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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ooohh....how I love this boy!

Had you asked me a year and half ago, I might have confessed my fears that Kai would never speak well enough to be understood. I've mentioned often about the severity of his open palate. He came home at 22 months uttering mere sounds. Thankfully, those fears are now dissipating.

It's been a long road. A lot of speech therapy with a lot more to go. But he's come such a long way! He's got to be the most resilient, spirited little person I know. He's a trooper that just does not stop fighting and working so hard to get his point across. His heart is huge and the love he shows is immeasurable. He's no doubt a big-time Mama's boy and I'm lovin' every minute of it! I thank God every day for this blessing!

The clip below was taken last week when he finally was able (after working so hard for so long) to pronounce the "K" in his name, Kai. I showed his Daddy this clip last night and it just melted my heart as Scott's eyes filled with tears while he watched. We are so very proud of our sweet son and love him so much! We both agree that it is so sad that we no longer qualify to adopt from China. We'd go back in a heartbeat for another cleft baby.

(Please remember to turn off the background music first.)


Barbie said...

Oh, how that warmed my heart too. What a cutie! Isn't it amazing to see the progress these little ones make? Ryan's speech continues to get better and better. I know they have a long way to go but seeing how far they have come is such a gift!!

Michelle said...

Ohilda....what a little sweetheart your Kai us!!! I am sure your heart is just filled with pride after watching him accomplish something he has worked soooo hard at! Way to go, Kai!

Becky said...

That is adorable. And what a blessing. I almost cried thinking about your husband tearing up. Something about a man showing his emotions that is so moving!

What a cutie!

Jill said...

Ohilda! That absolutely MADE MY DAY!! That child is beyond PRECIOUS!! I am proud of little Kai too! He is a great kid!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

That is wonderful!!! makes your heart smile, dosn't it?

sara said...

That was the sweetest video!!! Thank yo so much for sharing it with us!!

Kelly said...

Oh I can see why he just melts your heart! Kai's personality reminds me a lot of Kaiden's. What absolute sweetness!!! Kaiden is also working hard on his speech therapy and is talking up a storm. By the way, Kaiden's chinese name is Kai. We just added the "den". ;)


Sherri said...

What a cutie pie! (I read his lips, so I knew what he said at the end BEFORE he said it aloud--haha)

I think he speaks very clearly!


Ladyblog said...

That is so adorable! I can tell he has worked very hard. Our little one is still in speech, but I think it's b/c her speech therapist adores her!

Tammy said...

Oh Ohilda,

Kai is sooo sweet! He is doing so well. :)

Big Hugs to you both


geminirn said...

Oh Ohilda;That was precious...he is adorable!!!!!!

Sara said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! Kai is sooooooo sweet Ohilda!!!! As I was watching his little video, I kept leaning in closer and closer to the screen as if I was the one talking to him....and ready to just give him the biggest hug and kiss ever...he is talking so good!!!! He is just adorable....his eyes just speak of his sweet, gentle, and precious soul.

Carter just finished speech and on his last day...which was so emotional for all of us...his speech therapist..who just adored Carter and Carter loved also, was rubbing the top of his little blonde head saying(through tears) "What am I going to do without my Carter? I am going to miss you so much." Carter just looked up at her and said, "I guess you'll have to find a different little boy to visit you." Then he said, "if you look for me on Thursdays, I won't be here you know, but don't be sad."

We just LOVE his speech therapist...she is retiring in March...She is one lovely lady :-) She was almost like a grandma to Carter..and so nice to all of us too.

Oh do I ever hear what you're saying about cleft babies/toddlers/children... :-)

About the PB cookies...yes, aren't they good?? And so easy, like who doesn't have an egg, sugar and peanut butter in their home at all times??? I thought about adding some mini choc.chips to them (about 3/4 cup or so)..I bet that would be good :-)

Take Care....day 84 tomorrow...we are so close I can't stand it!!! We are sending him a little birthday cake package for his birthday next week. We are going through Red Thread China for this. I just want him home for Christmas.....

mom2-4boys said...


What a doll baby. How can you stand it,he is so absolutely adorable... You are one lucky momma.


Keisha said...

AWL.... Good Job Kai!!!
You got this ole cry baby.. crying!! Tears of joy,.. though!
I know you are Proud Mom!!! As I would be too!
I could understand him. I love the way he thinks before he speaks.. to make SURE he gets the sound right.. (smart boy) & he has NO frustration in his voice! He has a great little spirit!!
Maybe the next President?!!

My3Monkeys said...

Me too, me too!! I love him to bits!! O, he is so adorable, how can you even stand it??

Carol said...

That is the sweetest video .....of the sweetest boy!! You have an amazing family!

Laura said...

Such a sweet video!! My daughter is cleft-affected and I pray she, too, will one day speak as well as Kai!! : )

Lisa L said...

Ohilda! Kai speaks so well! Jeff was standing here while I watched the clip and he said so too. I hope that Brady will speak as clearly one day.

~*Mistee*~ said...

Oh my goodness, that made me cry this morning!! What a SWEET boy he is!!!!!!!!!!!

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