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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet baby boy!

How your Daddy found you sleeping in your crib tonight. :)

It is hard to believe that today my sweet baby boy is 2 years old! While his big party will be celebrated next week with Anna Grace (her 3rd birthday), today we had a busy day. Between an Easter egg hunt with friends and a quiet celebration at dinner with Ayi, Shu-Shu, his cousins and Po-Po stopping by, he was pooped by the end of the evening. He thoroughly enjoyed digging into his birthday cupcake and he relishes being loved on by his family.

Our little AJ,

Words cannot describe how much we love you. We have been eternally blessed by having you in our lives, little man. Although it drives us crazy, you make us laugh as you run from your brother and sister screaming, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" after grabbing whatever they had in their hands, even if it's theirs. You make a thousand expressions daily on that adorable little face.

You are so darn funny, cute and everything a little boy is supposed to be made of. You love bugs, trucks, and all types of mischief. You are quicker than the speed of lightning getting into "meshes" (messes), as you call them. And, just as quick getting out of them. You light up our lives everytime you smile at us. We absolutely adore how you love to sing to us and we can't get enough of it. We love how you sound out every letter in every word when you say, "I D-O-N-'T W-A-N-T I-T!"

You captivate us with your shy smile when you know we are talking about you, yet you crave the attention, and we can't help but give it to you. Your snuggles are priceless and can melt the coldest of hearts. Thinking about you brings a huge smile to our faces and warms our heart to no end. We love you endlessly, sweet baby. Thank you for being such a huge part of our lives.

Never in our wildest dreams, two years ago, did we ever imagine that a little person could completely and totally wrap us around their finger the way you have. You definitely make our lives complete and fill everyday with an adventure in living with AJ. Yet, we'd have it no other way, even if it means that when your Daddy walks into your bedroom after you've been asleep for 2 hours to check in on you and your brother, he finds that you have stripped down to your birthday suit and have fallen asleep that way. So cute that he had to come running and say, "You've got to go look at AJ." I did and of course, I had to run and grab the camera to take a picture.

You are a treasure in our lives. There is no way that we could ever imagine life without you. We love you....we love you....we love you....as much as the whole wide world, and back again!

Happy 2nd birthday, baby boy.

Mama and Daddy

Here are a couple of videos we took today. One is of AJ singing Happy Birthday, but after spending all day singing it to himself, he thought he'd be cute and switch it to Anna when we were recording.

The other is of him eating his cupcake. Needless to say, he was much more interested in the cupcake than he was in chatting. Enjoy!


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Peanut's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday AJ!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, AJ! Hope you had a great day!

waitingfaithfully said...

Sweet post, and sweet pictures of your little man! I see we were both up into the wee hours doing birthday posts about our birthday boys . . .only my Internet went out and my post didn't get published until this morning. Still working on posting birthday pics. Happy Easter birthdays A.J. and Brogan!

111 days closer to Teddi, come on LOA

waiting4Isabella said...

I absolutely LOVE the videos of AJ. He is sooooo darn cute and sweet. I just love when he gives everyone his shy smile. What a cutie. Looking forward to celebrating both AJ and Anna Gracie's birthday this weekend. See you soon, love me.

Nan & Dan said...

can't believe it has been 2 years already - boy does time fly when you are busy :)
happy day big guy1

Walker said...

So sweet!! Happy Birthday!!!

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