"Once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Monday, November 2, 2009


Major changes continue to roll through our household. God is slowly, but surely, making His presence felt. He is moving mountains and clearing cobwebs out of hearts that have felt pretty broken and untouched for quite some time.

One of the biggest changes taking place is that I am now an official homeschooling Mama! Talk about being nervous and wondering how I could botch up a child's life in record time.

But, I know that it is God's will and somehow, someway, he will equip me to do the job. Just as he's equipped me to handle every other circumstance he's thrown my way that I have felt like throwing back and saying, "But Lord, you made a mistake. Look...it's me! You've chosen the wrong person for the job." It is only when I shut up long enough to listen to Him, that I realize that He knew from the beginning that I would be unsure of my abilities and He also knew that I would need Him to get me through it. He patiently waited for me to get over my tantrum and work my way back to Him. In the end, that's all He wanted. We make it through, and He deservedly receives the glory for being the One to have given me the strength and hope to get to the other side. Alone I am nothing. With Him, I am everything.

Homeschooling will be no different. After much prayer about homeschooling my kids, He answered. It was the right decision. But instead of making it easy for me and starting with a preschooler or possibly even a kindergartner, God decided to stretch me even further and throw a high school student for me to homeschool first. Yep, that's God for ya!

Now onto another topic. Our situation at home. It remains. No answers have been revealed as of yet and we continue to struggle. But we serve a very mighty and merciful Lord, whom without there would be no hope. We have Him. We have hope. Eternal. Hope.

In the end, I know with every fiber of my being that He will be glorified. We just need to hang on to His word, His promise, His faithfulness and His unconditional, never-changing love and we will get through it, together, for His glory.

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12


day by day said...

I think you will really love HSing, Ohilda! If I did not have to work FT...I would be still be doing it. I remember that fear when I first started. I had prayed about it and felt that was where God was leading me....but I was still nervous. It was ALl good though. : ) Not always easy, but good and right!

love you!

Aus said...

Well OK - while I'm at something of a loss (which - as you know - for me is kind of unusual) - there is one thing that I do know to the center of my being....you will be provided the Enlightenment that you need as you need it, He won't let you down! I'll say a prayer that He provides it to you SOONER rather than LATER but only because I too know our human condition and we.hate.to.wait!

Anything else you need you know how to reach us!

hugs - aus and co.

Jennifer said...

Hey! BTDT, although not with a high schooler. But I can identify. You've got my prayers, and if I can offer any help let me know. I've done everything K-8 multiple times. :)

Love you, my friend!!

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Thinking of you,...

The Princess's Mommy said...

Hang in there! We'll all be here rooting you on! You CAN do it and HE will be glorified!!!

Love you,

LucisMomma said...

Princess's Mommy just emailed me--I am sort of her neighbor here in AL but we've never met. :) We've always homeschooled. Don't know what led to your decision, but I do want you to know that there are quite a few in your area who are in your shoes (just removed a child from "regular" school to homeschool) or who have done that and lived to tell the tale. We have a 17 yo son, 13 yo son and a 5 yo DD (she's from China). We've always homeschooled. I do love the life but sometimes I dream about putting the oldest two on the school bus that passes by each morning. ;)

My3Monkeys said...

Ohilda, it sure sounds like you have a lot going on. Please know that we love you and are here for you if you need us!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, how I love how speak what echoes in my heart and my mind in so many ways.......... How I know the tantrums.... for I too throw them and how I thank Jesus for most of the time not listening to me and giving me my own way! His perfect will is so much better than His permissive will.
Welcome to Home School! I know those fears.... we are in our third year and I still second guess myself almost daily... yet I see who my son is becoming and I recognize how he has grown in so many ways and God graciously shows me often that it is indeed His will and that we are doing the right thing.
I will be praying for you.....
big hug sister.
p.s. please email me if I can ever help with homeschooling questions... not the high school stuff though because I am not there yet! LOL

mom2-4boys said...


Oh thank you for updating us. I was so worried about you.

Good luck with the homeschooling I know it will be so very worth it. It helps that you have a great daughter.

Love to all!!!

Karin said...

"When I am weak, He is strong." He will not let you down and He will help you homeschool--even a high schooler. :)

Jill said...

Ohilda...I have faith that you will not only DO THE JOB but you will DO IT WELL. I mean that because you are seeking the wisdom of our God and he will NOT fail you!

Continuing to pray for your family.
With love, love, love,

The Ferrill's said...

Ohilda I have been praying so much for your family. I know that God is gonna meet you right where you are and love on you lavishly. You have that mustard seed, Ohilda! He will conquer whatever mountain you are facing...He stands ready and willing to fight for you and with you! And welcome to homeschooling! I have no experience homeschooling a high schooler, but I know there are tons of resources available to make it happen and make it happen WELL! Look at Tim Tebow! ;) It will be very neat to see how God is going to show up BIG in this, Ohilda! He will come through for you!!!!!!
I love you!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Change is good. It is only through change that you grow. I am excited to see what God has in store for your and your lovely family.

Hope the postman stops at your house tomorrow!!!

Shanti said...

Good for you for taking the leap into homeschooling! It's an option for us, and we keep it in the back of our minds, but haven't felt the Lord leading us to do it just yet. I'll keep you in my prayers!

Dawn said...

We have home schooled high schoolers and put a few in school too. Hard but a blessing too and in the middle He will also show you JOY TOO!

in OR.

Amy said...

Continuing to pray...you are on my heart.

Much Love, Sweet Friend...


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things resolve for the better very soon.


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