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“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No, I haven't abandoned my blog.

That's the question I've gotten on a couple of emails. So sorry everyone for being such a bad blogger. We've been back from our vacation for almost 2 weeks now. But, I have barely had a moment to sit and gather thoughts, much less be able to put them down on the blog.

So much to say that has happened since we've been home. Here are some highlights of what's coming up and what I've missed blogging about (but hope to!): My birthday, My precious nephew, Seth's, first birthday, school starting next week, a part time job at home, an upcoming surgery (mine!), an adorable new addition to our family, a give-away that I've been meaning to do forever and so much more! Please don't give up on me! Pretty soon the craziness of summer will be over and it will just be back to AJ and myself hanging out during the day, which means I will have lots more free time.

I feel terrible that I've been so out of the loop from my bloggy friends lives. I know several of you are getting ready to travel in the next week or two and some are just days away from hearing about your travels. And of course, I sure do miss seeing those families with their sweeties already home and reading all about their antics. I WILL CATCH UP....before it's too late. I'm definitely going through withdrawls.

Now, I want to end with the finale to our trip which was visiting downtown Annapolis. We had the pleasure of meeting with an old friend and her walking-encyclopedia of a hubby for dinner. Thank you so much Susan and George! We had an awesome night! It was great to sit down with grown-ups for a delicious dinner and just relax and laugh.

Annapolis is a city so full of history! We were truly captivated by George's knowledge and stories behind the many sights we saw. I also enjoyed walking through the campus of St. John's college, where a dear friend attended many moons ago. Scott, of course being a Navy man, was most enthused about visitng (although barely because of time constraints) the Naval Academy.

The next morning we boarded the plane back to Florida to find our little munchkins thrilled with excitement that Mama and Daddy were home. Needless to say, we were more than elated to have them back in our arms, as I'm sure my Mom and sister were. Anna Grace and Kai did great the entire time. To our surprise, it was little AJ who had a very rough time. My poor baby missed his Mama immensely!

We are all back full swing into our normal lives and although spending 10 days with my sweetie alone was wonderful, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME and we're glad to be back!

Enjoy the pics and I promise to be a much better blogger in the future!

Susan and I at the WWII Memorial.
The streets of downtown Annapolis.
Yummy! Scott and I were filled in all about this Annapolis landmark that
specializes in naming dishes after the State's Governors.
We had super-delicious shakes here to finish off the evening.

Ummm...sorry honey, I don't think we'll be lookin' at one of those for many years!

Reading the plaques at the memorial.
View of the entire WWII Memorial.
I love my Navy man!

Our gracious hosts.
Strolling through St. John's college.

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Holly said...

Ohilda- welcome BACK!
We went to DC, came home and went AGAIN...just the 2 of us......we got to see a group praying aloud...hands outstretched towards the White House praying for the President and the President to come...it was so moving.
I have been falling behind in blogger world too....we are getting our new Ethiopian princess!
Oh my goodness! It's really happening....email me and I will show you her picture. We have talked with her once on the phone and send a few emails.
We are so thrilled at the unexpected path that God has set us on!
Hugs to you,

geminirn said...

Listen girl,I personally think you are doing great updating your blog....I usally am lucky to have time to updte mostly photos on mine........i just can't seem to make the time to write alot.
Loved hearing all the details of your trip and seeing all the photos(see I'm to busy reading all yours...lol).

The Ferrill's said...

Hey Ohilda! I would never say you are a bad blogger! Your posts are so thoughtful and inspiring...and I certainly understand getting back into the swing of things! It takes me weeks! So take your time, enjoy your family, and I'll look forward to those upcoming posts...
I have really enjoyed your journals of all your fun times on your trip!

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