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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heaven help me!

Anna Grace and Kai are the best of buddies and the worst of enemies. They have this passionate love/hate relationship where they could be bickering with each other for an hour, yet can't stand being away from each other. I knew that the two of them together in a classroom would be oodles of fun....NOT!

Yesterday afternoon I pick them up. Miss Krissie (their teacher) says, "Anna Grace and Kai had a really rough day today. I put a note in their bags explaining." I bent down and asked each of them if they had a bad day (which was evident even before I was told by the teacher because of the somber looks and hanging heads as they approached me). They both nodded. Kai quickly held up 4 little fingers and interjected with "FOUR TIMES!", as if it was a huge milestone he had reached.

I had them both apologize to Miss Krissie for their behavior and we scurried out the door of the school, got into the car, and I told them to buckle in, as I began opening up their backpacks to find the following notes.

"Kai did not have a good day today.

He was roaring like a tiger during circle time.
Soaked his head under the faucet while he was supposed to be washing his hands.
Layed down on the table during time out and...
wrestled Anna Grace to the ground for a purple crayon!"

I took a deep breath and opened Anna Grace's backpack and read her note.

"Anna Grace did not have a good day today.

She rolled around the carpet during morning announcements.
She washed her face and hair in the water fountain.
She swung her walking partner into a wall.
She was singing loudly during nap time."

The ever positive teacher ended both notes with "I'm sure Kai/Anna Grace will have a better day tomorrow."


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Anonymous said...

Okay I never leave a comment but this was too hilarious not to, I had to contain myself since I am at work but I just wanted to say thanks for the laugh, greatly appreciated!


waiting4Isabella said...

By reading what kai and Anna Gracie did for some reason it just makes me laugh imagining them doing all of those things. They are just too cute and funny. I love those kiddos.

Janette said...

Oh, Ohilda, you gotta love it! Believe me before you know it you'll be at their senior graduation.

My hands were full with Aaron when he entered kindergarten and look at him now ... heading off into the 10th grade and my Shawn leaving to University.

Gotta love'em :)

Too Cute!!

Charlotte said...

I remember the time Raeghan and Riley each got notes !

Raeghan's said ~ Raeghan got bit by a student today.

Riley's said ~ Riley bit a student today !

Wonder who that student was ?????

Charlotte and crew

O ~ call me again, got to tell you something !

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