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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do you have a moment to SAVE the LIFE of a child?

Malaria is a disease caused by the blood parasite Plasmodium, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Infected humans experience flu-like symptoms that can result in coma and death. Malaria, from the Medieval Italian words mala aria or “bad air,” infects more than 500 million people a year and kills more than a million— one person dies about every 30 seconds. The disease is particularly devastating in Africa, where it is a leading killer of children. In addition to being home to the deadliest strain of malaria and the mosquito best equipped to transmit the disease, many areas in Africa lack the proper infrastructure and resources to fight back.

Each year, malaria afflicts approximately a half-billion people (roughly the population of the United States, Canada, and Mexico combined).

- Malaria kills more than a million people per year; 90 percent of those who die are African children.

- Every 30 seconds in Africa a child dies of malaria.

- Malaria incapacitates people, keeping countries poor. In addition to the health burden, malaria illness and death cost Africa about $12 billion per year.

- Studies show that use of insecticide-treated bed nets can reduce transmission as much as 90% in areas with high coverage rates.

In commemoration of World Malaria Day, April 25, Nothing But Nets.net has created a fun, interactive and life saving game. They need they YOUR help to cover the continent of Africa with life-saving bed nets to prevent malaria. Please take a moment to play this silly game and a generous sponsor will send a bed net on your behalf. Spread the word....and save a life!

Click here to start playing "DELIVER THE NET" now! (please remember to register to receive your confirmation that a net is being sent on your behalf!)

Have fun and God bless you!


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Walker said...

Thanks for the info. I heard about it a while back.. Amazing what $10 can do!
Are you feeling better? Glad your back. ;0)

Walker said...
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The Ferrill's said...

Awesome, Ohilda! I will go check it out! Thanks for sharing this!

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