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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Coming up for air.....

Sorry, folks. Again, no pictures. I can't even tell you what this household has been like since New Year's eve. I have over 350 pictures in my camera that I need to download, but have been way to tired, lazy and just plain feeling too lousy to do so.

My mom, stepdad and sister's family all went to Disney for New Years. So, we thought we'd take the 3 hour drive and surprise them for the day and visit Epcot while we were there. We had all recovered from that miserable cold we had that lasted about 2 weeks right before Christmas and the kids were feeling ok, with the exception of AJ. Poor little guy had a head cold, runny nose, and a bit of a cough, but no fever. Anna Grace had spent the night in the ER just prior to Christmas with a fever of 105, but it only lasted that one night and everything seemed fine.

Upon arriving at Disney, which we had a great time at (but that's a whole other post) AJ's cold got worse. The weather didn't help. It's been a freakin' 80 degrees here for the entire winter, if you want to call it that, and the one time that I pack the kids to go away, we get a MAJOR cold front. By the time we left Disney on New Years Day at 8 p.m., the temperature was 40 degrees. Thank God I had brought jackets for the kids, but they certainly weren't dressed for that kind of weather. The following day, AJ woke up with 102. Hours later, Anna Grace started coughing up a storm. When I went to hold her, she felt warm....103 kind of warm. UGH! And Kai, although he didn't have a fever, soon began complaining that his ear hurt.
Scott seems to be coughing up what seems to be his lungs and I can't stop sneezing and back to feeling completely miserable. Fortunately, Amanda was with her Dad over New Year's week, so she was spared.

This morning, I finally got them all in to see the doctor. The end result? Kai has an ear infection that is disgustingly draining pus and blood from his left ear. (At least the tubes are doing their job.) AJ has a double ear infection and Anna Grace who is still running a low grade temp has an ear infection and possible strep. I have three miserable little ones who seem to do nothing but whine and cry, want to get picked up, then want to be put down, only to asked to be carried again 2 seconds later. I can't seem to please all 3 at once and I am finding myself just as miserable and whiney as they are.

So, after all of us going to the doctor, we got home, lined up the bottles of antibiotics and ear drops on the counter and began one-by-one until everyone had been medicated, myself included.

Scott has an appointment tomorrow morning to get his batch.

I don't think I've ever been this far behind in my updates and it sucks because I have so many cute stories and so many pictures to share. Hopefully soon. I also don't think we've all been sick at once, and for so long. But, we'll survive.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone that is praying already and ask you to please continue lifting up little Ayla and her family. They've already started doing the testing and will possibly start her chemo on Friday. Now, more than ever, we need to continue to storm the heavens with prayers for all of them. Tonya, sending you love and bathing you all in prayer, my dear friend. Hang in there, God is right by your side through it all.

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Peanut's Mommy said...

Hope that you are all now back on the mend and feeling better soon!


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