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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Babies!

Well, Anna Grace's 3rd birthday isn't really until Monday, the 7th, but she's happy as a clam celebrating until it arrives!

The birthday party turned out great! We had over 20 kids and from the exhaustion by the end of the evening, I think they all had a wonderful time!

It started off with the kids playing in the bounce house. Shortly afterwards, they were off to ride the ponies. The line was pretty long for the ponies and the sun was scorching at 87 degrees, so a few of the kids headed off back to the bounce house until it was their turn for the ponies.

After the ponies, we all had a filling lunch and then we herded the crew over to a pond filled with fish and turtles. There each of the kids got to take turns feeding them.

After leaving the pond, (this was the highlight of my day!) all the little ones split up and some went into the rabbit pen, the others into a petting zoo with ducks, pigs, goats, and lambs. This was a lot of fun. AJ at first was pretty hesistant, as was Anna Grace, but they quickly decided that they would do what the big kids did and carried the baby goats. AJ even gave the lamb a kiss or two before retreating to go drink from their water bowl...yuck!

They had lots of fun with all the critters. Even baby Seth was in the midst of all of this and he did his share of tugging on ears and grabbing fur. Kai was not too fond of an animal shrieking "BAAAHH" in his face, so he appeased me with a quick picture and off he went.

After the petting area, some of the kids went back to the bounce house while others went to feed "Shorty", the quarter horse. It was cute seeing their little hands fighting the fear of a big horse snatching up a treat from it.

It was non-stop action for the little ones and their parents who were chasing them around. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Anna Grace first and then to AJ.

Anna Grace was so darn cute! She beamed from ear to ear as she sang along with the crowd and made sure to clap while yelling, "YAAAYY" at the end. AJ, in his shy manner said, "AJ's turn" after Anna Grace's moment was over and he, too, proudly sang to himself.

When the cake festivities were over, we again split up into two groups and the kids were showered by candy under two piƱatas. Anna Grace had the pink pig and AJ's was the black cow.
The kids dug into their candy, some a little more than others. Yes, poor Anna Grace threw up on the way home in her carseat from all the sweets that she is not used to, but couldn't help herself from eating. I later found out that she had gone to 3 different people for cake, all of whom obediently satisfied her craving. Which meant she ate three pieces of cake! Ummm, yeah! I'd be throwing up, too!

I took lots of pictures and the farm photographer also took LOTS of pictures. I don't have her pictures yet, but I can tell you that I was scanning through her camera (yes, a Canon XTi) and some of them were just priceless!!

For now, you will have to survive with my unprofessional pictures, but definitely full of cuteness.
There are way too many for me to choose from and to try to download to blogger, so I am posting the link here for you guys to sit back and enjoy my cutie pies.

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