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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrating Culture

Oh yes, folks. That's what this totally, creatively-challenged Mama did!

A few days ago, I posted a status on my FaceBook asking my worldy friends for suggestions on what to do with the little guys to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. I should not have been surprised by the huge amount of wonderful ideas that poured in, enough to fill our entire week of school.

So, I took advantage of that and we've been discussing China, it's people, and the culture including the Moon Festival, all week. Today, we culminated the event by celebrating during school time, going on a field trip and having a family celebration at home.

After getting reading and math out of the way, we read the legendary myth about Cheng E and Hou Yi.

Then, we discussed how the Chinese often celebrate with yummy goodies in China that include Moon Cakes. We talked about what they thought Moon Cakes looked like and they created their ideas of a Moon Cake with playdough. They really did look yummy!





Then we talked about Chinese lanterns and how these are used in many parades in China.

So, we colored:


and we cut:


and we pasted:


until we ended up with these beauties:


Which brought about lots of fun and giggles as they played with them!

Next, we went on a field trip to an authentic Chinese grocery store, where the elderly couple that own it, shared with us how they celebrated the Moon Festival in China when they were younger.

Of course, we certainly couldn't leave there without picking up the perfect yummies for our own little Moon Festival celebration tonight. So, we bought these:


On the left is a small, traditional Moon Cake, filled with Lotus paste and egg yolk. In the center is what we know as Moon Pies, and on the right are also some traditional Chinese sweet balls filled with red bean, peanut, or sesame paste.

Finally, when Daddy arrived home, we went out as a family, including big brother, Adam, to eat some yummy Chinese food. Then came back home for our little Moon celebration. We layed a blanket out in the yard and brought our goodies with us. The celebration began with a small lantern parade. They were so proud!


The full moon was shining bright and strikingly beautiful as we re-read the story of Chang E for Daddy and Adam to hear, while the little ones filled in all the details about the Jade Rabbit and the beautiful palace Chang E lives in.


We each ate some of the traditional Moon Cake, which I admit was not to anyone's liking except our beautiful Chinese Princess who, true to her style, loves to eat just about every thing placed before her.


That was followed by the chocolatey Moon Pies and everyone closing their eyes and making a wish upon the moon, hoping that Chang E fills it.


....and with that, our 2010 Celebration of the Mid Autumn Moon Festival, Bombardier style, ended.

It was a fabulously, sweet day in every sense of the word, from the company to the food, to the occasion.

This Mama could not ask for more!


Beth Gore said...

Creatively challenged my hiney! Love seeing all you did. Thanks so much for sharing with us!! Beth

Waitingfaithfully said...

What a wonderful celebration! Good job O! Love the pictures too!




I have to say I love Kai's sweet little nose in the moon pie eating pic--cause it looks just like my Teddi girl's! :)

Tami said...

Definitely looks like you had one special day there!! Love the handmade lanterns:-).

God bless~

Jill said...

I am jealous that we do not have a Chinese grocery anywhere near us! I DO have to admit that none of us are fond of the authentic Moon cakes but will take the chocolate ones anytime!
Awesome day!

David and Sarah said...

How fun! And great pics, too!


sara said...

wow!! what a great day. so fun to see what you are able to do with your kids since homeschooling!!

Aus said...

Great stuff there O! God willing and Marie feels up to it we will join our local FCC at a farm here on Saturday (yeah - a little late this year!) for our Moon Festival celebration! Thanks for keeping the traditions alive!

hugs - aus and co.

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