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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"i feel old"


My baby boy after discovering that there is a possibility that if you chew on a black ink pen, it may explode in your mouth!

At my sister's request, I'll share a quick story about our littlest man, A.J.

Yesterday with all the new first-day-of-school commotion, we had the following conversation while in the car:

AJ: Mama, I want to go to school.

ME: AJ, you're still too little, sweetie. When you get older you can go to school.

AJ: (complete silence for two minutes.)

AJ: Mama?

ME: Yes, baby?

AJ: But Mama, I feel old.

ME: (laughing hysterically) AJ, I feel old too, baby!

I love that boy with all my heart and soul!


Kai, Anna Grace and Amanda all had a fabulous first day of school! Anna Grace slipped a bit into her "mode" after being home a while, but it was certainly nothing big.

Thank you, Lord for watching over my babies and making their first day at school a great one!


Anonymous said...

SOOOOOO funny! the "old" comment, NOT the ink pen! Glad that the first day went well for your brood.

He & Me + 3 said...

Too cute. I feel old too. So glad everyone had a great first day. That is always a good thing! Hope the rest of the year is great too.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh God is good and watching over all of these sweet babies. AJ is hilarious! I had no idea an ink pen could do that...lol!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Okay..I am on a roll here today....I really should be studying my Spanish grammar...BORING! I would much rather go out and talk to people or try and talk to people BUT I digress. I have not only read Daleea's amazing adoption stories of her sweet children today but I just read AJ's....my heart is so full I think it might burst! I am speechless.....just speechless at how God orchestrates everything.....EVERYTHING...in our lives. How else would people adopt children without any money? I pray that I may always stand amazed at His miracles. All of these children are truly miracles. love you;)

P.S. I don't think I have enough tissue to read the other two babies adoption stories today....you know paper products are quite costly in Costa Rica...lol....I will read them this weekend.

sara said...

oh, that picture is priceless!!! It's like I can hear him saying "what?!!!" LOL.

glad they all had good first days!!!

Jill said...

YEAH for a good day at school by the "big" kids...and sweet AJ...feels OLD!! HILARIOUS!
Pen broken in his mouth??? Did his teeth stain?!?!?!

Aus said...

Hey - love the post - but not only do I 'feel' old - sometimes (and I mean SOMETIMES!) I AM old!! And about AG - take just a little bow there Mom - you (and your DH too!) forged the 'steel' in that child to get her to where she is - now you're seeing some payback on that investment (remember how it was then - I do - and you really saved my bacon by blogging that too!) Blessings come back to those found worthy!

hugs - aus and co.

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