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Sunday, May 10, 2009



Blessed beyond measure!


I love you so very much! I feel like I am the luckiest daughter in the world having you as my Mother. I've learned so much from you. My strength, my courage and my determination are all traits that I've inherited from you. You've always taught me that being a mother is the most important and most gratifying job in the world. I am honored and blessed to call you my Mother.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I love you!


Heavenly Father,

As you know, I awoke this morning at the crack of dawn and realizing it was Mother's Day, the first thing I thought of was to thank YOU, Lord. It is because of You that I am so very, very blessed. Not only did you choose an amazing woman to be my very own Mother, but Father God, I am humbled that you entrust me, not once, not twice but six times over to be the earthly Mother to six beautiful creations of yours.

Lord you allowed three precious children to be conceived in my womb and through them, you have taught me a love that words could never explain. But you didn't stop there, Father! Your blessings continued to rain down and you allowed me to know a love I had never known. A love I could never truly imagine until I experienced it for the first time. A love that is the closest thing that I could feel to how you love me, Lord. I learned this love through the gift of adoption.

Years after I thought my days of "bearing" fruit were over, you created yet another miracle in my life. In your style, blessing me once again was not enough. You blessed me three times over by conceiving three incredible angels in my heart.

Lord Jesus, I look to your own blessed Mother as the perfect example of what a Mother should be. I ask you to bear with me as I stumble through this task you have placed before me, the most important occupation in the world. One that sometimes I feel you may have chosen the wrong person for, but am on my knees thanking you daily for believing I could do it. I fail often, but the love I have for my children never fails. Much like the love you have for me, Lord. Ever constant. Regardless of how ever many times we disappoint you.

I pray Lord, that on this day you bless every Mother you've created. I ask that you allow them to feel the love of their children, whether near or far. I ask for peace for those Mothers that have experienced the utmost sadness in the loss of a child, either through death or having to have been separated from them in some way, such as my own sweet children's birth mothers. I know that they will never know the extent of joy that they've allowed us to feel through their selflessness. Father, please bless those women whose wombs are barren, yet their hearts yearn for a child to call their own. You know their desires Lord and you love them. Oh, dear Jesus, allow them the strength while they continue to wait on your perfect timing.

I pray for wisdom and guidance for those carrying your precious creations in their womb right now, for those who may feel lost and not sure where to turn. I pray for those babies in the wombs of the millions of Mamas worldwide right now. May they feel the warmth of their Mother surrounding them and may the rhythm of her heart beating be a blanket of your love and security until they can be held and loved on this earth. I pray for those whose Mothers are now at your side and have left their children behind. That they may realize that by knowing you, they will one day rejoice together in your kingdom with them.

Heavenly Savior, one of your most amazing gifts is allowing women to be a Mother, regardless of how you brought their children to them. I thank you, with tears in my eyes, for allowing me to be called such a blessed name and for believing in me enough to give me the most important responsibility in the world to handle, and the one that I love doing the most!

In Your Blessed Name I pray.



LindaCCC said...

What a beautiful tribute to mother's day! And thank you for the prayer.

sara said...

beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Leslie said...

Beautiful !!

The Passionate Pro-lifer

Amy said...

Ohilda, I love and admire you so!

What a beautiful, perfect thank you to God.

What a lovely, heartfelt tribute to your own precious mother.

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

Big Hugs Wrapping Around You from CT,

day by day said...

Such a beautiful post, Ohilda!!

Happy Mom's Day to one of the best Moms around!!

love you!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! What an amazing post!!

Sarah Dawn said...

May your children truly arise and call you BLESSED! Happy Mother's Day.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Holly said...

Amen. I've got chill bumps!

Patricia/NYC said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Keisha said...

Awlll... Love the pic.. & letter! Sweet!
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Aus said...

HOpe that they day was as filled with love and joy as your post!

love you guys -

aus and co.

Timmy's Girl said...

What a beautiful pic of you and your Mom, Ohilda!

I know that your day was a blessed one just from your beautiful post...someone with a heart like that could not have a bad day yesterday.

God bless you, Sister!
xoxo, Veronica in CA

Michelle said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!!! I love your heart, Ohilda. Your amazing heart!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

What a beautiful picture of you both! You are SO blessed to have such a wonderful mother!!

Have a great week!
Love you,

Jill said...

OH! Just lovely! Inspiring Friend!!!

The photo of you and your mom is PRICELESS!!! So beautiful!!


waiting4Isabella said...

Love this post. Hope your mothers day was wonderful. I know mine was.... Love ya.

Julie said...

Your post made me cry but it was a good cry. That was so sweet! I remember when I was in my twenties my prayer was that God would not let me leave this earth with out experiencing a Mother's love. He answered that pray! I love being a Momma to my kiddos!

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