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Monday, November 12, 2007

Settling in slowly...very slowly.

Yes, we are home. Kai is still in a bit of pain and he has a developed a "stiff neck". We were warned by the doctor that this may occur, since any movement of the neck affects the throat area where he has lots of stitches going down. I'm glad the doctor mentioned this, because if not I'd already be thinking worst case scenario. It's heartwrenching though to see him turn his entire body to look at me when I call him, or to watch him flinch if he turns it just the wrong way.

He is quickly tiring of the jello, pudding, and plain ol' full liquid diet. It's hard too, because I usually feed all three at the same time, hence the other two now are on a full liquid diet. There's no way that I could break out chunky or crunchy foods and let Kai watch while they eat and he is eating soup, again. So, it's liquid diets for everyone. :) We are seeing the doctor again tomorrow.

I know I've mentioned our awesome doctor has been (donating his services, etc.) and as you all know we followed him to Orlando. Well, he will be coming to Ft. Myers twice this month so that he could see Kai and we do not have to drive up for the post-op appointments. I don't think there are many doctors that would do that. We have definitely been blessed in finding him.

And lastly on Kai, I wanted to mention (maybe others have shared this experience) that he has awoken 2-3 times a day, either during nap or bedtime with nightmares saying, "Mama, No Bye-Bye!" over and over. I don't know if he thinks I'm gonna be leaving him, or if he is remembering us saying bye to him while he was being whisked away to the operating room. Either way, it's heartbreaking. Poor little lamb cries inconsolably for quite a while before I was able to calm him down enough to realize that Mama was not going anywhere. I'm also having him sleep with us.

It's really taken me all day to type these few paragraphs, so for now, I am leaving you with this. I'm still pretty exhausted since Kai's antiobiotics are every 4 hours (translate to interrupted sleep) and the fact that he is still in a decent amount of pain, especially as the Motrin effect begins to wear off.

I will try and post tomorrow about how Anna Grace's adjustment has been since I've been back. Thank you for all of the commments/emails, those are on my list to respond to soon, I hope. :)

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2China4Ayla said...

I am glad you are home. Poor little Kai. I just hate he has to go through this. Hang in there. Saying prayers on your behalf

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