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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sorry it took so long to post. It's been a busy day at the Bombardier household.

Be sure when watching the video to disregard the tired, sun-drenched name pickers. A day at the beach will do that to you! Hence their lack of enthusiasm. They really are happy for you!!!! (Ssshh...So am I! The winners turned out to be 3 of my favorite readers!!)

(Please remember to scroll to the bottom to turn off background music.)


Please email me HERE to let me know your prize choice and address.

Remember that the first name picked chooses any of all three, THE SCC CD, THE PED-EGG OR THE BOOK.

the 2nd winner chooses any of the two items left

the 3rd winner will be sent the remaining item.

Enjoy and thank you for joining in on the fun.


Holly said...

Wahoooooooo! :D
I won! I really won!
Thanks AJ! I'm not sure I've ever won anything before!
I have been pulling up tack strips and staples from sub-flooring in our dining room. I am sweaty, dirty and my back is SORE! I just finished that task and sat down at my computer to rest and saw your email!
What a gift!!
Hubby just walked in from Lowes...and with flowers for me! Hmmm...do they sell flowers at Lowe's? ;)
I really want a Ped Egg, but hubby says NOT to pick that. (Hmm...wonder what the kids are giving me tomorrow? ha ha)
I would love to have the SCC CD even though I know it will make me cry.
(The book would make me cry too and I want to let my daughter dance with her Daddy to SCC before he leaves for Iraq!)
Thank you!!!!!
Congrats to the other two winners and here...everyone's a winner b/c we get to know YOU better!

A Crystal Garden said...

Yeah!! I won! Needed some fun good news today. A day full of cleaning for Mother's Day along with having to host the luncheon after my Grandmom's funeral on Wednesday. So boy did I need this!!

We (or I should say Bob) just built a deck in out backyard so we had to get that all straightened up and usable along with planting some flowers.

So although I think I would love the book, I know I would never read it anytime soon. I pick the Ped Egg! My feet need some help!

Thanks so much Ohilda - And Anna Grace!


sara said...

congrats to the winners!!!

but you know, I really believe Kai had MY name when he first stuck his hand in but then he reached in with the OTHER hand.....but I'm not bitter....

Happy Mother's Day!

He And Me + 3 said...

congrats to the winners! How fun for them!

Timmy's Girl said...

What a super cute way to announce the winners, Ohilda!! Your little ones are much cuter than those Deal or No Deal girls!!!!

Congrats to the blessed winners!!

Veronica in CA

geminirn said...

Thanks Kai,how cool one of my favorite little men choose my name..........how fun!!!

Have a great Mother's day!!
Hugs from Canada!!

Jill said...

OH! Congrats to the winners!

I snoozed on the give away!! You will just HAVE to do it again sometime!!

Happy Mother's Day Sweet Ohilda!!!!
I hope your day is VERY special!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Just stopping by to wish you a VERY HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!!!

Jill said...

Congrats everyone!!!
You are a rockin' mom who deserves the best life has to give!!!!
Hugs girl!

Amy said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Happy Mother's Day to all!


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