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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy 2nd Forever Family Day, Sweet Kai!

Words could never truly express the love I felt on this day two years ago and continue to feel to this day. Kai, we thank God every day for you being in our lives. You have changed who I am. I believe in my heart, through God, you have made me a better person. You are an amazing little boy and have blessed our family beyond measure.

Here is my entry from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, two years ago, along with the pictures we posted that day.

APRIL 3, 2006
Finally, 29 months and 10 days after we started our journey...

4:25 AM
Oh my gosh! I can't sleep!! I went to bed at 9 pm....(Scott and the rest of the crew at 7:30 pm!!!) At 2 am. I open my eyes to find Scott playing video games on the computer. I toss and turn a while and try to go back to sleep. Finally, as I am dozing off, the phone rings! I thought it was our 6 am wake-up call...it was my brother calling to say Hello! ha!!

Anyways, God must've known I would need the extra time to release the emotions I am feeling inside. I want to say that it is a bit like when we were waiting for AJ, but it's not. This time, I know with everything I believe in that he IS ours....it's just a matter of hours now. I can't believe it. I am trying to find words to describe how I am feeling, but I can't find something to compare it to. I have had TOTAL peace within me from the time we left to the airport, that peace has not waivered. AAahhh....ok! As I am typing, I now have something to compare the feeling to. Some may not understand, but it is a good comparison to those who do. I feel like I do when I go on a retreat or spend some very special time with the Lord. That "HIGH" feeling that is unexplainable that only He can provide. You are in love with the world, you feel so filled with joy and marvel at the huge blessings that surround you....even small details such as air-conditioning or food at every meal, things we take for granted are just abundantly seen as HUGE blessings. That is the feeling!!! I AM COMPLETELY BLESSED!!!! God is so good to us and I cannot ever thank Him enough or give Him enough glory for all that He has done in our lives, and now the blessings will pour down even more by allowing us to raise yet another little one in His name!! Whew....tears are flowing!!!! Happy tears! Tears of joy! Life is so good. I wish I could bottle this feeling.

As I turn my thoughts to Kai, I pray that he is feeling that same peace. That his little heart be filled with the sense of love that we have had for him from the moment we scrolled down that computer page back in December, when we "knew" he was our son. There will be 4 families receiving their children with us....all from YiWu. Two of the families are with our agency, and two are with another agency. We are the only ones bringing home a little boy. So, that will help in pointing him out! :) I am so scared of not recognizing him, yet part of me feels that I have stared at that little face for sooooo many hours that there is no doubt I can look into those beautiful, almond shaped eyes and not know who my son is. To my son:


I just want to tell you sweetie while we count down those last hours and minutes, that we understand the immense changes that you will be going through these next few weeks. We've heard you are very attached to your nanny and I thank God for that. That means that she has loved you and cared for you as best as she could. And in turn, I am praying that you have been able to reciprocate that love to her. Baby boy, please know that we will love you eternally. There is no bond stronger than that of Mother and Child. You were conceived in my heart and I have felt every second, of every day that I have waited for you, that you were meant to be ours. We love you with such an intense, powerful love already that I cannot imagine it getting any stronger, but I know it will....and yes, there will be many tough times, but we will make it through together, as a family. That is what families are for. And you, my little one, are now and always will be a part of ours. I love you more than words could ever say and I am counting down the minutes till I can look at your sweet face, give you kisses and feel your soft skin!! I love you so very much, Kai!!!

To my friends and family....I can't say it enough. Thank you so much for your support. No doubt it is getting me through this emotional time. I feel like you are all here with me. This time, I promise, the next post (on this same page) will be with Kai in my arms.
Love to all.....


WE HAVE HIM!!!!!!!

Wow!! Magical moment indeed!! At 8:45 we went down to the lobby and met up with Mike & Joshua Mansfield, who are here to adopt Sophie, their daughter and little sister. We sat and nervously laughed about what we were headed into. After a couple of pictures, I noticed our guide standing in the lobby. We all bolt towards her and head to the van taking us to the Civil Affairs Office.

Once there, our guide explains that the babies have already arrived. She also says that they are up on the 6th floor and that because there are no elevators, we'd have to walk up the stairs! Piece of cake...I'd walk up Mount Everest at this point, just get me to my boy. I ask Scott to turn on the video camera so we can record the long walk up the stairs. We open the door to the building and there are two Chinese ladies there with 3 very small babies. They were so cute! I had my camera out and was about to go into "baby stalk mode" when I hear the guide say....these are your babies. Then there was mayhem! Total confusion! At least in my mind there was. I hear Scott and my Mom say, "There's Kai!" I'm looking around saying..."Where? Where?" They keep pointing to the 3 little babies. I look at them closely and then notice that the little one in the middle is looking back...then I notice that faint scar on his lip! This was Kai! Oh my God! He was sooooooooooo tiny! I was expecting a little boy....this was a baby. A little baby! We are all standing around for a second and I'm ready to pounce on him.

