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Monday, February 9, 2009

I am NOT in love!

Tim lg

Oh, how I love staring at that sweet little face!!!!

Yes, I know it is Not Me, Monday! day, and what a better day for me to proclaim that I am indeed not in love with the absolutely, adorable and scrumptious little man in the picture above!

Let me explain what did not happen. I did not receive an email stating that Amanda at The Starfish Foster Home in Xian, China had been asked by the orphanage director if she could take on some more babies. "They were being inundated with abandoned babies and had no more place to put them." Up to that point, Amanda had been pondering about starting a cleft home for orphaned babies in addition to the ones she had now. Little did she know God sped things up in a big way! She now is the proud foster Mama to 9 of the cutest cleft babies you've ever laid eyes on. Don't believe me? Go ahead. CLICK HERE! I dare you!

Are you hooked? I certainly was not! Nope! That one little click absolutely did not leave me in tears, not only wishing God would crush every CCAA rule that prevents us from adopting from China again, but that He would not somehow remove the financial binds we are in so that we could do so with ease. No, my dear friends, that one little click of the mouse did not leave me knowing that I had to do something more. The minute I looked into Tim's eyes, I did not absolutely know that we just had to sponsor him. He truly does not remind me so much of my own sweet Kai and his eyes do not mesmerize me and send me into dreamland with thoughts of my cuddling sweet little Tim and tucking him in every night. Nope. They do not!

Furthermore, sweet hubby and I did not shuffle some priorities around and now are the proud Ayi and Shu-Shu (auntie and uncle) of precious baby Tim! No, I am without a doubt not giddy with excitement, that although from afar, I have a new little man in my life!

Now for some serious stuff. It is my understanding that Tim is still in need of 3 sponsors, along with a few more of the babies. Amanda needs 80 sponsors committing to $25.00 a month to be able to keep these adorable treasures. She's even agreed that if she receives more sponsors than she needs for these little ones, that she'll take up to TWENTY cleft babies! Can you imagine what a blessing that would be for these sweet angels?

So, I beg ask you. Can you please search your hearts and see how you can help? You can even choose which baby you are moved to sponsor by going over to A SEVENTH DIAMOND and leaving a comment for Kim, who has been working closely with Amanda to help these sweeties. Let's continue to be God's hands and feet!

By the way, I have a secret! I am ONE BIG, FAT, LIAR!!!! I AM TOTALLY, MADLY, and COMPLETELY IN LOVE with little Tim and if I could fly to China and bring him home today, I'd do so in half a heartbeat!

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mom2-4boys said...

Ohilda you are right those eyes, they do remind me of Kai... I got the same e-mail and I know I need to sponsor a one of the precious little cleft babies. I sponsored Jade Last year. Her picture still hangs on my refrigerator.

So much for my new years resolution of getting rid of debt, not when there are so many babies.

What I really want to do is go there and hold them.


Jill said...

THAT FACE! WOW! Those EYES!! Okay, I am going to take a few minutes (after the trip to the orthodontist) to look at ALL those faces!!!! May the Lord bless this new ministry ABUNDANTLY!!!!

That Tim!! OH he is SO sweet.
I would fly to China TODAY if I could and bring home another sweet little bundle!

The Byrd's Nest said...

He is pretty easy to be smitten with...that's for sure! I wish you COULD fly right now and bring him home;)

Denise said...

I'm with you! He is awesome! I have wanted to adopt a cleft baby since we were in china adopting our last daughter in Jan. 07. I'm praying for God to work miracles so we can go back there and get one of those beautiful perfect children! Darn money anyhow!

This is my first post, I love your blog and keep up the good work!!!!!

In Christ
Denise (from Michigan)


Charlliesweb said...

I hear ya girl! Now you can see why I was the guilty party that forwarded you my email! Fell in instant love here too! :(

Jill said...

Oh, STINK...I am compelled to come back Ohilda...not just because I love you...but I had to have another look at that little Tim's face! OH MY! He could steal your heart dear! Glad you and Scott are sponsoring him! HE IS SWEETNESS!

Michelle said...

What a sweet face!! How could you not fall in love? I'm going to click over and check out those darling babies.

Amy said...

Oh Ohilda, it is a good thing we don't live close to each other...I think we would be like a couple of little old women who lived in a shoe...with so many children we wouldn't know what to do! Tim is precious...PRECIOUS. Come meet the latest addition to our family of the heart. :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Yeah for posting about this! And I was totally hooked on Tina because she looks a bit like the Tongginator at that age. (We are co-sponsoring her.)

mommy24treasures said...

they are all so darliing. Each and every child...
So precious.

I love your not me Monday posts.

Christine said...

He is just precious!

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