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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An apple a day......

does nothing. :)

It seems like weekly we have to go here or there and visit this specialist or that doctor for either one or the other of these little ones, or even Amanda. I know I'm sounding a lot like Negative Nancy but I'm just really tired, emotionally and physically.

Yesterday we went to Kai's doctor. His palate/throat is healing well, praise God. The palate is still intact, which is the important thing. Poor baby still has a very stiff neck. I've been trying to wean him off the Motrin (Tylenol doesn't do much for him) and he's gotten better, but we're still taking 2-3 doses a day. The doctor said to expect the swelling to last a week or two.

I know there's nothing I could do to move things along, but it's just heartbreaking to me to see him flinch as he swallows even smooth things like yogurt. How I wish I could take his place.

He continues to ask me, although not as frequently, if I am leaving him. Yesterday was only 3 times he asked. I think he is starting to feel a bit more secure again that Mama is there with him, through it all.

On another note, this morning, we all arose bright and early to take Anna Grace back to the opthamologist. The doctor decided this time to put the numbing drops on to test the pressure in her eye before putting the dilation drops in. Again, praise God, it worked! After 3 attempts, we found out that her blood pressure is normal. YAAAYYY!!!! That doesn't completely mean that she does not have the beginnings of glaucoma (which is why we keep returning to the opthamologist), but it's definitely a great sign! The cupping behind her eye remains enlarged, and we are optimistacally hoping that it is just something from birth and not caused by any eye disease. We return again in 3 months for another checkup and more dilations. Poor baby girl....she HATES eye drops with a passion.

It was funny because the eye doctor, the speech therapist, the early intervention office and the cleft surgeon are all in the same building. This morning when I was walking in with 2 of them in the double stroller and one walking holding my hand, the security guard asked if I worked there. Heh!!

P.S. If you want to see some cute pictures of Anna Grace & AJ, check our my sister's blog OUR JOURNEY TO ISABELLA. Those were taken this weekend while my Mom and she watched the kids.

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