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Friday, April 18, 2008

Party time is over!

First off, I want to say that I miss Amanda terribly! This past week has been spring break and she is spending it with her paternal grandmother in Miami. And although I speak to her daily, it's never the same. So, hurry up kid, your Mama needs you home, and no, not only to do the dishes and have you clean your room! I WANT KISSES AND HUGS!

Whew! I feel better now. So, as I just mentioned, it's been spring break here. Wow! It's been party time, but what a difference a child makes. I really only had about a month and a half of the 3 little ones home together before Kai started school. And back then, with all of Anna Grace's attachment issues, it truly wasn't a vacation.

This week was different. We've had lots of fun, with the exception of Anna Grace and AJ being on antibiotics for strep and running a fever, but it only lasted a couple of days. We've gone to the park almost daily, been outside lots (thank you Lord for the cold weather!), and have played new games and read what seems like a library full of books! There really is never a dull moment with a 2 year old and 2 three year olds.

Oh yeah...and how could I forget. My new camera! I ended up getting the Canon Rebel XTi. (Sorry, Aus!)

This is my first SLR camera and man, oh man, I'm lovin' it! We went to the park yesterday and I came home with over 400 pictures that I took. I even let Scott borrow it and he was quite impressed. Now I have to add to my list of things to do before I die, "Take a photography class".

Moving on to a huge milestone in Anna Grace's life and a bittersweet moment for her Mama. Anna Grace had her final Early Steps Intervention evaluation just a couple of weeks ago, and due to her speech (which is so borderline) she qualifies for preschool! We have an excellent preschool program here and she will be getting a half hour a week of speech and a half hour of OT. Neither of which she really, really needs, but she was so excited to be a "big girl" and go to school with Kai-Kai. They will be in the same classroom. Lord, help their teacher! heh! Anna Gracie, I am so proud of you. You've come such a long way, baby girl!

I pondered, prayed and gave a lot of thought as to whether or not I should start her now, or wait until the new school year in August. Selfish me wanted my baby girl to stay home, but I know how badly she wants to go and how much she'll enjoy it and truly shine from the educational program there. So, she will be starting school on Monday....this Monday. ::sniff:: Hence, the reason for the rush to get a new camera. (And yes, Charlotte, I know you said I could pick up an instamatic at the drugstore, but my heart really wanted this one! So, what a better excuse. :)

That means that as of next week, my days will be back to being extremely quiet, although I'm sure adventurous with just AJ at home. Part of me will be walking around moping cause I'm missing my baby girl and it seems like I've only had her for a few months (10 months today to be exact), but on the other hand, I will finally be able to enjoy that sweet baby boy that was handed to me as a newborn and really has not spent a whole lot of one-on-one time with his Mama. For that, I am immensely grateful and looking forward to it.

As he has gotten older, AJ has definitely become more of a Mama's boy. He loves snuggling, kisses and rough housing, but he is also unruly and can be pretty insubordinate at times. It is now his turn to get on the fast track of learning to listen and be more disciplined. It's gonna be so much easier now going out with just one baby instead of 2 or 3, so I have lots of plans for us, including going to the beach after we drop everyone off at school. Something I would never venture to do with all of them by myself, without Scott's help.

Lastly, I will close with a proud Mama moment. Tomorrow we will be driving to the east coast to cheer Amanda on. She has made it to the final rounds of the State Spelling-Bee! The winner of this round heads to Washington, D.C. Whatever the outcome, we are incredibly proud of her and are so very blessed to call her and each one of our kiddos, our children.

Above are a few of the pictures from our park trip yesterday. I hope you like them.

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The Ferrill's said...

Love the pictures, Ohilda! SO excited about your new camera! That shirt Kai has on is PERFECT! ;)
I know you are so proud of Anna Grace! You and AJ will have such sweet time together! Congrats to Amanda too!

mybaby@blogspot.com said...

I love love love the pictures. Awesome. OMG and I can't believe that Anna Gracie is going to school already. :( Your kids are growing up so fast. Well maybe now you can go and get alice faith :) Love ya, me.

Walker said...

Oh My Gosh! Love... Love the new camera!!! The pictures are Great!!!

Congrats Amanda & Good Luck!!!

Kelly said...

Great pictures!! Between yours and Connie's pictures makes me want to run out and buy a new camera! Maybe next year.....

2China4Ayla said...

Wonderful pictures and I am GREEN WITH ENVY - I want that camera so bad!!!! Can't wait to see Anna Grace's pics of her first day of school....I am sure it will be tough on Momma though.

Janette said...

Ohilda, you're going to have a blast with the camera! Wait till you see all the wonderful things you can do with it. I love mine!! That's wonderful that Anna Grace is going to be attending school. She's going to love making new friends. Congrats to Amanda!!
Love ya!

Sara said...

Hi O~ It's Proverbs, not Psalms...oops :-) I have read it many times, and just now realized it's PROVERBS....Hello?? Nice "talking" to you lately!!

Aus said...

Ohilda - I'm wwaayy behind on blogs, had a friend in Vietnam adopting a precious daughter, and another blog friend in Yangchun adopting a daughter as well - sorry! As for the Canon - well....it does seem to shoot good pictures - but the models and user probably have something to do with it! Just so you know - Marie and I just rolled over 30,000 images with our Nikon!! D-SLR really rocks!

I also have to comment on the post a few days prior - like you - we choose to believe our daughters were abandoned by God's Will - so that they would become part of our family.

Hugs - keep shooting!

aus and family!

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