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Friday, March 14, 2008

Praise God from whom all good things come!

Do not fear, O land, rejoice and be glad, For the LORD has done great things. - Joel 2:21

I am filled with thanksgiving and praise for our Savior, Jesus Christ, this morning. We serve an awesome God and I am honored to be surrounded by his amazing servants....YOU!

I received an email from Peg, my friend who's story I shared with you. I asked for prayers to help her children out of what seemed like a desperate situation. We all prayed and the Lord has answered! (If you missed Jennifer & Jerry's story, you can click HERE.)

Her email told me that an elderly family member called Jerry and Jennifer this week to ask how the walk-aides worked. Jerry told her the whole story. This family member, who "finds it very difficult to part with her money because of her age (81) and her fear of having to depend on someone else" offered to lend Jerry & Jennifer the money, interest free!!! Jerry already has a call in to Neurotronics and hopefully this will all be in place next week! This is truly a miracle and a result of how loving and merciful our Lord is when His people pray. Thank you all that have lifted this family up in your prayers. May God bless you ten-fold!

I humbly ask that you continue to keep Jerry and all persons with disabilities in your prayers. Their struggles are many even in their everyday lives.

As a parting note, I am elated to leave you with an absolutely beautiful picture! Miss Serafina Therese in utero at approximately 28 weeks. I can just envision her Daddy standing by her Mama's side as she makes her entrance into the world. PRAISE YOU, LORD!!!!!!

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P.S. Check out what appeared in this morning's news! BRAIN IN A BOX


waiting4Isabella said...

awesome just awesome !!!!

Stefanie said...

That is fantastic news!! God IS so good :)

The Byrd Family said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! Certainly a day of Praise!

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