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Monday, March 10, 2008

She eat him?

When I take Kai to school in the mornings, the routine is normally to wait until all the preschoolers arrive and then they all hold hands and walk off to the classroom with their teacher aide.

Since this sometimes takes about 15 minutes, instead of having them run I usually grab a kid's book from the school office shelf and read to AJ, Anna Grace and Kai while we wait.

Last Friday, I asked him to grab the book and come back to where we were seated. He came back all excited with a book and said, "Jesus Mommy". When I look at the book it was titled "The real Christmas story".

We've discussed Mary being Jesus' Mommy a bit, but never really getting into much detail. Anyways, I begin the reading the story, changing the words into ones that they could understand and which fit into what the pictures show.

About the 2nd or 3rd page, there is a picture of Mary sitting atop of a donkey and Joseph pulling her along. So, I said to them that they were looking for a place to stay but that the town was so full that they had to sleep in a stable.

Kai looks at me and asks, "Where's baby Jesus?" I responded with, "Kai, he's not born yet. Jesus is in His Mama's tummy." Then he gave me a completely bewildered look and said, "She eat him?" heh!!! I thought that was so cute!

Just then the bell rang, but I wanted to make sure that he didn't leave to class thinking Mary was a cannibal. So, I said, "No, she did not eat him. Before babies are born they are in their Mommy's tummies." Still confused, he said, "Kai in Mama's tummy?" That totally threw me for a loop, since that was a whole other subject. One that I am still not sure how to answer without hurting him, but yet wanting to be 100% honest. So, I said, "No baby, Kai was not in Mama's tummy."

Seconds later, the second bell rang and they had to line up to go to class. I believe I was truly "saved by the bell" that time.
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Charlotte (Kaylee's mommy) said...

Ohhhh my gosh Ohilda, I don't know what exactly I'll say when Kaylee asks me that. I guess I'll explain how she was in my heart instead of my tummy and go from there....

The Byrd Family said...

Yep...those are tough, tough subjects! Looks like you did well.

waiting4Isabella said...

He,he .... Too too cute !!!! I'm praying that I get better before Friday, I am sooo looking forward to my date with Kai. Pray, pray, pray for my healing.

Love this blog.

mommy24treasures said...

oh that is funny!;)
As Kim said you did do well!

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