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Friday, January 11, 2008

Was there ever a question?

HelloMagazine.com votes Kiefer hunkiest guy of 2007!!

"Hollywood's cute newcomers don't hold a candle to showbiz's more mature talents it seems, according to the results of a hellomagazine.com poll to discover the hunkiest guy of 2007. Age and experience apparently outweigh youthful allure in the eyes of our readers, who clearly had some strong opinions on the subject, casting an incredible 176,673 votes in total. The top two places went to talents over 40, with Kiefer Sutherland, who recently celebrated his 41st birthday in an LA detention facility, storming into first place with an impressive 47 per cent of the votes." For the rest of the story, click HERE.

Congrats, Kiefer! There was never a doubt. :)

Nine days and counting till you get out of jail. I'm hoping you learned something from the 48 days you were away, which sadly included your birthday, Christmas, and New Years.


Becky said...

Does this man even know of your devotion? Tell me true, did you consider baking a cake with a file in it?

Mom To Six said...

HAHAHAHA! Becky, you crack me up! Scott told me to ask him first if he likes little Chinese kids before I take off on him. :)

Hugs & love back to you. Thanks for the smile.

Dannye said...

he is definitely a cutie!! love your post, it cracked me up, thanks for the laugh!!

Doug and Terrye said...

So who is hunkier, Kiefer or Jack? :O)

Terrye in FL

Mom To Six said...

"So who is hunkier, Kiefer or Jack? :O)"

Hmm...I gotta say Jack. While Jack saves the world, Kiefer is saving his Scotch & coke. :)

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