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Thursday, November 15, 2007

URGENT: Mom in China needs ours help!!!!!

UPDATE: The squeaky wheel indeed gets the grease! The family has requested that for now, the phone calls be halted. (THIS IS THE TIME TO PRAY HARD!!!)

The U.S. Rep's offices received over 1,000 calls in 1 hour from adoptive families urging them to move on this matter immediately. In addition, apparently Congressman Roger's office have called the Sheldon's adoption agency and asked to help the calls cease. They are diligently working on this and are having a tough time doing so because of the flood of calls. :)

We now need to continue to lift the Sheldon's up in prayer. Lord, you're in control and we trust you to bring another of your beautiful babies home to a family that will show them your uncondtional love.

A few days ago, the Sheldon family had a tragic loss occur in their lives. Sandi and her husband had already completed their China portion of the adoption of their beautiful daughter, Hannah, when Sandi's husband unexpectedly died from his diabetes. Again, the Chinese side of the adoption is complete. It is now OUR government refusing this poor Mom the chance to bring home her daughter.

The US Consulate in Guangzhou has denied her permission to complete Hannah's adoption. They want her to fill out a new I-171 and even after that is done, no guarantees are given.
Sandi, of course does not want to leave China without her daughter. (Would you?) She desperately needs our help!

Please start a massive campaign of calling her US Congressman and US Senator and urging them to intervene on her behalf. Sandi, the adoptive mom has asked for the adoption community's help. Please pressure these elected officials to contact the State Department and straighten this out. No mother should be denied bringing her daughter home because her husband passed away unexpectedly. The Chinese have no problems with this, since the adoption has been already been finalized. It is the US government holding the baby back, which is crazy!

Sandi's congressman is Mike Rogers. His numbers are:

Washington - (202)225 4872.
Michigan - (517) 702 8000, and a toll free number 1-877-333-MIKE.

Sandi's US Senator is Debbie Stabenow.

Washington - (202) 224 4822
Michigan - (517)203 1760.

Please take a few minutes to make these life changing phone calls, and of course, let's unite in His name and storm the gates of Heaven with our request that both Mama and baby soon arrive safely back in Michingan.

I just can't even imagine what she must be going through. first losing her husband, and now being told she is losing her daughter also.

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