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Monday, August 24, 2009

here we go

Back to school again.

Although I have lots to share about our NY trip, including a big scare on the subway, a 10 hour trip home and tons of pictures, I just couldn't pass up on sharing this morning's events, cuteness and goodbyes.


They're growing so fast. I miss having them home.


I can hardly believe my big boy is in kindergarten this year!


My girl was all smiles leaving the house and ready to go to her last year of preschool!


OK. I know. I'm biased. But aren't they full of sweetness?

After arriving at school, we headed off to drop off Kai at his classroom first. Since we were out of town last week, we missed Open House so he hadn't had a chance to meet his new teacher. I was anticipating he'd be nervous. But nope. He walked in after saying, "Good marnin" and found his name on his desk. Quickly he settled in and before I knew it, he was saying, "Bye Mama". I was really a bit anxious about whether or not his teacher would have enough patience to understand him, but calmed down soon after meeting her. She seemed very sweet. I hugged my big boy with a quivering lip (mine not his) and allowed my tears to be dried by his shirt as his little arms wrapped around me. He sweetly said, "It's OK, Mama!" Then he kissed AJ and Anna Grace goodbye and we were off to drop off Anna Grace at her PK class.

Anna Grace is blessed again this year to have the same wonderful teacher she's had for the past 2 years, so I thought it would be easy for her.


Although I tried to explain to them over the past month that Kai and she would be in different classrooms now because Kai was going to kindergarten, I guess it didn't compute. Her entire demeanor changed the second she realized she was not staying in Kai's classroom. I lost all eye contact and she would not respond to my questions. We talked, or shall I say I talked, for a bit while we were alone in her classroom waiting for her teacher, but she had that you-betrayed-me look in her eye. Shortly afterwards, more kids started coming into the room as well as her teacher and the teacher's assistant. The teacher asked Anna Grace about vacation and after some nudging she reluctantly responded.

AJ hopped out of his stroller and went to play and Anna Grace soon followed. She was a bit more at ease. I called her over and asked her for a hug and kiss goodbye. She swung around with no eye contact and sighing heavily said, "OOOO-KAAAYY". She allowed me to kiss her and hug her, but did not show much emotion. Change is hard for her. She's been home for two months and was adjusting after a rough beginning at home, now we're back to school. I think she'll be fine, but it's a process and she has to again learn to trust that school is not a "permanent home". By the time I left, she had gone back to playing.

We swung around to Kai's class once more and he happened to glance out the doorway just as we walked by. A huge grin spread across his face as he shouted, "Hi Mama!", blew me a kiss and quickly began coloring again.

They grow so fast.

Where did all my babies go?


Sherri said...

Time for another.......

Sherri and Todd said...

They are completely full of sweetness!! Beautiful children.

My3Monkeys said...

They are just beautiful!

Patricia/NYC said...

SWEET, precious children!! Gorgeous!!

And don't tell me you were on the train when the cab slammed into the station above? We were walking past it when it happened!!

Hope you had a wonderful trip!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I was just honestly thinking scrolling through these pictures that Anna Grace looked so relaxed and happy. It seems I have been praying for her for some time now.

As for change....oh yes Lottie is the same way. Maybe after she has been a missionary kid for awhile she will be able to cope with change....but I don't have high hopes of it happening! lol

I am so thankful they had a good day and were extra tired for you after school;)

Kristy said...

I love those smiles!!! And I needed them today, so thank you.

I have always taken first day of school pics of my kids and I just can't believe that my baby is a junior!!!

Love you, Kristy

Holly said...

O- you are SUCH a great Mommy.
And is it the picture angles or is AG almost bigger than Kai? wow!
So what did you do all day?
Just kidding...I know you have a ton of work to do...just remember...this is an investment in ETERNITY and God CHOSE you!!

Jill said...

WHAT wonderful photos!
They DO grow tooooooo fast!!!!
I hope it is an awesome year for both of them!

We start on Wednesday....

The Ferrill's said...

I know, Ohilda! Why do they have to grow up?? Your babies are beautiful! I will step up the prayers for sweet AG as she begins a new year at school. She's made such HUGE strides!
Oh, and I'm with Sherri! Time for another! ;)
Love you much!

day by day said...

They are just the cutest, Ohilda! I am SO glad that Kai had a great first day!!! And yes, change does not go over well over here, either...with both girls. Sophie will be starting a new school program soon....should be interesting! : )

love ya!

waiting4Isabella said...

ahwww there pictures are way to cute.. But how bout AJ... Just cuz he's not in school doesn't mean he shouldn't be blogged about... Put a picture of my sweet boy on here and tell everybody the story of "I FEEL OLD" MAMA.... LOVE HIM...

Aus said...

Morning O - great post - just love those kids! As for AG - give us a follow up at home that night when you can - but I bet she bounces OK...she's turning out to be tougher than she looks...wonder if you guys have anything to do with that? :) We'll give an update in a few days - our youngest two start on Thursday!

hugs - aus and co.

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