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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Calling all Prayer Warriors....

I know I have been absolutely horrible about posting updates, and now with three sick kiddos at home it's even worse, but I also know that many of you check in daily and although I haven't seriously blogged in the past month, I am still receiving about 100 hits a day. I also know that many of you are God-filled, faithful warriors of our Lord and it is to those that I am writing to tonight. We all know there is no force stronger than the power of prayer.

Many of you in the adoption community who check in on my blog also know my dear friend, Tonya. She came home from China with her precious Ayla a couple of months prior to us coming home with Anna Grace.

Totally unexpected to the family, little Ayla recently had a rare cancerous tumor removed and will be undergoing chemotherapy. You can read Tonya's complete story on her blog by clicking HERE.

I am asking all of you that pray to please lift little Ayla and her beautiful family up to our Lord and Savior. He created a miracle by allowing this tumor to be found and there is no doubt in my mind that this is only the beginning of the plans that He has for this amazing family and this precious child.

Lord Jesus,

You are the King of Kings and the great physician. We ask with faithfilled hearts that you take full control of this situation. That you continue to fill sweet Ayla's parent's heart with the peace that surpasses all understanding. The peace that only you can offer. We ask for a complete healing of Ayla and we give you all the glory and honor for allowing this tumor to be caught early, when it wasn't even something that was a thought in anyone's mind.

We know that you created Ayla perfectly in her mother's womb, as you do all of your children, each one a masterpiece. We fully trust, in your precious name, that you have great plans for her and that her testimony of your miracles in her life will bring you all the honor and glory that you are so worthy of. We thank you for loving her and for choosing the perfect family for her.

We ask this, as we do all things, in your precious name.



Denna said...

Praying for Ayla and the family.

Janette said...

I will lift Ayla and her family up in prayers.

God bless her.

Monica said...

We are praying for sweet Ayla! Thank you for sharing her story.

waiting4Isabella said...

I will send an email out to my prayer warriors to lift up little Ayla and may all the heavenly angels guide the doctors involved in her care.

Praying for the family !!!!

Becky said...

We are so praying for that dear little one and her family - and sending big hugs and great strength for tomorrow's appointments at Duke.

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