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Monday, February 23, 2009

I Didn't Do It!

Due to last week's craziness, I missed MckMama's weekly Not Me, Monday! carnival. You know the one where you go to her blog and read about the funny things that everyone else did not do!

So here I am. Once again to humiliate myself and 'fess up about all the things that I did not do this week!

It was absolutely not me that enjoyed a celebratory dinner with family on Thursday night, only to develop a humongous belly ache on the way home, which was an hour drive. Nope. It wasn't me that totally and completely refused when asked by sweet hubby if I wanted to stop at a truck-stop to use the bathroom since there was nothing else on that 15 mile stretch of highway. No way was it me that sat in the car pleading to please hurry because I didn't think I could make it home. And I know that you have to believe that it was not me who in the midst of said pleading, for just a fleeting moment, thought about hopping into the back seat and pulling out one of AJ's size 5 diapers from the diaper bag and using that because, for Pete's sake, it would have been much more hygenic than a truck stop. The fleeting moment truly did flee when I spoke my thought out loud and sweet hubby looked at me like he was gonna push me out the door. (For those not completely grossed out yet and wondering if we made it home in time, we ended up finding a Cracker Barrel that we stopped at. :)


It definitely was not me that danced around in elation when my baby boy yelled, "I did CA-CA" at the top of his lungs after sitting on his potty seat for twenty minutes. I was not the proudest Mama on the planet and ran with my camera to take a picture of the huge milestone, which was a first. It was not both sweet hubby and I who high-five'd each other at the thought that we might, after 3 years, be seeing the light at the end of the "diaper tunnel". No, it could not have been me because that would be outright gross to take a picture of and completely silly to be cheering about!


It certainly was not me that totally threw caution to the wind when I broke that big 'ole golden rule of not mentioning the word "prayer" in school by sending my precious daughter to said institution on Friday wearing this:


No way was it me that thought that she not only looked absolutely adorable, but that the statement on her shirt was so very true that we had to let the world know, after last week's mess, that God totally rocks!


You'd be so wrong if you thought that it was me that woke up this morning completely giddy with excitement because it was Monday. I have not been thinking all weekend about how Jack is going to save the girl he pretty much threw into the fire last week, although I've already cheated and saw a few sneak peeks. It is also not me that is so very a tad bit jealous of co-star, Annie Wersching, because not only is she stunningly beautiful but she gets to spend her days with Kiefer Sutherland trying to figure out how Jack is going to save the world! That would be just crazy because it is only a TV show and those people are really not real in my life.

And finally, it really was not me that let the kids play in a tub filled with bubbles, for almost an hour the other day, until their little fingers were wrinkled like "little old people" because they were having so much fun. If it would have been me, it would have been totally selfish because I got the opportunity to sit on the floor by them, listen to them giggle and read my new book all at once. But I know that you know the truth. It really wasn't me that let them play with almost an entire can of shaving cream with which they started out covering just their arms and belly and ended up covering almost the entire tub, including fixtures.


Nope! That would not have been me because shaving cream cost money and we are definitely not in a position to completely throw away money on something so wasteful as the children having fun! Not to mention the fact that I do not find activities that they enjoy doing, while allowing me some quiet time, even in the midst of the earthquaking laughter and chatter.


ASHLEY said...

What a great Not Me Monday post....Loved it. Your children are so precious.

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

So funny. I've made that long run into a Cracker Barrel before. Glad you made it.

Blessed Mama said...

So funny! What a beautiful family you have! Isn't adoption amazing? Have a blessed day!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I let my kids play with shaving cream this week too. I buy the $1 kind.

Hannah said...

I'm allergic to onions, and I live in the middle of nowhere, so I've definitely been there. Thank God for Cracker Barrel! :) I miss those. I used to live in FL. :) We definitely don't have those in the UP.

I love the bubble play. I used to waste so much liquid soap cuz I absolutely LOVE bubbles! You have gorgeous, bubbly kiddos.

Oh, and BTW, it's 14 inches of NEW snow, that's not counting the 8 that remains after our big thaw last week that got rid of the 20+ that was on the ground already. :)

Blessings! Thanks for sharing!

Ohilda said...

Sorry, Katie. Dufus ME accidentally hit the REJECT comment button. UGH!


Katie, Kevin and kids has left a new comment on your post "I Didn't Do It!":

Funny! What beautiful children. I would be pretty thrilled if my little almost 3 year old would do ANYthing on the potty...I would certainly be getting out the camera:)
I enjoyed your blog today. I'll have to stop by. Right now I am reloading the page to listen to your song again. I love that one!

Patricia/NYC said...

Ohilda, you have me laughing, that's for sure!!
Adorable photos of AJ, Kai & Anna Grace...& power to you for letting her wear that shirt!! As far as I know (in our city anyway), it's the teachers who can't mention prayers/God/religion...I used to have to hide my cross when I taught...sheesh!

Amanda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! We have more in common than our kids' ages... I woke up super excited for 24 too. And, I will spend my day planing to wear my kids out so that they will be in bed by the time it comes on!

Wayne said...

great not me monday and I have had a meal and had stomach ache after , it sucks lol

I am starting a new post on the 12th of march called - Honor them Thursday - and I am looking for as many people to take part as possible. it will have mr linky so your person of honor can be seen by the world. it's a chance to honor the people you love wether it's your mom or dad or you partner or your child or one of your your friends or maybe some one has inspierd you. Honor them and say thankyou. I hope you will join in

Heather said...

Funny! Glad to know someone else has thought of using a diaper in dire circumstances!

sara said...

I can always count on you for a good laugh!!! Great post!

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the shirt...yeah for the potty...but gross on the picture:) I was so into 24 two weeks ago when the first gentleman got shot I started praying...no joke. Out loud and husband was laughing at me. Jack Rocks...can't wait to watch it tonight!

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Very cute NMM and your family is precious! Hope you are enjoying 24 right now....my hubby sure is!

Michelle said...

You just crack me up!! When a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go! And the picture of the potty poo - hilarious!!

nicole_dib said...

Sounds like a great week! Awesome post! I would have to say that the "prune" fingers did Not happen in my house this week either ;)
Here's to another fun week,

It Feels Like Chaos said...

I love your daughter's shirt and am so glad she wore it to school -- awesome!!!

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOODNESS,WHAT A HOOT..................................................PICTURING YOU SITTING ON THAT DIAPER...............................LMAO!!!!!!!!!LOVE THE PHOTOS,THEY ARE PRECIOUS!

NateAndJakesMom said...

Well it was not me who used a diaper in as an emergency "pad" then...

Jill said...

MUST comment on adorable children...
~AJ is absolutely BEAMING with joy and pride!
~Anna Grace is TRULY an answer to prayer and gorgeous in that tee.
~Kai...is having TOO much fun with that shaving cream and he is LEARNING through play...so NOT a waste of money!!!

Beverly said...

we totally love shaving cream in the bath tub but we use the barbasol=cheap.

Aus said...

OH I'M SOOOOO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! Oh - and shaving cream does NOT have to be restricted to the bath tub - it's easy to clean up - and a good can will shoot across the family room! (Not that Marie or I would ever do that either!!)

hugs - aus and co.

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