The guide says, "They are waiting for the Director who went to get some breakfast!" I stood there for about a split second before saying...."Can I hold my baby?" She said "Sure!" No formalities...nothing. It was just us there with him and two other little ones. The Mansfield's baby was not in the room. So, I bend down slowly and pick him up. The nanny (not his) says "Wen Kai...Mama" That was it. I was head over heels in love! Oh my gosh, he was beautiful and ever so tiny! Soooo quiet. Taking in everything around him. His eyes just looked from one person to the next. Then we are told we have to go upstairs to the 6th floor. I hand him over to Scott who was just as speechless as I was. I must've kissed him 1000 times before handing him over. Abuela Titi and Amanda also got their turns in loving him a bit before we had to continue on with the paperwork. We arrive upstairs and he is still looking around. Not a peep out of him, but very serious. Amanda takes him over to an open window and all of a sudden this HUGE glee explodes from within him and he starts to babble. We are not sure if it was Chinese or baby talk, but it was the cutest thing I've ever heard. Of course, we then went to the window 100 times! The other families had also received their babies by then and poor Sophie was screaming up a storm!!! I felt so bad for poor Dad, but Joshua took the helm and off he went with his little sister. A few minutes later she was much calmer. Cindy, your guys did good!! You should be very proud! :)

We did all of our paperwork, and after about 2 hours I prepared a bottle for him. I was a bit nervous because of his open palate, well, he taught me that he will eat and drink whatever is in front of him. The nannies had given him some cookies and he was munching away. So, in went the nipple and down went the milk! He guzzled it down in no time. I am amazed by his eye contact. We got lost in each other's eyes as I fed him. He even gave me a half smile as he drank his bottle! He is sooooo very thin though, and has some eczema, although not too bad, and a bit of a cough....other than that, he seems very healthy!! THANK YOU, LORD!

Harrah's had given us a book as a gift called "When I was born in China". I brought the book with me and had the orphanage director write Kai a message. He wrote a full page!! I haven't had an opportunity to ask our translator to read it to me, but I will. But what makes me happiest is that he gave us his phone number AND email address! I will try and keep the contact and send pictures so that he sees how much Kai will always be loved and well cared for. After all of the paperwork was done (about 3 hours later) we took a family picture with the orphanage director and the deputy director and off we headed. Back to the hotel!

Ahhh...I had forgotten to mention that it was about 80 degrees here today. Kai arrived in a thermal suit, with a sweater and a long sleeved shirt underneath. Along with leggings and thermal pants. I slowly peeled off the layers at the Civil Affairs Office. When we arrived at the hotel, we came upstairs and decided to give him a bath. He was sweating profusely from all of those clothes. I laid him on the bed and started removing clothing. It made me so sad to see how thin he was. Then, to my shock I noticed a rope around his diaper. I am assuming it was put on to make sure the diaper didn't fall off, but it was wrapped so tightly that he had marks on his hips 3 hours later. I can't thank the Lord enough for having sent us this little creation. I promise with all of my being that he will be so loved and cared for. Never will he have to deal with lack of food, being hot or cold or even having ropes tied to him. My heart aches thinking about it. That said, it was evident that they loved him so very much. I was holding him and from across the room he caught a glimpse of his nanny and then the adorable little glee came screeching out! Oh my God, how can I be so in love with this little person so soon after seeing him!! My heart swells with pride with each of my children and for the fifth time in my life now, I can say that I am totally and unconditionally, forever in love! He is PERFECT!!

By the way, Grandma Bombardier...he is obsessed with the little Kai Bear you gave him. It is now a permanent appendage to him! :)

I will write later about the rest of our day, but for now.....here are some pictures and videos.

Hugs from a very happy Bombardier Family,

Scott, Ohilda, Amanda and a very proud Grandmother, Abuela Titi

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The Princess's Mommy said...

Well, I'm bawling like a baby. That's the sweetest post ever! Look at how tiny he was and how handsome he is today! That sweet smile just makes my heart sing! Praise God for wonderful blessings!

Momma Hen said...

Apparently we have more in common than I originally thought (we got our Anna on July 2, 08 and you and I emailed a bit after we returned home). Today is our daughter Amy's 2nd Family Day, too! We are a couple of agressive mommas, aren't we?
Congrats to you and to Kai!

My3Monkeys said...

Happy family day beautiful Kai.

Tammy said...

Happy family Day Kai!! What a blessing you are to your family. :)


mommy24treasures said...

Happy forever family anniversary!
Isn't it woderful to go down memory lane and re-live these wonderful miracles? I love the memories, thanks for sharing.
You have such a beautiful family Ohilda! God is good.

The Byrd Family said...

Oh, I loved reading this Ohilda! Just beautiful....I love family anniversaries!

So beautiful!

The Byrd Family said...

Oh, I loved reading this Ohilda! Just beautiful....I love family anniversaries!

So beautiful!

Barbie said...

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day! What a beautiful post Ohilda!! I loved reading about that special day and seeing the pictures!!

The Ferrill's said...

Hey Ohilda! I LOVE this post! I found myself getting all excited when I was reading what you wrote right before you met Kai...such anticipation! And then to see the pics of the gotcha moment...TEARS! Aren't you SO glad you wrote all your feelings down? I think that is one of the most important things to do during the adoption journey, or any journey in life! Thank you so much for sharing Kai's gotcha anniversary with us! It brought back so many great memories for me!
Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the birthday party pics! I looked at every one of them and felt like I was at the party too! What a fun mommy you are! You inspire me to document more for my children...
And I LOVE the idea of bringing that book to gotcha day for the director to sign! What a treasure for Kai!
Thanks for blessing my day today!

geminirn said...


waiting4Isabella said...

awesome post. I too relived all my emotions that I was going thru during this time in my life while you were getting Kai. He truly is a wonderful blessing and his little life has blessed us and has also made me a better person, Thank You Jesus for Little Kai.

Lin Lin & Ping Sang said...

Happy Forever Family Day Ohilda and Kai! What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing.


Walker said...

What sweet Pictures & What a Happy Family!! He is one blessed little man!
Love ya!

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