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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our Itinerary

June 13, 2007: Leave US in the morning, via Detroit to Guangzhou, China!
June 14,2007: Arrive in Guangzhou stay at airport hotel.
June 15,2007: Leave hotel in the a.m. to catch flight to YiWu.
June 16,2007: Yiwu city Tour and countryside visit.
June 17,2007: Shopping at Yiwu Small Commodities Center. And leave Yiwu in the afternoon to catch flight to Hefei. Arrive in Hefei in the late afternoon.
June.18,2007: Go to Provincial Civil Affairs to pick up your daughter!!!! Your daughter will be with you forever! (WOOHOO!!!!)
June 19,2007: Do registration , notarization, passport application in the morning. Shopping in the local department store by walking distance. In the afternoon shopping for shoes and clothes for your daughter.
June 20,2007: Book store and Hefei City Zoo (if you have enough time, you could visit a countryside village on that day).
June 21,2007: Visit finding spot and orphanage/foster family visit.
June 22,2007: Pick up notary paper and passport and leave Hefei for Guangzhou.
June 23,2007: Do medical exam and visa photo taken in the morning.
June 24,2007: Walking outside the island to visit Pet Market, Herb/medicine market, Pearl Market in the morning ; Go sightseeing to Six Banyan Temple and Chen Clay Academy in the afternoon.
June 25,2007: Do visa Appointment in the morning. Go sightseeing to Yuntai Park.
June 26,2007: The morning, go for massages! Then afternoon Oath-taking at Consulate.
June 27,2007: The local guide will send you to the airport for USA in the early morning.
June 27, 2007: Arrive in US, stay overnight in connecting city and next morning head for home as a forever and complete family!!!!

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Doug and Terrye said...

Yeah!!! I'm so happy to have your new site address!!! I am breathless waiting to see how God has answered our prayers.

Terrye in FL

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