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Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Monday!

The Christmas decorations are down, the kids are back in school (quietly yelled "Whoopee" heard in the background!), and things are slowly returning to normal. So, what does all this mean? This means it's time to head back to one of my favorite pastimes, Not Me, Monday! Yes, time to disclose all those embarrassing moments we'd rather hide, but know it's more therapeutic to share. Lucky you, huh? So, without further ado.....

It was not me that begged and whined asked Santa for a FLIP video recorder for Christmas and now has found it to be too time consuming to convert .avi files to .mpeg so has not bothered using her new toy. That would be ridiculous and a complete waste of money!

It was absolutely not me that told my sweet bloggy friend, Sara over at ...Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord, that I would participate in her new event, Project 365, but ended up not doing it. That is not a nice thing to do and I am hoping she still loves me. :)

It was not me that laughed hysterically when I exclaimed that I was thinking about "getting a job" and both Kai and Anna Grace jumped up at the same time and said, "No, Mama! You no get job! Daddy get job! You stay home and do nothing. Mama's only take care of babies. They no work!" It was not me that found it so amusing that my kids have already created in their minds what a Mama's role and a Daddy's role is. (Working Mamas please do not take offense, this just happens to be our situation and the only ones our kids know.)

It is not me that walks up and down the dining room looking at the still huge stack of unopened toys that Santa brought wondering where I am going to store all of it. It is also not me that has awoken the last three mornings filled with energy to clean the house top to bottom, only to find something to distract me (such as Scrabble on Facebook) and then throw caution to the wind and not to anything. That would be irresponsible and immature and that's not me!

Lastly, it was definitely not me who has been walking around ranting and raving every time she receives an email from #@*#!# YouTube saying that they have removed one of my videos because of copyright infringements, including but not limited to my video "The Call" of Kai's referral, Kai's surgery, Kai and AJ's baptism and the I've Had a Bad Day video that I made of all my kiddos. It still isn't me that gets infuriated when I think about the fact that I could see if I were making money off of somebody's song, but I'm absolutely not! GRRRR!!!!!

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sara said...

ok, this was so hilarious!!! And you are totally forgiven girl and of course still loved!!!! But if you decide to join in in the future...please do!!! There is no reason why you have to start from day one!

Wow, that flip camera looked so great. Good to know it's not as easy as they say!!!

and finally, this is not me blogging when I am supposed to be at a meeting in 20 minutes when it is a 15 minute drive from here and I am not close to being ready to leave!!!

Rachel said...

I "don't" hate that about youtube too. We posted some videos our youth group made but we got permission from the artists' management companies before posting (of course it was all Christian music and most of the time Christian artists/managements are nicer than non-Christian).

The Byrd's Nest said...

Yes...Mommy you just stay home and do nothing! LOL Love it!

He And Me + 3 said...

Your kids comments were cracking me up too about Mamas. THat is hysterical.

Michelle said...

The best part is "Mommy you stay home and do nothing." Now that is HILARIOUS!!! And so, so far from the truth.

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