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Friday, October 17, 2008


UPDATED NOTE: To Jill and others that have asked if you could post this graphic on your blogs or pass on through emails. My response is ABSOLUTELY! I created it because I believe a visual may help people realize how our country, the greatest nation in the world, truly disregards the value of human life. Very sad. Especially when you know that over 1,000,000 (ONE MILLION!) babies are aborted killed annually in the U.S. alone!

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007.

"With respect to partial-birth abortion, I am completely supportive of a ban on late-term abortions, partial-birth or otherwise, as long as there's an exception for the mother's health and life, and this did not contain that exception..." - Senator Barack Obama during the 3rd Presidential 2008 elections debate defending his stance on why he did NOT vote against banning partial birth abortions.

Please don't get me started. The thought that we, as human beings with a conscience, can allow a 24+ week old child to be murdered after it has been partially delivered tears my insides apart.

The thought that my 14 year old daughter has the legal power to walk into an abortion clinic and have an abortion without parental consent or knowledge is mind boggling to me. Yet, she is not allowed to take an aspirin for a headache at school without written permission.

As a side-walk counselor at an abortion clinic, I met girls who were killing their babies for reasons of convenience. One young mother in her early twenties told me that she had paid for a vacation a year prior and that there was no way she was going to miss out on it because she got pregnant. That day, her baby was killed. This happens every day to thousands and thousands of innocent babies.

The overwhelming number of abortions in the US are done for convenience. As the State of California reported, ". . .abortions for medical reasons are extremely rare ..." http://www.os.dhhs.gov/dab/decisions/dab665.txt

Who is to blame for this? Society and lack of education. Please let me make it very clear that in no way do I judge these women, but I firmly believe that if they are properly informed of the effects of abortion they would think twice.

I do NOT want Planned Parenthood in my children's school telling them that it is "ok to have sex because it's a natural act, but that they must use protection." It should NOT be the school's position to distribute birth control/condoms in school clinics. That's outrageous! We've taken God out of schools and now we are infiltrating our children's minds with what today's society feels is politically and morally correct. This is a parent's job! Not a schools!

During my time at the abortion clinics, several girls asked to see pictures of what an actual abortion in process is like. An abortion clinic does not allow the woman to watch the ultrasound monitor while the abortion is taking place. Why? Because they will see a beating heart. They will realize that it's a child inside of them. It's also a multi-billion dollar business. As one abortionist callously told me, it takes him 9 months to deliver a child and to get paid. Why would he do that when he has a "family to feed" and he could make the same amount of money in 3 days by performing abortions.

I know that many of you are praying and I also know that we serve a sovereign, omnipotent and merciful God. Therefore, we need to continue to lay it at the foot of the cross and pray that it be His will that these atrocities cease from happening in our own backyards. If Mr. Obama does indeed become the leader of our nation, may God have mercy on us all!

And all I came on here for was to say that yes, you could use my graphics. Whew!


sara said...

I will be voting Monday for early voting before I leave. and praying the whole time!!

Sherri said...

It just breaks my heart. Every day I think things can't get worse. Now they are smearing Joe the Plumber.

I'm praying. God have mercy on us.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm with you.

Michelle said...

Wow! Amazing graphic. Great message, Ohilda.

Jill said...

That one slammed me in the face...it is GREAT OHilda! Thank you for that graphic reminder! May I use that graphic?

Sally- That Girl! said...

Love your blog keep following it! Now I have tagged you! I was honest when I said I don't often communicate with bloggers that is why I only have 4 blogs to tag!!! And you are now one of them!!!

Jill said...

Back again to read your sermon and LOVE every word! YOU GO GIRL! I have a dear friend who just sent me her "heart" in an e-mail and I think I will add her thoughts to my blog too! It is the words of Mama's like you and Patty that ring TRUE to those who have not really looked at THE BIG PICTURE!!!!
Blessings dear Ohilda!!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

This is an excellent post, Ohilda. I'm posting the graphic and a link to your article on my blog. Thank you for putting the same thoughts I've been having into such eloquent words.

Undercover-Princess said...

I've always found it interesting that dolphins are protected by law, but unborn babies aren't. If I punched a pregnant dolphin, I'd go to jail. If I had an abortion, I'd be hailed as a good role model.

We all need to pray for our nation to repent. I can send you the link to an excellent prayer guide (doesn't endorse any candidate), if you want. Actually - I'll just give it to you here and you can use it if you want it. You can delete this part of the comment if you don't want the link in here. It won't hurt my feelings! :) http://www.wnop.org and you will see a link to the prayer guide.

Mom Of Many said...

Thank you Ohilda! Well stated and factual! Many years ago I, too, was a side-walk counselor for 3-1/2years outside a clinic in Buffalo, NY. The abortionists first name was Shalom and his clinic was at 666 Colvin Blvd. For real!

May God grant the United States abundant mercy, although we absolutely do not deserve it!

So grateful for your courage in a society where God's truth is being slammed, ridiculed and hushed. Way to go!

Ashley Griffin said...

you said it!!! being an adoptee, i think lots of times that it could have been me. very easily, it could have been me. how anyone can sleep or live with themselves after murdering a partially born baby i will never know.
but i am not sure if i agree about them being "properly informed". i think our society is so self absorbed and me centered, such a modern day Babylon, that for most of those ladies, they have their minds made up and it really doesn't matter what we say.

Rachel said...

This was a great post!

And as to your comment on my post (about NKOTB), I feel the exact same way! It's not that I don't love the New Kids, but aren't we all getting a little old? :)

Burg said...

This is a very good graphic that I am definitely slapping in my sidebar!

Charlotte said...


I thought of you today in church and almost cried. The priest asked us are we political first, then Catholic ? He was so true ! This is driving me crazy to see people who beleive in adoption and people who go to church want to vote for Obama ! I wonder if he was ever there to witness a partial birth abortion how would he feel ?

Thanks, keep speaking out !


The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so behind on your blog my good friend. I prayed and voted today. Good thing we have our own King though...............

Starla said...

Hi Ohilda,

Tried to post this on my blog, and it didn't turn out small enough to fit in the side column. What am I doing wrong??

Blessings, Starla

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