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Friday, August 15, 2008


Isn't that just about the sweetest face you've ever seen?
(Click on the picture for a closeup of those heart-melting eyes,
which by the way are one blue and one brown.)

Here he is, folks! For those of you who know what an obsessive all-things-Kiefer Sutherland nut I am, I bet you never thought that my dream of having Kiefer all mine would ever come true, huh?

I know we're waiting to see where God leads us as to another adoption in our lives, so for the meantime, we've jumped the gun and added this loving little boy as a family member. Our new addition is a male dapple dachshund, whom I fell in love with the minute I laid eyes on him. So, what a more appropriate name to give him than Kiefer!

He's a bundle of fun and loves the kids and his new Mama and Daddy. AJ seems to love him a bit too much at times, but is quickly learning (after several daily timeouts and a few nips) that he has to be gentle with the doggy. He's only been with us a week and I can already tell this is gonna be one spoiled boy!
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The Ferrill's said...

Welcome to the family, Keifer! You are adorable, I would spoil you too! ;)

Bella's momma said...

Welcome home little one!!

So cute~

Janette said...

Oh, no Ohilda, you're going to regret every getting him...lol. I have 2 dachshunds 1 also dapple (Dodi), and the other one black & tan (Kobe). If I tell you they bark and bark at everything,I mean EVERYTHING!! They are lovable, but OMG ..the barking will drive you nuts. My boxer (Jaxson) believe it or not, is the quiet one. He will not bark unless someone knocks at the door. The other two will bark if they hear a sound, if the neighbors are outside, if they see a bird or squirrel. Dachshunds are known for their barking. Had I known that then, I would have gone a different avenue.

Kelly said...

Kiefer is adorable! I think if I had a new puppy I would give him the name McGraw. Named after the one and only sexy Tim McGraw ;) Good luck with your new four-legged family member!

Michelle said...

Hi Ohilda!

Oh, what a cute new addition you have!! Great name, too! : )

I hope you are all doing well and settling back into routine after having been away. I know how hard that can be!

Enjoy your week-end!!!

Aus said...

Ohilda - you and Marie carmically connected? She just finished talking to me about another pet (we're currently at 3 dogs, two cats and more fish than I care to think about).... Seriously - welcome Keifer - to the zoo! BTW - the comment concerning McGraw - well - the McGraw I was thinking of was Ali....did I just show my age?

hugs ya'll - and a puppy kiss (there is something about puppy breath...)

aus and family

Walker said...

Oh my .. how cute!!!

I'm laughing so hard at the name... You are a HOOT!!

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