Next Monday will be here before you know it! ;)

Aus said...

Hey O - what you need is a good old fashion VCR!! I've got several (maybe even some old beta tapes around somewhere too!) and they always work!

Hugs -

aus and co.

Kricia Morris Photography said...

Oh I would be mad too! I hate when technology fails, it's amazing how dependent we are on new little things like that!!!

waiting4Isabella said...

oh well my tevo recorded 24 so if you want to see it c'mon on over. LOL

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